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"Tesla in the skies": Airbus to build 'E-Fan' electric plane

Airbus hopes to do for aviation what Tesla has done for motoring as the aircraft manufacturer commits to building its all-electric E-Fan plane.

Built …


8 Electric Cars You Can Buy For $25K or Less

Source: Kia

8. Kia Soul EV

In the minds of many, the Kia Soul EV was the top new entry in the electric vehicle space in 2014. The battery-powered …

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These are the coolest cars you'll never drive

Our ability to drive innovation through creative visualization has helped us explore the reaches of space, put powerful computers into our pockets and design some bad-ass car concepts. There's always been a seed of futurism in automobiles: Manufacturers and hobbyists alike have been crafting unique …


The car - Current E : Your guide to Formula E

Get under the skin of the first season Mahindra Racing Formula E car with this graphic.

Codenamed the “M1Electro”, this single-seater all-electric …


We’ve all been taken for a ride over diesel

Diesel is a major environmental menace that kills thousands of people a year, yet the green movement gave it a free pass

Imagine if there was an industry in Britain that annually churned out thousands of tonnes of carcinogens that scientists found were killing more than 7,000 of us every year. …


Your Ego Get In the Way Italian all Electric Super Bike

Italian all Electric Super Bike – ( TeK-THinK)

The thing about electric drive systems for vehicles is not just that they are clean or quiet and they …

Electric Bikes

Americans snapped up pricey automobiles in April amid low gasoline prices and favorable lending terms, with buyers paying on average hundreds of dollars more than in the same period a year ago.

In a season when the pace of auto sales typically weakens, that trading up offers fresh optimism ahead of …

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Audi makes eco-friendly diesel from carbon dioxide and water

In an ideal, pollution-free world, everyone would be driving electric and hydrogen fuel cell cars. Audi knows society isn't quite there yet, however, so it has a stopgap if you still get around using conventional vehicles. The automaker recently produced its first batch of "e-diesel," a synthetic …

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Secretive space drone used to test futuristic propulsion system

Ask someone in the street what they know about the Air Force's top-secret space plane and you'll probably wind up getting pinched by the NSA. Nobody can claim to know much about the X-37B, beyond the fact that it's the force's long-term space vehicle, capable of staying in orbit for more than a …


Europe is making in-car emergency calling standard by 2018

More than 25,700 people died driving on european highways last year. In an effort to reduce these incidents, the European Parliament has voted to outfit every new passenger car and light truck in the EU with an auto-dialing system that rings 112 (Europe's 911) in the event of a major accident. …


To keep a Boeing Dreamliner flying, reboot once every 248 days

The 787 Dreamliner has been plagued with battery woes since its early days, to the point where the Federal Aviation Administration kept it from flying the skies in the past. And while those technical difficulties are apparently taken care of, Boeing's flagship airliner could be on the way to more …


NASA's 10-engine electric UAV now flies as well as it hovers

NASA's ten-engine UAV, dubbed the Greased Lightning (GL-10), recently showed off a slick new trick in the skies over Hampton, Virginia. The drone, which is under development by a team at the Langley Research Center, had already passed its initial hovering tests last August; but that was the easy …


New FAA system can track twice as many flights at once

Whoever said "it's the journey, not the destination" obviously lived in a time before air travel. But maybe, just maybe, the Department of Transportation's implementation of the En Route Automation Modernization (ERAM), the "backbone" of the NextGen air-traffic system, could change how we feel …

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We rank all 2015 EVs by range-per-dollar

UPDATE: A previous version of this post had a spreadsheet with incorrect data in it (specifically, the MSRPs of these vehicles before the various price cuts). We have updated the spreadsheet to the correct numbers (as seen in the gallery text as well) and apologize for any confusion.

A battery is not …


Digging Deep Into Audi's Carbon-Neutral Diesel Claims


Every now and then I am deluged with inquiries about a particular news story. That happened this week. As the inquiries continued to pour …


Is NASA one step closer to warp drive?

NASA is reportedly working on technology that could take us to the moon faster than a cross-country flight.

Potentially good news for those who want …


The History of Tesla in 2 Minutes

According to a study done by Frost and Sullivan, sales of long-range electric vehicles could reach approximately 466,407 units by the end of the …


Congress Considers Roads for Robot Cars

But before that, lawmakers face an immediate transportation-funding shortfall.

The House committee tasked with shaping the next generation of highways is trying to make sure they're ready for the next generation of cars—including ones without drivers.

The House Transportation and Infrastructure panel …


Hall ion thrusters to fly on X-37B spaceplane

The US Air Force's most public top secret, the X-37B unmanned spaceplane, is now a little less secret. The Air Force has revealed that when the …


Executive Shows China’s First Home-Grown Electric Sports Car

BEIJING—In a quiet technology park near the Chinese capital’s airport, a former Beijing Jeep executive is completing a plan to create China’s first homegrown electric sports car.

Lu Qun’s idea: design and build a battery-powered sports car that is cheaper than imported European gasoline-engine …


Cheap Gas Helps Pull the Plug on Electric Cars

Sales of the Nissan Leaf and other electric cars have dipped thus far in 2015, and automakers have resorted to price cuts to boost interest in plug-ins.

How does the price of gas correlate to electric car sales? One might reasonably assume that the higher gas prices go, the more likely …

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Honda Americas R&D Chief: Our Cars Won’t Crash After 2040

Honda, like other automakers, has taken to calling itself a “mobility company.” Which sounds a bit highbrow until you consider the sheer number of things the company makes. Outboard motors. Riding mowers. Motorcycles. Minivans. A freaking jet airplane. Speaking at the SAE World Congress last week, …


App to Driver: Get Ready to Roll!

Ah, the shame of it: There you are, vegetating in front of an apparently interminable red light, when suddenly you hear a honking sound from behind …

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Holograms Could Bring Videogame-Like Navigation to Your Car

This new holographic device could put videogame-style directions on your windshield.The post Holograms Could Bring Videogame-Like Navigation to Your …


How Cars Are Made, In 20 GIFs

Even if you don't care about cars, these GIFs are hypnotic.

Think of an automobile factory. It's a cacophony of whirring robots, massive clunking steel stampers, spark-spitting welders, and buzzing drills. But separate all the steps that go into turning a lump of metal into a shining automobile, …


Automated Vehicle Occupancy Detection Knows Exactly Who's in Your Car

For years, government agencies have chased technologies that would make it easier to ensure that vehicles in carpool lanes are actually carrying …


Racing Towards A Self-Driving Future

Forget the motor and the drivetrain. The main engine of the self-driving car of the future will be an AI-powered supercomputer. That future could be …

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China Spurs EV Development

China has aggressively supported the production and purchase of electric vehicles (EVs) since 2010. The government’s goal to deploy 500,000 EVs by …


India: Lithium launches all-electric car fleet service in Bangalore



FacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedInLove This Lithium Urban Technologies has launched an all-electric car fleet service in Bangalore. The …