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Why PR Training Matters

There’s a cartoon circulating around training departments and HR teams, an exchange between two executives.

First boss: What if we train them, and …

Continuing Education

Why are YouTube stars so popular?

British vlogger Zoella has just reached the milestone of 10m subscribers to her main YouTube channel, but she has a long way to go to catch its most popular creator PewDiePie, who is about to pass 42m.

They’re just two of the most prominent YouTube stars. In October 2015, online-video tracking firm …


Introducing Audience Optimization for Publishers

By Peter Roybal, Product Manager

Today, we’re launching Audience Optimization, an organic targeting tool to help publishers reach and engage their …


IBM acquires Ustream, expects video to lose its Cinderella status

IBM jumps into the video world with an acquisition and a business unit launch.
Author informationTwitterLinkedInThe post IBM acquires Ustream, expects …


Seven Ways Analytics Are Changing CEO Leadership

Data and its accompanying insights are having a profound impact on the value and efficacy of both marketing and corporate communications at the …


European Court rules bosses can monitor employees' private messages on WhatsApp and other messaging services

Companies have the right to monitor their workers' online private messages, a court has ruled.


Microsoft's chief storyteller: Content marketing? Native advertising? We just tell good stories

Terms such as content marketing and native advertising are merely buzzwords, and all that matters is good stories, according to Microsoft’s chief …


We're on Snapchat

At the White House, our digital strategy centers around meeting people where they are. This decentralized approach, in response to the proliferation of social media, aims to provide the American people with a multitude of ways to engage with their government. Recently, we launched the @POTUS …

White House

A look at how Australian Bank ANZ is creating their own quality content via @ANZ_BlueNotes

Disclaimer: The ANZ Bank is an IBM customer. The opinions in this blog post are my own and the interview with Paul was arranged directly with me …

PR rising in Africa rising

By 2020 African consumers will be spending more than a trillion dollars. 80% own mobile phones. 80% of mobiles sold in Kenya are smartphones, a 50% …

Public Relations

Modernising your PR team for 2016

By onDecember 14, 2015 in Infographic, public relations

In 2015 we saw some great initiatives to help modernise public relations practice. The launch …

Public Relations

Place of digital and social media in public relations

Stuart Bruce speaking on digital and social media in PR at the World Conference on PR in Emerging Economies at the Kenyatta International Convention …

A New Reality: 6 Ways VR Can Transform Public Relations

January 4, 2016


In November, The New York Times launched a 10-minute virtual reality (VR) film called “The Displaced,” bringing …

Public Relations

Company reputation worth £1.7 trillion to UK economy, but quarter of firms ignore it

More than a quarter of the value of small and mid-sized firms is tied to their reputation, yet many firms still fail to properly manage it. That’s …

Public Relations

How the NHS used social media to triple blood donor registrations

The briefA similar campaign the previous year generated more than 10,000 blood donor registrations, so that was the figure to beat in 2015. 17-24 …

Social Media

The Number One Mistake People Make with Facebook Ads

Why is it that a lot of businesses are still failing to see results with their Facebook ad campaigns? For many, it may come down to one simple reason …


An Inside Look at 'Facebook at Work' From the Global Agency That's Beta Testing It

Facebook at Work—Facebook Inc.'s enterprise social network for businesses—is set to roll out in 2016 while taking on established workflow software …


Opinion: PR agencies, prepare for battle in 2016

It is a ‘truth universally acknowledged’ that the TV-first approach to brand building erodes every year, but it is also (to mix my metaphors) an …

Australian minister backtracks over 'mad witch' text to journalist

Australia’s immigration minister Peter Dutton has swiftly apologised to Sunday Telegraph editor Samantha Maiden for mistakenly sending her a text …

Amid the brand wreckage of 2015, business leaders ignore the need for crisis preparation, survey reveals - Communication World

In a year of truly spectacular PR disasters, a recent global survey is stunning for what it reveals about the lack of attention being paid in many …

The history of the political one-liner

There is always a danger for politicians when making bold, over-reaching statements – they lay themselves wide open to humiliating ridicule by a perfectly timed, often comedic, retort. As Donald Trump soon realised when Boris Johnson royally trumped him last week with this witty response:

DT: We

The top six corporate crises of the year

1. Volkswagen

The Volkswagen Group scandal, which began when the company admitted to fitting 11 million cars worldwide with a so-called 'defeat …

GE Sends Users on Treasure Hunt in Holiday Instagram Campaign

GE is sending users on a digital scavenger hunt in its "#DigitalSnowGlobe" campaign, which links the Instagram accounts of GE's various businesses to …


Report: Technology trends journalists should watch in 2016

Bots, ambient interfaces and 'intentional rabbit holes' are some of the trends outlined in Webbmedia Group's annual trends report



Demands a new kind of creative, but who and what are they?

After seeing this industry emerge up close and personal, we know the quality content these …

How Content Marketers Can Tell Better Stories with Data

Content marketers have started to tell stories with data, and best practices are quickly emerging. The first step is to find the story you want to tell: how you approach data collection and analysis will determine what kind of content you’ll be able to develop. Once the story becomes clear, craft …


The state of global media spending

Overall expenditures rose marginally year on year in 2014, but slower growth is coming.Global spending on media is forecast to rise at a compound …

Eastern Europe

SABRE Awards Expand Middle East Presence

The Holmes Group has formed a partnership with the Middle East Public Relations Association (MEPRA), the leading professional association for public …


Snapchat: reaching the right people

In October I blogged about our first exploration of Snapchat as a tool to communicate and engage with people on the work of the Foreign Office. I …


Communications Chief Anne Villemoes Leaves Danish Crown