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Will You Need a New License to Operate a Self-Driving Car?

Illustration: Randi KlettHow do you train a driver not to drive? That’s a question officials in California are wrestling with. The U.S. state …


Liechtenstein-Based Carmaker Quant Brings Two Long-Range EVs to Geneva

At last year’s Geneva show, an upstart company from Vaduz in the pocket principality of Liechtenstein made headlines by introducing a gigantic 5,100-lb electric “limousine” that could supposedly accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in under 3 seconds and travel 360 miles on a “charge.” Best of all, it could …


Goodyear’s Concept Tires Shift Shapes and Generate Electricity

There was a time when concept cars exhibited such radical pie-in-the-sky thinking that you wondered whether the designers used LSD or had their six-year-olds draw the first sketches. With automakers now rigidly focused on making money, it seems the tire manufacturers are the primary generators of …


2015 VW e-Golf Limited Edition Unveiled

VW has announced a new version of its green electric car called the VW e-Golf Limited Edition. This special edition of the little electric car gets …

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2015 Audi R18 e-tron quattro revealed at Sebring


Mercedes-Benz self-driving concept car spotted on San Francisco roads

Update 5:16 p.m. ET: It seems the car is not autonomous after all. A spokesman told Mashable: "The car is operating in San Francisco for running footage and photography for future communication purposes."

That very futuristic F 015 concept vehicle from Mercedes-Benz won't be available to regular …

San Francisco

Self-Driving Cars Will Be in 30 U.S. Cities By the End of Next Year

Automated vehicle pilot projects will roll out in the U.K. and in six to 10 U.S. cities this year, with the first unveiling projected to be in Tampa …


Apple granted patent to use wireless strength map data for vehicle navigation

Apple was issued a patent on Tuesday for vehicle navigation technology that can take wireless signal strength into account for planning a route. Apple first filed for the patent in August 2012, and Apple wireless executives Swapnil Dave and Devrim Varolgu are listed as inventors on the …


Mercedes-Benz “Concept V-ision e” Is a Cool PHEV Van With an Iffy Name

While knowing that all eyes at the Mercedes stand would invariably be glued to the ready-to-rumble AMG GT3, Mercedes decided to bring some other stuff to Geneva, anyway. Including the Concept V-ision e. Based on the company’s Vito/V-class light van, the V-ision e’s name is painful, but we otherwise …


German automakers shift focus to high-end electric cars

By Andreas Cremer and Edward Taylor

BERLIN/GENEVA (Reuters) - German carmakers are shifting their focus toward high-end electric vehicles such as the …

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The Car Connection's Best Electric Car To Buy 2015

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2015 Tesla Model S P85D Supercharging in Rocklin, California, Feb 2015

Electric cars are a revolution in motoring; they're clean and …

Electric Vehicles

NanoFlowcell Quantino EV Has 1,000 KM Range

We saw a teaser of the new NanoFlowcell Quantino last month and now the company has unveiled their new electric vehicle an the Geneva Motor Show. The …

Electric Vehicles

Welcome to the Rural Town That Wants to Build a Hyperloop Utopia

What do cities look like in the world of Hyperloop transit? Will supersonic travel turn our cities into vast, intermodal suburbs? And what about the …


Long-range electric cars: An ever-elusive revolution

In early 2012, Envia Systems, a small Silicon Valley start-up headed by an ambitious battery engineer, announced that it had discovered the key to an …


Netherlands – Over 2,500 Plug-In Electric Car Registrations In January

The Netherlands surprised us in January by reaching the mark of 2,500 registrations of plug-in electric cars (over 5% market share), which is the …

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Established carmakers, not tech firms, will win the race to build the vehicles of the future

Apple's ability to make desirable iGadgets designed for easy portability is beyond question. Reports emerged this week that it is planning to make a mobile device that will instead carry its users--an electric car.

Apple's plans are unclear and unconfirmed. By some accounts it has put a few hundred …

The Future

Four Years And 70,000 Miles Later, 2011 Nissan Leaf Going Strong

The 2011 Nissan Leaf was the first modern battery-electric car to be offered in large numbers, and it still leads the field in terms of sales four …

Nissan Leaf

The craziest cars from the Geneva motor show just got weirder

HOLLYWOOD has hot pink Rolls-Royces and Bentleys, the Middle East uses Ferraris and Lamborghinis as police cars, and Russia has gold-plated (and


Audi taps AT&T to connect its 2016 fleet

With an increasingly saturated smartphone market, there's a growing war for new customer contracts – and AT&T just won a notable battle. The carrier will roll out its 4G LTE Wi-Fi service into Audi's entire 2016 model lineup, the two companies announced Tuesday at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.


Los Angeles' Electric Utlity Develops An App To Handle All Those Electric Cars

With more people owning EVs, Southern California Edison realized it needed to deliver real-time information and incentives to make sure everyone doesn't try to plug in at once.

Electric cars suck a lot of power from the grid: A single car charging at a high speed can temporarily use as much …

Los Angeles

Wanxiang Renaming Fisker “Elux”, New Karmas Delayed Until 2016

If Infiniti and Cadillac can force us to relearn model names, so can a Chinese parts supplier hoping to revive a bankrupt automaker. The Fisker Karma will be renamed the Elux Karma, perhaps in a respectful nod to Electrolux dishwashers and a certain billionaire’s first name.

That’s the only …


Ford Working on Apple CarPlay, Android Auto Integration for Sync 3 Infotainment Platform

When Ford announced it was scrapping its cumbersome Microsoft-based MyFord Touch touch-screen infotainment platform and starting over with a new Blackberry QNX-based Sync 3 architecture, in the words of Monty Python, there was much rejoicing. Having already sampled Sync 3 at this year’s Consumer …


Freescale's S32V silicon steps towards self-driving cars

Chipmaker Freescale announced today the S32V microcontroller, capable of processing sensor data and controlling driver-assist functions in cars.

The …


Honda unveils hybrid NSX to many gasps, check out those pictures (gallery)

Guess how long it's been since the first Honda NSX caused jaws all over the world to hit the floor? 25 years. Yup, we feel old too. But now it's back …


Ford Get a Handle On Mobility

I must admit that I rather like the idea that commuters can store an e-bike in their car, park up on the edge of town, and then commute in on their …


The ELF could replace a car for a lot of people

TreeHugger Sami lives in Durham, North Carolina where they make the ELF, a solar and pedal powered hybrid vehicle that is "specifically designed to …


The Koenigsegg Regera has 1500 hp and no transmission

This might be the most interesting hypercar development in recent memory.

It's hard not to think of the hybrid supercar in Darwinian terms when you come to realize that the Koenigsegg Regera has transcended the transmission altogether in a rather incredible evolution. Instead of an electric motor …


Compact Quantino could be the 600-plus mile EV answer (pictures)

Quant's oddball nanoFuelCell technology has most of us scratching our heads, but its grand zero-emissions range claim has our interest piqued.


Ford’s prototype electric bikes will warn you before you get hit by a car

Ford has unveiled two concept electric bikes at Mobile World Congress that aim to make riding around the city streets a little safer.

The two e-bikes, called MoDe:Me and MoDe:Pro, have a 200-watt electric motor and 9-amp-hour battery that can speed the rider along at speeds of up to 25km/h.

So far, …