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Mad 54-Propeller Mulitcopter Lifts a Man Into the Air

When is a drone no longer a drone? When it's being flown by the crazy person it's carrying.

​A drone is generally considered to be an unmanned aerial vehicle. But while this massive multicopter is technically controlled by the human being strapped into the crazy contraption, it could be argued …


onboard at Venturi's electric record-breaking vehicle

Venturi and their partner The Ohio State University Center for Automotive Research established a new FIA land speed record with their 3000hp electric …

Land Speed Record

IEEE International Connected Vehicles Conference

News Release

IEEE International Connected Vehicles Conference Organizers Seek Papers & Proposals

WASHINGTON (21 July 2015) —The fourth-annual IEEE …

Kawasaki "J" Concept - Electric Motorcycle - The Future Of Motorcycles?

Kawasaki “J” Concept – Electric Motorcycle – The Future Of Motorcycles?

As if motorcycles weren’t efficient enough already, Kawasaki has brought to us …


California Considers Sweeping Proposals To Cut Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Some of the world's most ambitious climate change legislation is currently under consideration in America. But the lawmakers in question aren't in D.C. — they're in Sacramento.

California lawmakers are intensely debating far-reaching goals to curb greenhouse gas emissions.

The bill contains three …


Daimler, Renault Reboot Tiny Car

PORTLAND—Daimler AG is taking another crack at the market for ultra compacts with a retooled ForTwo Smart car built under a collaboration that could become a benchmark for other auto makers.

Daimler has failed to make money since launching Smart in 1998, and has sold a modest 84,000 copies in the …


Apple, Google Bring Smartphone Functions to Car Dashboards

Coming soon: cars that interact with your smartphone like never before.

Playing deejay with voice commands will get easier for more Americans this fall as some best-selling cars get updated with software that integrates smartphones into the dashboard.

With the 2016 model year, Apple's CarPlay and …


Forget super yachts, try a super-SUB: Luxury $2.35 million submarine comes with leather seating and a Bluetooth stereo

Dutch submersible builder U-Boat Worx has designed the Super Yacht Sub 3 (pictured) to be carried on super yachts. It can carry three people to a …

Land Rover Cameras Turn Trailers Invisible

A new Jaguar Land Rover prototype could allow drivers hauling trailers to see right through them.

The system combines camera feeds — both from the …


Elon Musk: Tesla Model X Starts Delivery Sept. 29, Costs $5k More Than Model S

Yesterday we got our first look at Tesla Motors’ [NSDQ:TSLA] highly anticipated Model X electric SUV thanks to some leaked shots taken from a special …

Elon Musk

BlueIndy Electric Car Sharing Systems Opens Today In Indianapolis

Indianapolis is finally getting its own electric-car sharing service, a couple of years after the idea was first proposed for the Midwestern …

Car Sharing

Sine Cycles adds electric power to the old school chopper

As electric mobility keeps on gathering momentum in the motorcycle sector, chopper manufacturers remain strongly attached to tradition, seemingly …


Tesla Roadster Battery Pack Upgrade To Cost $29,000

Back in January Tesla announced that they would offer a new upgrade pack for their Tesla Roadster that would provide the car with a new battery. The …


Google’s Driverless Cars Run Into Problem: Cars With Drivers

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. — Google, a leader in efforts to create driverless cars, has run into an odd safety conundrum: humans.

Last month, as one of Google’s self-driving cars approached a crosswalk, it did what it was supposed to do when it slowed to allow a pedestrian to cross, prompting its “safety …


NASA developing megawatt solar power arrays and will be used with solar electric propulsion

NASA Glenn Research Center, GRC, currently has several programs to advance near-term photovoltaic array development. One project is to design, build, …

Renewable Energy

Bolt M-1 Electric Bike: Riding Uphill Is As Easy As Downhill

Bolt M-1 Electric Bike brings the joy of 2-wheels in this digital era. It’s an electric bike with pedals, but pedaling it’s not really required to …

Electric Vehicles

High-Strength, Light-Weight Gorilla Glass Coming To Cars?

2015 BMW i8 construction at Leipzig plant

The Ford Motor Company [NYSE:F] has made no secret of the fact it wants cheap, high-volume carbon …

Gorilla Glass

Wireless Charger Powers Electric Car in Drive or Park

Fraunhofer IWES


How fast can electric go? Pretty freaking fast. We’re not just talking all-electric racing cars, either. …

Electric Bikes

Watch An MIT Golf Cart Drive Itself Around

Robot passengers at extremely low speeds

What might the world of driverless cars look like in the future? If this MIT production is any indication, it will be very smart golf carts, safely ferrying people about. MIT, as part of the Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology, created a …


Car makers' recovery leaves rest of manufacturing in the dust

Car industry is accelerating, while wider sector stuggles to achieve even anaemic growth, according to official government data

The recovery among UK car makers has accelerated much faster than the wider manufacturing sector as the motor industry bounces back from the slump after the financial …

Automotive Industry

All-Electric Peugeot Fractal Concept Will Have Awesome Infotainment System

A car with a 9.1.2 sound system party piece.

Peugeot's pushing its i-Cockpit infotainment system with the Fractal concept, but since we haven't had Peugeots in the United States since before "infotainment" was a word, it's a little lost on us. Regardless, the thing the system is wrapped in ispretty …


The Tesla Model X Signature Will Cost $132,000, Get to 60 in 3.8 Seconds

Ludicrous mode gets it to 60 in 3.2 seconds, but that's $10,000 more.

​The upcoming Tesla Model X will be available in a number of trim levels, and the customers with reservations for the top level car, the Signature, have been given a private link to build their own cars online.

And, of course, …


​Formula 1 racing: Sensors, data, speed, and the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is all about collecting, aggregating, and analyzing data from devices and sensors. And Formula 1 race cars are among the …

Formula One

Ride This One-Wheeled Gyro Skate They Call A “Hoverboard”

The mad scientist who started Hoverboard Technologies calls his vehicle an “earned experience.” That means it’s hard to ride. Despite the name, this hoverboard* doesn’t levitate. Instead, it uses gyroscopes like a Segway to help you balance with your feet on either side of one giant …


Here come the so-called 'Tesla rivals'

New electric car startups are coming out of the woodwork led by entrepreneurs and backed by investors.

Another day brings another new electric automaker. Call them “Tesla rivals.” Maybe, if you’re feeling especially bold, “Tesla killers.” All of these new ambitious ventures demonstrate the growing …

Electric Vehicles

How to Build a Space Elevator From Scratch

Illustration: Victor Habbick/Getty ImagesEven with innovations like SpaceX’s reusable robotic boosters, chemical rockets remain an expensive, …


2016 Chevrolet Volt First Test Review

Revolution Two: The 2016 Chevy Volt Proves There Are Second Acts in Automotive Lives

Somewhere I read that when Henry Ford was in a terrible mood, he looked like he’d been struck by lightning. Burnt, smoldering-looking—about what I looked like as I finally blew my rivets and threw down my iPhone. …


‘Artificial leaf’ harnesses sunlight for efficient, safe hydrogen fuel production

Illustration of an efficient, robust and integrated solar-driven prototype featuring protected photoelectrochemical assembly coupled with oxygen and …


Why Siemens is using old technology to solve modern shipping problems

Siemens’ new eHighway offers an unexpected road to clean shipping.

In June, Siemens announced a partnership with Swedish transit authorities for the second pilot study of a new way to electrify highway freight shipping.

Well, it’s sort of new—dubbed eHighway, the system powers trucks through overhead …