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Google's New Self-Driving Car Is About to Hit the Streets

Here’s everything you need to know about Prototype.

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.—The rooftop of the new Google X building is a parking lot, but today it's also kind of a circus. There's even a tent. Chris Urmson, head of the self-driving car program, is discussing the autonomous prototype that Google built …


World's first sodium-ion powered vehicle

Williams Advanced Engineering recently played host to a media event that saw the first public demonstration of a sodium-ion powered vehicle. …


Elon Musk’s Space Dream Almost Killed Tesla

By Ashlee Vance | May 14, 2015

Illustrations by The Red Dress

SpaceX started with a plan to send mice to Mars. It got crazier from there.

In late …

Elon Musk

Follow the world's mass transit on this live map

Sure, it's not hard to learn when your bus is likely to show up, but have you wondered where everyone else's bus is at any given moment? You now have an easy way to find out. GeOps and the University of Freiburg have rolled out TRAVIC (Transit Visualization Client), a map that shows the real-time …


Bid to turn Melbourne's trams solar

Digital impression of a Melbourne tram as part of a pitch before the state government to power the network with solar energy. Photo: Australian Solar

TransPower heavy-duty electric vehicle technologies

Transportation Power Inc. (TransPower), a leading provider of clean vehicle and stationary energy storage technologies and products, has announced …


A tale of two electric car smartwatch API strategies

Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield has written a piece in Transport Evolved this week about some third-party smartwatch apps developed using Tesla's unofficial …

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See the Insanely Powerful Toroidion 1MW Electric Car

The diminutive engines in most electric cars lack the satisfying “oomph” of a high-octane, gas engine, but a new vehicle from Finnish automaker …

Electric Vehicles

Test-Driving the Toyota Mirai: Will a Bet on Fuel-Cell Vehicles Pay Off?

Something you can’t help but notice while driving around in Toyota's new fuel-cell car, the Mirai, are all of the stares from people on the …

Electric Vehicles

Tabby EVO – the $4000 open source electric car you can build yourself in an hour

Do you want to know what’s keeping car industry execs awake at night right now? It’s not oil prices, it’s the convergence of open source and 3D …

Open Source

Test Driving Porsche Panamera Plugin Hybrid Electric Car

Electrified vehicles are getting a shake up now that the Porsche plugin hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) (aka the 4S e-hybrid) is here. Luxury, refinement and serious efficiency. Really! That PHEV is exciting. For starters, the all electric range of 21 miles rated by the EPA. When you include the …

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Porsche App Turns Your Smartphone Into a Racing Data Logger

Porsche’s taking cues from the Chevrolet Corvette’s optional built-in racetrack data logger, but with a smartphone twist: A new Porsche app turns your Apple or Android pocket computer into a dash cam, lap timer, and telemetry recorder, so you can analyze your track day like Roger Penske.

The …


The car of the future is 'the most powerful computer you will ever own'

The chips inside driverless cars will be as powerful as those used in some supercomputers, according to Danny Shapiro, senior director of automotive at Nvidia

The car of the future will be the most powerful computer you will ever own, packing the processing power of a supercomputer into a box the …

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The People Have Spoken: Put Parental Controls in Our Cars

Researchers have surveyed 1,000 Americans to see which parental controls in a car would interest them the most.The post The People Have Spoken: Put …

Parental Controls

The Tech That Makes GE's New Locomotive Its Cleanest Ever

Freight trains don’t get much love, or thought at all, really, from the general public. Most people rarely see them, even fewer put serious thought …


A Wickedly Fun One-Wheeler That Rides Like a Hoverboard

In 1989, when I was 5 years old, Marty McFly promised me a hoverboard when I turned 30. I began skating, surfing, and snowboarding in preparation. …


Trains Should Adapt Self-Driving Car Tech to Boost Safety

Amtrak’s Northeast Regional Train 188 was traveling at 106 mph, more than double the speed limit, when it derailed on a sharp curve in Philadelphia, …


2016 BYD e6 to get 82 kWh battery and 400 km Range | Electric Vehicle News

The 2016 BYD e6 will have 400 km (250 miles) range thanks to an increase in battery capacity to 82 kWh, according to a document from China’s Ministry …


Why the Flying Car Future Needs Robots

Terrafugia dreams of flying robot cars. The idea goes beyond some weird mash-up of science fiction tropes and aims at the practical issues of how to …


Tesla's Robocar To Driver: Accept the Liability, Buster

Tesla Motors has a new way of keeping drivers involved in the decision-making process for an otherwise self-driving car: To trigger an automatic …


2015 Tesla Model S 70D

The car of the century, now updated with more power and AWD.

Instrumented Test

Tesla made history with the introduction of its Model S sports sedan two-plus years ago, prompting approbation from car critics far and wide. This was the breakthrough electric car the world had seemingly been waiting for, …

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Electric Vehicle News: Betavoltaic Nuclear Battery Developed for Automotive applications

Scientists and technology companies are constantly seeking ways to improve battery life and efficiency. Now, for the first time using a water-based …


FBI: Computer expert briefly made plane fly sideways

SAN FRANCISCO — A computer security expert hacked into a plane's in-flight entertainment system and made it briefly fly sideways by telling one of the engines to go into climb mode.

Chris Roberts of One World Labs in Denver was flying on the plane at the time it turned sideways, according to an FBI …


Cars that talk to each other could be here sooner than you think

New York (AFP) - Engineers have known for some time that if cars could only "talk" to each other, they could avoid a lot of accidents.

Vehicles could be driven more safely with information about another car, obstacle or pedestrian around a blind curve, for example.

But the hurdles to implementing …


What it's like to ride an electric bike that uses the same batteries as a Tesla Model S

I was terrified to try it. The last time I had been on a public bicycle was in Seville, Spain, where I got hit by a motorcyclist who failed to look on a turn.

This time, I was climbing on an electronic bike with a motor of its own that could take me up to 20 m.p.h. hurtling through the streets of …

Bicycle Commuting

Williams Demo World’s First Sodium-ion Powered Vehicle | Electric Vehicle News

Williams Advanced Engineering yesterday played host to a media event that saw the first public demonstration of a sodium-ion powered vehicle. …


No car, no problem: 17 of the slickest electric rides

All kinds of personal-sized, eco-minded rides have been popping up on the market ready to propel us through the streets. Whether it's for a quick commute or a casual cruise, these electric rideables help save time and fossil fuels. Not only do they get you from point A to point B quickly, but …


Google Autonomous Car Public Road Trials Start This Summer: Video

A year since unveiling its own self-driving car, Google has confirmed that the small, pod-like research vehicle is ready for testing on public …


What If China's Plug-In Hybrids Were Never Actually Plugged In? (Or California's?)

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BYD Yuan. Photo by Indian Autos Blog.

China has had difficulty getting its New Energy Vehicle program off the ground for a number of …