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Digital isn't where the biggest skills gap lies

Is digital where the biggest skills gap lies? An article on The Guardian website argues that in marketing “While we obsess over fixing the digital …

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Friday Wrap #147: Private Flipboard magazines, collaborative mobile videos, fewer business blogs


Posted on April 3, 2015 8:47 am by Shel Holtz | Content | Visual Communication | Wearables | Blogging | Brands | Business | Content …

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D S Simon: PR pros missing out on digital earned media opportunities

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PR and politics: the two most intertwined professions.

As the election campaign gathers pace we are reminded once again of how close and overlapping two “professions” are – PR and politics.A UK general …

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Facebook's news move will degrade content marketing

Facebook seized the headlines this week precisely by making a play for the headlines — offering to host news and other content in return for a share …


The state of SEO and public relations

The public relations business missed out on the opportunity for search but it could have a second chance.

In 2012 the search engine optimisation (SEO) …

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Portland hires head of digital comms at No 10 Anthony Simon

Simon will start in his new role in May, advising national and local governments, multinational corporates and international foundations.

He will be …

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PR Council announces key priorities for 2015

The PR Council is to focus on the key areas: data, integration, economics of reputation and the future of in-house.

The priorities were agreed …

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Why Saudis are ardent social media fans

ON MARCH 18th, at an Arab media get-together, Twitter announced that it will open an office in Dubai. Not before time. Smartphone growth has rocketed …

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Communicating in the Age of Doubt

Communicators have always faced many challenges in getting their message across but now there’s a new hurdle: doubt.

We live in a world where we have …

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Protect the brand or die trying: inside a fake social media crisis

Lucian Jacobs is the kind of Silicon Valley founder that makes the rest of them look bad. He gets drunk in public, gropes women at the bar, and is having an affair with an unpaid intern. And to top it all off, he’s scheduled to speak at South by Southwest tomorrow — at a panel about women and …

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It's still about leadership | Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communication Management

Anne Gregory, Global Alliance Chair

Last month and this is a period of travelling for me when it will be my privilege to visit and work with …


Google Sends Reporter a GIF Instead of a ‘No Comment’

The GIF was apparently the official answer Google sent to a reporter in response to his seeming scoop on a new YouTube livestreaming plan.The post …


Is the chief communications officer position going the way of the dodo?

Leah Haran
SVP, client services, Airfoil

More than 20 years’ experience in marcomms working with large brands such as McDonald’s, Starbucks, and …


6 Rules for Building and Scaling Company Culture

Great founders start businesses not to create a company but to solve a problem, to serve a calling, and to understand that they have a purpose that can actually make a meaningful difference. But of course, they also want their businesses to survive – and thrive – after they’ve moved on.

Great …


How The Atlantic Uses Twitter to Drive Traffic to Content

Jake Swearingen, The Atlantic’s social media editor

Though Facebook drives far more traffic to content than any other social media network, Twitter …


On Twitter, local news is hard to find

Here's a rundown of what worked and what didn't in using Twitter for our research of three local news ecosystems.

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Trust Me, PR is dead – long live public relations

Trust Me, PR is Dead is the provocative title of Robert Phillip’s long-awaited second book. It’s had many PR practitioners up in arms that a …

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My CIPR CPD (continuous professional development) goals for 2015

By onMarch 18, 2015 in CIPR, Ethics, Training

Today is the first day of the new recording cycle for Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) …

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Starbucks stands behind Race Together campaign despite backlash

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International PR thought leader videos from the Davos World Communication Forum

Photo by Olga Bereslavskaya.

The sixth Davos World Communication Forum (#WCFDavos) was probably the best ever with almost 150 participants from 30+ …

Google change allows company statements to top news searches

Wed Mar 11, 2015 2:55pm EDT

By Tom Bergin

LONDON (Reuters) - A little-noticed change in the way Google selects search results has allowed company statements to top the list of news links shown when users search for information on businesses.

The measure may cost news publishers web traffic and risks …


A cautionary tale of social media statistics

It’s important to understand the full context relating to social media statistics before you act on them.

The Stat

I came across this stat the other …

Goldman Sachs to debut new social networking service

Call it Goldman Apps. A Goldman Sachs-backed messaging and social networking service is planning to roll out broadly to Wall Street by July, complete …

Goldman Sachs

Washington Post staffer leaves for Starbucks-backed media startup

The Washington Post’s Rajiv Chandrasekaran is the latest legacy media star to strike out on his own in the startup world, announcing on Thursday …


Davos World Communication Forum promises great speakers and debate

By onMarch 4, 2015 in Conference Speaking, MENA, Middle East, public relations

Playing the Three Wales Game at the World Communication Forum in Davos …

4 reasons why senior PR can’t opt out of social or digital media

A recent CIPR survey has identified a widening gap between the skill sets PR practitioners have and the skill sets that businesses increasingly need.

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Is PR Blowing It in Digital Media?

Photo credit: Chris Potter

The Internet and social media have clearly revolutionized business, yet public relations has largely failed to adapt, …

PR measurement and digital communications two biggest skills gaps for PRSTUART BRUCE

The Qualifications for Communicators Trends Survey 2015 reveals that PR measurement is the top skills gap and digital communications/social media is …

Senior PR professionals lack digital and social media skillsSTUART BRUCE

The CIPR State of the Profession 2015 report makes grim reading as it highlights that despite 96% claiming that ‘being considered a professional is …

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