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Election Day mobile notifications offer peek into future of news delivery

More Americans than ever this year learned about Election Day results from their phones, including via mobile push notifications news organizations …


How to Write Email with Military Precision

In the military, a poorly formatted email may be the difference between mission accomplished and mission failure. During my active duty service, I learned how to structure emails to maximize a mission’s chances for success. Since returning from duty, I have applied these lessons to emails that I …


Google is experimenting with a mobile first index, but what does that mean for SEO teams?

An important shift in the world of search took place earlier this month when Google announced it is experimenting with a mobile first index.<p>In many …


The data arms race: will Labour win?

We are living in the age of a “data” arms race. In the US “big data” was pioneered in the two Obama election campaigns. It is estimated the 2012 …


Google warns journalists and professors: Your account is under attack

A flurry of social media reports suggests a major hacking campaign has been uncovered.<p>Google is warning prominent journalists and professors that …


Decisions: a 360° virtual reality drunk driving experience, presented by Johnnie Walker

Social media causes some users to rethink their views on an issue

Politics on social media – as in real life – isn’t always pretty. In an election season marked by partisan animosity, a recent Pew Research Center …


WPP signs agreement with Iranian marketing group PPG

With a total of 200 staff, PPG owns a number of digital services companies, including ad network Anetwork, whose output reaches more than 36 million …

Facebook has signed up Singapore’s entire civil service to its Workplace chat platform

Facebook’s Workplace chat platform for businesses just got a huge boost.<p>Singapore’s civil service is adopting the platform for all 143,000 of its public servants by March 2017. It’s the first civil service in the world to use Facebook’s business-focused chat platform, according to Peter Ong, the …


How a little-known data firm helped Trump become president

Donald Trump's U.S. election victory threw polling experts — from the <i>New York Times</i> to Nate Silver's <i>FiveThirtyEight</i> — into serious soul-searching after their forecast of a Hillary Clinton win turned out to be wrong.<p>But for a little-known British company working for the Trump campaign it was …


5 lessons from Trump’s victory

Whilst I certainly won’t claim to have predicted a Trump win, I can certainly understand how he’s managed it. Here’s 5 lessons that we can learn from …

Hillary Clinton

The Economist ditches Pinterest and Tumblr, renews focus on LinkedIn

In a platform world, publishers face tough decisions on where to place their resources. In August, The Economist faced this head on and axed its …


New York Stock Exchange Is Courting Millennials With Snapchat Filters and Vertical Video

Even a 224-year-old can be on Snapchat these days.<p>Over the past couple of years, the New York Stock Exchange, which was founded in 1792, has been …

Financial Markets

Native English speakers are the world’s worst communicators

In a room full of non-native speakers, ‘there isn’t any chance of understanding’. It might be their language, but the message is often lost.<p>It was just one word in one email, but it triggered huge financial losses for a multinational company.<p>The message, written in English, was sent by a native …


PRovoke16: Verizon Chief Ronan Dunne's Public Relations Lessons

"Culture is what happens when nobody is looking," says new Verizon Wireless president at PRovoke16 Summit.


Iot & Wearables: Smart Clothing

By onOctober 27, 2016 in Opinion<p><i>We are pleased to introduce one of our new content series, ‘IoT & Wearables’. Once considered mere gimmicks, the two</i> …


Why HR is set to fail the big data challenge

Image by Unsplash, under a CC0 licence<p>Analytics has become a key issue in the HR world because increasing amounts of data about the people …

Big Data

Chart porn: How the FT’s Instagram following has exploded in a year

The Financial Times has found an unlikely outlet for its charts and graphics: Instagram.<p>A year ago, it had 40,000 followers to its Instagram account. …


Sweden bans cameras on drones

<b>The use of camera drones has been made illegal in Sweden unless they are granted a special surveillance permit.</b><p>Under new rules set down by the Supreme Administrative Court of Sweden, camera drones qualify as surveillance cameras and require a licence.<p>Permits can be expensive and paying to apply for …


Facebook caves on censorship, will allow more NSFW news content

How does Facebook decide what is newsworthy? With almost impenetrable content policies in place, the social network is not — and has never claimed to …


Georgia-Pacific’s CMO explains how his ‘not big’ and ‘definitely not cool’ company has driven growth through storytelling

During a talk at the ANA Masters of Marketing Conference in Orlando, Georgia-Pacific’s chief marketing officer Douwe Bergsma explained how the …


Can you automate a PR media pitch? - PR Insight

PR Insight<p>Can you automate a PR media pitch?<p>Date: 19 October 2016 19:05<p>Imagine a situation where your pitch is automatically sent out to the most …

5 key considerations for ethical virtual reality storytelling

Involve the audience in the process and work with a diverse team on VR projects, advises Catherine Allen, freelance VR producer for the BBC

Virtual Reality

Warner Bros. settles FTC charges over deceptive YouTube influencer campaign marketing of video game

The FTC filed a complaint against Warner Bros. for violating provisions of the Federal Trade Commission Act by making payments to prominent members …

You Tube

Study: Digital comms and employee engagement top priorities for CCOs

NEW YORK: Digital comms and employee engagement top the list of priorities for global chief communications officers, according to a study by Weber …


Unilever is building in-house content studios

Unilever is assembling in-house content studios that will be tasked with refining the way it markets its brands, paying close attention to the more …


Analysis: Digital Expansion Sees Management Consultancies Enter Agency Turf

As the likes of Accenture, IBM and Deloitte continue to acquire digital capabilities, they present increasing competition to marketing and PR firms.


The United Nations launches virtual reality app to tell global stories; partners with Samsung, Oculus

The United Nations Millennium Campaign has created the United Nations Virtual Reality project to bring to life the world’s unheard voices through a …

Virtual Reality

What Paul Polman Told The World's Top Communicators

Unilever CEO believes a company’s communications department can help shape the world.


3 Magazines About Public Relations By PR Pros

As the media landscape evolved, so did the public relations profession. I’ve been in PR my whole career and have seen the changes from up close. At its core, public relations is still about building trust, credibility and mutual understanding but the ways we PR pros go about that has gradually …