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By Street Photography In The World | The Street photography in the world group offers itself as a reference point and meeting place for those who wish to get in touch with street photography in the world and want to share their passion. Il Gruppo Street photography in the world si propone come punto di riferimento e luogo di incontro per chi desidera avvicinarsi alla fotografia di strada nel mondo e condividerne la passione.

Interview with… 深津友成 (Tomonari Fukatsu)

<i>Researched by Roberta Pastore</i><p><b>深津友成 (Tomonari Fukatsu)</b><p><b>Going back to in time how was your passion for photography born?</b><p>There was nothing special that …

Street Photography

Interview with… Elisa Tomaselli

<i>Researched by Marco D’Aversa</i><p>ELISA TOMASELLI<p><b>Going back in time how was your passion for photography born ?</b><p>About ten years ago, while I was spending my …

Street Photography

Glasgow by Raymond Depardon

La fotografia intimista di Roberta Pastore, un viaggio interiore alla ricerca di sé

In copertina oggi c’è Roberta Pastore. Nel consueto appuntamento dedicato all’approfondimento sui nostri autori, ne racconteremo la storia e la …

Why Street Photography Matters in 2017

“Street photography is dead”, declare forum threads and thinkpieces far and wide. The Internet and phone cameras have watered the quality down. The …

A French Photographer Finds Magic in the Streets of China

French photographer Marilyn Mugot longs for dépaysement. The word doesn’t have a direct English translation; some dictionaries define it as …


Delicate Photographs of Loneliness in Tokyo

The street photographer of Tokyo, Yota Yoshida has no training in photography but is inspired by subjects that surround him. This was the case in his …


Street Photography in Sri Lanka with the Fujifilm X-Pro2

Street photography is a huge passion for us as well as essential development training for our wedding work. Each year we make multiple short …

Interview with… Antonio Femia

<i>Researched by Roberta Pastore</i><p>ANTONIO FEMIA<p>Antonio Femia was born in the deep south of Europe in 1973. After graduating in architecture, he moved to …

Street Photography

Vivian Maier: Una fotografa ritrovata in mostra a Roma

La vita e l’opera di <b>Vivian Maier</b> sono circondate da un alone di mistero che ha contribuito ad accrescerne il fascino. <b>Tata di mestiere, fotografa per</b> …

street photography in the world - The Book Volume 1

Street Photography

Piedras Negras

On the cusp of the January 1994 signing of NAFTA (the North American Free Trade Agreement, between Canada Mexico, and the US), Italian photographer</b> …


Featured Street Photographer of the Week: Lasse Persson

Barcelona, Spain, 1967<p><b>When and why did you first start taking street photos?</b><p>I started out with street photography in the mid 1960s, although then, it …

Street Photography

Featured Street Photographer of the Week: Benji Gordon

<b>What drew you to street photography initially?</b><p>I kept seeing things and not having a camera. Also I’m a music producer and this industry is harsh so …

Street Photography

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Winter landscape with sleds

Paris, 2016

Brasília, Brazil - Gustavo Minas - VIVO Collective - 38929 - Street photography

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Barcelona, Spain




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interview with…

<i>Researched by Roberta Pastore</i><p>ANDREA BOCCONE<p><b>How important is photography to you? Would have you ever thought a few years ago this passion would have</b> …

Street Photography


participating photographers: Lukas Vasilikos, Chuck Patch, Umberto Verdoliva, Fabio Fagu Costa, Ed Peters, Chema Hernandez, Martin Molinero and …

Ivry-sur-Seine, 2016

111 New Street Photography Discoveries

Flip through these photographs and you will see the world’s city streets through the eyes of more than 100 remarkable street photographers—photographers and images discovered by our editors in 2016.<p>The slideshow provides a bit of a kaleidoscope, jumping from one scene to another, from vibrant neon …

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