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The One Ring found at 14th street station; downtown 1, 2 & 3 trains.

Erebor found at Bleecker Street station; uptown 6 train.

Spring in the city.

Keith Haring Broadway Subway sigh from the #caligraffiti show in #chelsea #kiethharing #gallery #nyc

Riddles in the Dark found at 33rd street station; uptown 6 train.

Flashback Friday. R train.

POLICY ADVISORY Brevity is the soul of tweets. (W4th St; downtown ACE)

Anthony's Weiner

Director's Cut

Dust Bowl Portrait (24th St & 8th Ave; uptown E)

Rome is Burning and we're all Arsonists. Time to fire the match makers

#Inkhead #Etch

An out-of-place sticker but a familiar one.

The Only News Report You Need to See About the Subway Shark - ANIMAL

Yesterday, a small dead shark was found on the N train. This unusual find (<p>suspiciouslycoincidentally occurring during Shark Week) prompted a …

Wooster Collective Show

#Love #nyc #streetart


POLICY ADVISORY All roads lead to intoxication. (14th St & 7th Ave; downtown 123)

Graffiti-covered train. A rare sight these days.

Can It!!!!! #bewhoyouare #mystresstherapy


<b>I recently met PMER/CATELLOVISION at X On Main in Beacon, New York. He has been kind enough to share with me some of the photos from his extensive</b> …

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Weird Game on the 1 Train (Thursday, 7-1-10) Animated, character of a woman who’s face was bugging out along with whatever she was listen…

Weird Game on the 1 Train (Thursday, 7-1-10) Animated, character of a woman who’s face was bugging out along with whatever she was listening to. Oddly there was a dude sitting to my right who, when exiting the train at South Ferry, was evidently “with her” and he was looking over my shoulder the whole time while I was drawing - like some twisted game they were playing with me.