Best Food Newsletters on Substack

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The Substack team picks the newsletters foodies will love on the platform.

    Best Food Newsletters on Substack


      Todd Price's Food Krewe

      Todd A. Price on eating in New Orleans and beyond. Join the krewe.

      Let Them Eat Cake

      A (mostly) weekly essay about contemporary food systems (and also, food), written by a chef/restauranteur. Socialist at heart, but not every week.


      Finding joy in enough. After all, enough is a feast. By Shauna M. Ahern.

      This Needs Hot Sauce

      A newsletter by Abigail Koffler about cooking, dining out, and making the most of it.

      Food Is Stupid

      Dennis is a Chicago-based food writer whose main goal is to "ruin food for everyone."

      Food is Stupid

      Food is Stupid

      Substack - Dennis Lee

      Yes, I used one of those whole terrifying chickens in a can In this week’s K-Pop newsletter… Oh snap, I fooled you! This newsletter has nothing to do …

      Attention to Onions

      Alissa Wilkinson writes about movies and culture. But the thing she most likes to read and write about is food: Making it, finding it, experimenting with it, eating it.

      Stained Page News

      A cookbook newsletter by cookbook critic Paula Forbes.

      Bitches Gotta Eat

      Books/Snacks/Softcore: a semi-regular newsletter about the "sad garbage" Samantha Irby's into.

      Family Meal

      (Usually) good news for and about the restaurant industry.

      Family Meal

      Family Meal

      Substack - Andrew

      Family Meal - Friday, July 10th, 2020 Hello Friday, Got my first press release for (vegan, gluten-free) mooncakes yesterday, which means October 1st …

      Eat Me

      Feminism, food and the occasional grudge.

      Eat Me

      Eat Me

      Substack - Jessica Valenti

      Take a trip with me back to warmer times It may be Winter, but Eat Me is out of hibernation! Because I’m doing my best to think warm & sunny thoughts, …