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Lobbyists must revisit their modus operandi with the rise of Corbyn

“There are 17 people that count,” a well-known Labour lobbyist once famously said. “To say that I am intimate with every one of them is the …

Jeremy Corbyn

Exploring cooperation between public relations academia and practice

An online conversation over four weeks will explore how public relations academics and practitioners can cooperate and collaborate.
There’s a chasm …

Public Relations

International award for PR professor

A British professor of public relations is to receive the highest academic honour bestowed by the US-based Institute of Public Relations …

Public Relations

How This Agency's Completely Blank 4-Minute YouTube Video Got 100,000 Views

Still obsessed with YouTube views as the key metric for knowing whether a video really connected with your audience? Not so fast, says ad agency …


Digital Examples: Man from UNCLE's 'Invisible Ink' Instagram

Man from UNCLE's 'Invisible Ink' Instagram

This is a good, unofficial use of Instagram -

Warner Brothers UK has posted the picture below. If you regram …

Amazon's Rebuttal That They Didn't Write

Saturday morning, August 15, 2015, the New York Times published an article that portrayed Amazon as a harsh place to work.

Sunday morning, August 16, 2015, Head of Infrastructure Development at Search Experience Nick Ciubotariu, posted a rebuttal article on LinkedIn. As of the posting of …


The New York Times built a Slack bot to help decide which stories to post to social media

The New York Times publishes more than 300 stories each day. Which ones should editors feature on its many social media channels? While the humans behind the Times’ social media accounts have refined their voice and craft, the process of handpicking which stories to feature can still be laborious …

Social Media

Newswires Hacked: US Charges 32 in Scheme That Reaped $100M - Tue., Aug. 11, 2015

Authorities have broken up a global fraud scheme that hacked into three major newswires since 2010 and reaped $100M in illicit profits by trading on …


Transforming customer service on Twitter with a new playbook and new ecosystem solutions | Twitter Blogs

Today we’re making it easier for brands to provide better customer service on Twitter. We’re publishing our new Twitter for Customer Service Playbook …


What's your LinkedIn Social Selling Index Score?

Digital Marketing and Social Selling Leader. Connecting Sales and Marketing. Featured in PCR's Top 50 Women in Tech.


Why digital marketing expertise can help reform the emergency services

As the idea of making a phone call is becoming an alien concept to Gen Z, where does this leave the 999 service? Marshall Manson, managing director, …

Emergency Medicine

To Deliver Soft Power, Digital Diplomats Need to Move Beyond Platforms

It feels like generations ago. It felt like a time of great promise when digital gunslingers were going to take the stuffy world of international diplomacy and change it forever, ripping up the rulebook and starting afresh. The set text for the time was a 2010 New York Times piece where Jared Cohen …


7 Tips From Author Ben Parr's "Captivology" On Grabbing Digital Attention

By Daphne Seah So you have written a groundbreaking story complete with the best headline, photo, video, SEO keywords. You Facebook-Tweet-Instagram-Pinterest-Snapchat it to your audiences. Then, after all that intensive work, analytics bring up only 30 clicks… and three retweets. Maybe you are a …

Voices From the Ground: How Tech Can Help Services Respond to Citizens

There's been a lot of hype around digital citizen feedback platforms. The lure of using mobile phones to receive reports from citizens anywhere across the globe, neatly documented on a digital map has led to a flurry of applications.

The Kenyan mapping platform Ushahidi has over 10,000 …

Digital Citizenship

Holly Zheng at Cannes: 'Chinese delegates are definitely underrepresented'

Holly Zheng, president of BlueFocus International, sat down with PRWeek Editor-in-Chief Steve Barrett at Cannes to weigh in on Chinese representation …

Reuters Institute: UK consumers stumble upon news rather than seeking it out

In this guest post Karan Chadda explores UK digital news consumption based on a recent report published but Reuters.

By Karan Chadda

Each year the …

Edelman loses executives and clients over climate change stance

Edelman, which calls itself the world’s largest public relations firm, has lost four executives who lead its corporate-responsibility practice – at least in part because of the company’s unwillingness to take a strong stand on climate change. Two influential clients have also left the firm over the …


New Guardian Editor Names and Shames Traffic De-Link-quent Hacks

New Guardian editor Kath Viner is making her mark at King’s Place. Busy news journalists were grateful for this urgent missive yesterday, reminding …

Internal Communications - new digital skills required | simply communicate

There is no denying that the rise of social networks in the workplace has changed the role of the internal communication (IC) profession forever. The …

The untapped potential of public relations practice: Part II

There is no shortage of suggestions for improvements to public relations practice at meetings such as the just completed BledCom international public …

How to Get the Most Mileage Out of Your Content

High-quality web content can take a lot of time and energy to produce, but no matter how much work you put into creating it, online content tends to …

Social Studies

The one question to ask before setting up a cross-functional team

Posted on July 6, 2015 10:45 am by Shel Holtz | Management


A bold claim was made in a recent post by Ted Bauer, a content guy interested in …

Explosive Growth in Ever-Decreasing Circles

Guest post by Gavin Coombes, president, Edelman Digital Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa.

A version of this post appeared in PRWeek.

Relatively …

Social Media

@jspepper: Old Tricks Just Don't Do It

On Thursday, right before the start of the Fourth of July weekend, Reddit let go of its communications person, Victoria Taylor. Beyond running …

Can Medium replace the op-ed page? - The Washington Post

Political journalists will remember the evening well.

It was around 8:45 p.m. on Jan. 20, before President Obama gave the State of the Union address, when the White House released the full text of his speech on a three-year-old Web site called Medium.

The move broke convention, and the Washington …


Content discovery: The new Holy Grail of PR and marketing

Big name digital properties have been making a lot of moves lately to make it easier for their users to discover great content. On the brand side, we …

Content Curation

Why Aren’t More In-House Communicators Using Twitter?

Metrics deliver ROI—and employee buy-in—at Microsoft

When communicators in Microsoft's customer service and support unit decided to dig deep into internal email metrics, they compared and contrasted two …

The Social Profile

Charting the future of public relations

Rankings & Data

The key global benchmark of PR agency rankings, industry size and global comms trends.

The most …

Review: ‘Trust Me, PR is Dead’, by Robert Phillips

I wanted to like this book. I wanted to believe it. But quickly its account of the business world came across as simplistic and naive.

Let’s start …