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IEEE International Connected Vehicles Conference

News Release

IEEE International Connected Vehicles Conference Organizers Seek Papers & Proposals

WASHINGTON (21 July 2015) —The fourth-annual IEEE …


Hackers Could Heist Semis by Exploiting This Satellite Flaw

Remember the opening scene of the first Fast and Furious film when bandits hijacked a truck to steal its cargo? Or consider the recent real-life theft …


'Impossible' rocket drive works and could get to Moon in four hours

The British designed EM Drive actually works and would dramatically speed up space travel, scientists have confirmed

Interplanetary travel could be a step closer after scientists confirmed that an electromagnetic propulsion drive, which is fast enough to get to the Moon in four hours, actually works.


vintage everyday: Amazing Vintage Photos of the First Electric Cars from the 1890s

Introduced more than 100 years ago, electric cars are seeing a rise in popularity today for many of the same reasons they were first popular.

The …

Historical Photography

How Canadian startups are disrupting the auto industry

Want to monitor your teenage son’s driving speed, or track your mileage and gas for work? Jay Giraud has the tool for you.

As CEO of Vancouver-based Mojio, he produces a small Internet-connected device that plugs into your car’s diagnostic port (usually just under the steering wheel). It beams your …

Autos (Canada)

UK Energy Storage Startups Take Aim At EV Battery Market

Published on July 29th, 2015 | by Tina Casey


July 29th, 2015 by Tina Casey

Lithium-ion is the gold standard for chemical energy storage, but a pair of …


Why New Cars Are Crammed With Too Many Dumb Gizmos

You know what you need in a car? A radio and directions.

Take a walk around an auto show and you'll find that every car company wants to tell you about its great new in-car electronics, its apps, and its haptics. At the New York auto show, Jaguar gave a presentation on the system in the new XF, …

Car Tech

Tesla Will Give You a Free Model X If You Refer 10 Friends

Tesla owners can refer new buyers, and each gets $1000. The first Tesla owner to refer 10 new buyers gets a free Model X crossover.

​Are you a Tesla owner hoping to get your hands on the long-promised Model X crossover, for free? Elon Musk just put together a pyramid scheme you'll love: Refer 10 …


This ultra-advanced luxury car feature is on affordable cars now

Dynamic cruise control is one of those opulent car options that sound a little ridiculous until you actually try it, and then you can't really imagine using a car without it. It is awesome. The concept is simple: instead of operating at a constant, set speed, your car continuously monitors for …

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This Super Tall, Super Thin Tower Was Built Just To Test Elevators

You'll freak out when you see what this hacker does to an ordinary car

We're sorry, there was a problem loading this video. Please see YouTube for the full video from YouTube. Sorry for the inconvenience

These days, your …


Passel of Safety Features, New Infotainment Coming to Affordable VW Golf, GTI, Beetle, Jetta for 2016

Volkswagen is expanding the availability of many of the latest high-tech safety systems to models throughout its lineup. Many were formerly the exclusive province of the Touareg, but now will be offered on the Golf, GTI, Beetle, Jetta, and CC.

Volkswagen’s Lane Assist provides a measure of active …


Self-Driving Cars Get a Code of Ethics

A philosopher is perhaps the last person you’d expect to have a hand in designing your next car, but that’s exactly what one expert on self-driving …


Tesla experimenting with a free car for referrals

Tesla will soon begin a referral program for their electric vehicles instead of continuing to fight their up-hill battle with US car dealers. They'll …


This Smart E-Bike Maps The Fastest—And Safest—Route For Your Commute

Avoid places where cars tend to hit cyclists, along with potholes, traffic, and anything else that might slow your trip.

If you're riding to work before you've had your morning coffee, this bike does the thinking for you: If a street is closed for construction or if you get to the subway station and …

Bicycle Touring

Our Cities Will Be Beautiful In The Driverless Future—But First We Have To Get There

How can we push past public fear and political red tape to get to the beautiful world that awaits when no one drives anymore?

Imagine a city where cars roam free, dropping off their relaxed occupants and then sliding back into a sea of slow-moving but non-stop traffic. Cyclists weave through, …

Concept Cars

Bike Sonar Is Helping Police Catch Drivers Who Squeeze Cyclists

The three-foot rule used to be impossible to enforce. But now your bike can enforce it for you.

Florida handed out around 500 tickets last year to drivers who veered too close to cyclists when passing. But only eight drivers were actually found guilty.

Like 26 other states, Florida has a law …


This Mobile Charging Station Runs On Scrapped Batteries And Comes Right To Your Electric Car

It's a great idea for offices that want more employees to charge their car at work.

The more electric cars are sold, the more used electric car batteries start to pile up—and right now, manufacturers don't have many good options for dealing with them. The materials are cheap enough that recycling …

Alternative Fuel

Why Automated Cars Need New Traffic Laws

Photo: iStockphotoWhen Delphi took its prototype Audi robocar from San Francisco to New York in April, the car obeyed every traffic law, hewing to …


Victory’s New Electric Motorcycle. The 2016 Victory Empulse TT. Triple-Digit Speeds In Relative Silence.

Polaris sees electric as an important part of the company and is in the future of all their vehicles. As a proof, after working with Brammo for three …


What the Auto Industry Can Learn from Cloud Computing

Transportation is one of the world’s largest industries. The five largest automotive companies in the world generate more than 750 billion euro in annual revenue. The names in the industry are global brands – BMW, Ford, Daimler. Yet despite its size and stature, it’s also an industry in the midst …

Cloud Computing

Here’s why lots of cars on the road probably still have tape decks

The average U.S. vehicle age has hit a record.

You know that slot in the middle of your center-console that you sometimes use as an iPhone holder? Well, that’s actually a tape deck—an ancient artifact once used to play cassette tapes. But what’s it doing in your car?

According to IHS Automotive, a …


Volkswagen to offer crash avoidance systems on most U.S. models

BELMONT, Calif. (Reuters) - Volkswagen AG <VOWG_p.DE>, the world's No. 1 automaker, will offer automatic braking and other crash avoidance systems as standard or optional features on most 2016 models sold in the United States beginning later this year, the company said on Wednesday.

Volkswagen said …


Wireless charging for electric cars inches closer to reality

Wireless charging could be a big deal for electric vehicles, allowing drivers to top up their car's batteries just by parking in the right spot, but right now the technology simply isn't available. One of the leaders in the market is Qualcomm, which has fitted its Halo system of inductive chargers …

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EnLighten Lets Your Car Talk to Traffic Lights

Can you make that green light? EnLighten can tell you.

“I hate traffic lights,” said Matt Ginsberg, CEO and founder of Connected Signals. So do the rest of us. Which is why Connected Signals created EnLighten, an app for iOS and Android that communicates with a city’s traffic lights to let you know …


Audi Swaps Matrix LED Lights for Matrix OLED Lights, but U.S. Still in the Dark

Emerging from an extremely brief shadow in the modern headlight technology wars, Audi has announced it will debut a concept car at this fall’s Frankfurt auto show featuring Matrix OLED headlights. After sparring with BMW over who’d be first to market with a laser headlight, Audi is moving to …

Car Tech

How Groningen invented a cycling template for cities all over the world

Traffic lights with rain sensors to give quicker priority to cyclists on wet days … Heated cycle paths so cyclists won’t slip during bouts of frost … This might sound like science fiction to you, but in the Dutch city of Groningen it will soon be everyday reality.

The inhabitants of this lively …


BMW's Plan to Prevent Electric Cars From Overwhelming the Grid

When electricity demand is high, i3 owners can now delay a charge—for a cash rebate.

America’s electricity grid wasn’t designed with electric vehicles in mind, and with an influx of EVs replacing gasoline cars, power utilities have started to feel the strain. If too many EV owners charge up their …


Self-Driving Audi Takes on One of America's Greatest Racetracks

Forget the Hello Kitty posturing of the koala-esque Google Car. The future might be ferocious.

​This is Robby. The name's too cute, and the stunt is more about publicity than pushing the envelope. But still, this is an RS7, driving itself around Sonoma Raceway, with a human behind the wheel in case …

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