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The forgotten history of how automakers invented the crime of "jaywalking"

A hundred years ago, if you were a pedestrian, crossing the street was simple: You walked across it.Today, if there's traffic in the area and you …


Iran’s PR Demand Set To Soar In 2016

With sanctions set to be suspended early next year, Tehran is already attracting increasing interest from global corporates and PR networks.


How the Guardian is building a homepage for the social media age

Social media might serve as people's front page on the internet, but how has it changed the way in which news outlets approach their homepage?

Social Media

Nothing but the story: how PR can become the life force of your entire organisation

Nothing but the story: how PR can become the life force of your entire organisation

2015 November 09 | 15:00

Storytelling is a core leadership …


Sorry? The lawyers may not be entirely wrong


Sorry? The lawyers may not be entirely wrong

Date: 03 November 2015 16:17

The media like to knock someone when they are down and Thomas Cook is in …

Thomas Cook

Opinion: Was I really meant to see/hear this? - Confidentiality dos and donts

Coming up in the lift this morning, I overheard snippets of a conversation I am sure I was not meant to hear. Although the company concerned was one …


Deloitte - the barriers to government digital transformation

SUMMARY: Governments making the transformation to digital are often held back by cultures, processes, and skill sets that are out of step with a …


5 Things We Learned At The 2015 Global PR Summit

1. 'Near-wins' and privacy are critical creative catalysts

4. "Ride the movement" — what brands can learn from today's presidential candidates

11 of the best APAC digital marketing stats from October 2015

It's that time again; our monthly APAC digital marketing stats roundup is here.

This edition features video on demand, instant messaging, mobile ad …


Starbucks settles into the front row of digital transformation

SUMMARY: Starbucks could buy every one of us a free tall latte on its predicted 2016 earnings. That’s down to being in ‘the front row’ for digital …


Reuters starts sending web traffic data to editorial staff

Leela de Kretser, the managing editor of, has started sending out a daily email to the editorial staff to let them know what stories are …


Walmart's Dan Bartlett: There Is A Daily Referendum On Our Reputation

Dan Bartlett discussed how communicating with all stakeholders around crucial issues has helped to change the way Walmart is perceived at the 2015 …

Public Relations

Ben Carson's secret weapon is Facebook

ALEXANDRIA, Va. — Ben Carson raises $600,000 a week on Facebook.

Huddled in a bustling campaign headquarters just across the Potomac River from the …

Written First On Medium. Discuss.

The post Written First On Medium. Discuss. appeared first on John Battelle's Search Blog.Image Credit Arch Cape InnSo I had a thought about the state …


CIPR Local Public Services announce new research report





The sector has been challenged and reshaped like never before. In times of adversity, the challenge for communicators is to …

Five years on social media

I had the opportunity to take part in some police press officer training today discussing the use of social media. It was a chance to reflect on the …

The ad agency behind Trudeau's winning campaign

Nobody really likes ads. But most people reserve a special disdain for political advertising.

Canadians just endured the longest election campaign in more than 100 years, and with it the partisan slap-fight that took over the airwaves and interrupted our hallowed worship before the prospect of a …

Can PR Firms Lead Brand-Building? These CMOs Are Unconvinced

A survey of 56 US CMOs suggests that brand newsrooms and native advertising are 'overhyped' and that PR firms should stick to their traditional …


How to win a PR or social media award using objectives and results

The secret of winning PR and social media awards is simple. Be excellent. You don’t deserve an award for being good. You’re paid by your employer or …

Social Media

The Rewards of Collaboration

Why does public relations practice continue to miss out on the solid rewards to be gained from a closer collaboration between practitioners and those …

Blendle: A radical experiment with micropayments in journalism, 365 days later

One year of journalism without subscriptions, without ads and without clickbait

Zur deutschen Version

Today exactly one year ago we launched our …


Can VW restore its reputation over diesel scandal?

Six social-media skills every leader needs

Few domains in business and society have been untouched by the emerging social-media revolution—one that is not even a decade old. Many organizations …

Social Media

Buzzfeed’s approach to investigative journalism

After working for the Sunday Times as assistant editor and in the Insights Team, Heidi Blake made the radical decision to leave the traditional …

Great communications requires great measurement…

I recently had the opportunity to attend an event on internal communications. I always enjoy getting the opportunity to meet and hear from other …

Volkswagen’s deception tarnishes big business

Volkswagen’s use of a software device to hide the amount of pollution that some of its diesel engines emit is a corporate debacle as great as the …

5 Things We Learned At In2Summit Hong Kong

How do you deal with a story like #piggate? A spin doctor’s view

As a spin doctor, there are two phone calls that make your heart sink: the one from a journalist relaying some excruciating allegation about your boss’s personal life or past history; and the second, the call you have to make to said boss in order to work out your response.

Working for Gordon Brown, …

Gordon Brown

Barack Obama is a #nofilter kind of guy on Instagram

President Obama is in the middle of a historic three-day visit to the Alaskan Arctic, in a bid to highlight the issue of climate change in a state where the physical effects are evident.

And just like countless other travelers squeezing in their final weeks of summer vacation, Obama is documenting …

U.S. Travel

On the Instagram Presidential Campaign Trail

A hungry man posted a photograph of his dinner to Instagram last month. A slice of pizza, bought at an airport, greasy and topped with sausage. The badly cropped image drew 938 likes and 247 comments.

That this man was Scott Walker, the Wisconsin governor and a Republican presidential candidate, …