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By Lee Stogner | IEEE: The Expertise to Make Smart Grid a Reality

As Nigeria Struggles with 4,000mw, Kenya Moves to Build 1gw of Electricity

While Nigeria continues to celebrate power generation of about 5,000 megawatts, another African country, Kenya, has begun moves to build one …

Renewable Energy

How Utilities Can Thrive in the Internet of Things

by Rob Schilling, Space-Time Insight

Situational intelligence applications correlate and analyze multiple disparate streams of data from the Internet

Internet of Things

IEEE Smart Village Unveils New Web Presence and Newly Sponsored IEEE Global Classroom at the Posner Center for International Development

IEEE Smart Village, a global humanitarian program helping remote, energy-deprived communities build toward sustainability with renewable energy and …

Hewlett Packard’s data centres go 100% renewable energy

One of the largest information and communication technology (ICT) companies in the U.S. will soon power its five Texas data centers with 100 percent …


China is building a massive solar plant in the Gobi desert

Construction has begun on China’s first large-scale commercial solar plant, designed to eventually supply electricity for approximately one million households in Qinghai province. It’s a concentrating solar power (CSP) system, which uses a vast array of mirrors spread across 2,550 hectares (6,300 …


Battle of solar pits rooftop against utility-scale systems

An emerging battle in the renewable-energy wars is between "big solar" and "little solar," between utility-scale arrays and panels on a family's …

Renewable Energy

Denmark Just Produced So Much Energy From Wind They Shared It With Europe

Like the golden star-child of a family we all aspire to be, Denmark and its Northern European neighbors continue to outshine their competition in …


Norway pumps up ‘green battery’ plan for Europe

Hydraulic engineers in Norway aim to use surplus power from wind and sun to cut the need for fossil fuel plants to boost European electricity


Carbon tax repeal wipes $230 a year from Queensland power bills

The abolition of the carbon tax has saved Queensland homes more than $200 a year on power bills, according to the Vinnies.

But the charity wants a ban …


An Animated Look at Wind Turbines

Wind, an amazing source of renewable energy, has been harnessed using windmills since as early as 200 BCE. Electricity-producing wind turbines hit …

Wind Power

General Electric aims big in energy storage after battery step back

(Reuters) - General Electric Co wants to be a "sizable" player in the market for systems that store energy to manage power volatility, a sector the company expects to quadruple to $6 billion by 2020, the head of GE's energy storage business told Reuters.

Demand for industrial battery systems is …


Kenya joins big investors in renewable energy as EA plays catch-up

East Africa is emerging as a global renewable energy hub thanks to completed and ongoing projects to exploit clean power sources such as geothermal, …


Could Next-Gen Reactors Spark Revival In Nuclear Power?

Tech titans like Bill Gates are helping fund a new generation of commercial nuclear reactors, some likely in China, as a solution to climate change.

Leslie Dewan was only in sixth grade, building a mini water wheel in science class, when the last new U.S. nuclear reactor began producing power.

Now, …

Nuclear Energy

Solar and Energy Storage Provide Island Power in Corsica

Solar Novus Blog

Apple, Tesla and Why We Need to Take Solar Seriously

Why are US Residential Solar Soft Costs So High?

New Hampshire Politicians Aiming …

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Getting the BUGs Out of California’s Clean Energy Transition

On hot summer days in California, when electricity demand is high and the electric grid is stressed, grid operators turn to “demand response” …


New electricity market rules allow efficient EU-wide electricity trading - Energy - European Commission

The European Commission has adopted new electricity market rules which will bring the goal of a well-integrated EU internal energy market a step …


Edison seeks proposals for solar, other renewable forms of energy

Southern California Edison announced a proposal Friday to purchase almost 105 megawatts of renewable power as part of the utility’s effort to meet state requirements for broader use of energy sources such as solar.

The utility also is seeking 50 megawatts of solar resources to support the launch of …


The four noble truths of energy investing

Warren Buffett (the crafty, veteran right-hander) likes to remind investors that when it comes to investment pitches nobody is calling balls and strikes. In other words, you can 'take' as many pitches as you want without striking out. Institutional investors sitting on their fossil fuel trillions …


Smart grid technology: how the market will grow until 2018

The sector however will face challenges.

A lack of interoperability and common standards will suppress the global market for enabling technologies for …

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The ‘Bring Your Own Device’ Movement Is a Vital Component of the Smart Grid

It’s impossible to predict the future. Technology is constantly changing, and any technology ecosystem -- from a utility to a mobile carrier -- has …

Smart Grids

Zombie Coal Plants Reanimated to Stabilize the Grid

Photo: FirstEnergy A New Life: Electricians work to turn a generator into a synchronous condenser. This conversion, at a decades-old coal plant in …


Pakistan’s power crisis: Trans-Mission Impossible

Poor governance, incompetence, lack of transparency, distribution and transmission losses (a euphemism for theft), have made powering Pakistan a …

Ofgem warns of blackouts as it predicts grid's spare capacity could fall to zero

The energy regulator has issued a new and more alarming warning about the potential for blackouts, saying Britain’s spare capacity margin could dwindle to zero as early as next year. The prediction from Ofgem has forced the infrastructure operator, National Grid, to consult on another round of …

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Business Blackout, economic impact of a cyber attack against a power grid

What will happen if hackers will hit critical infrastructure in the US, which will be the economic impact of a cyber attack against a power …

Electrical Grid

SoCal Edison Wants New Grid Batteries for ‘Just-in-Time’ Delivery

Someday, grid batteries will come in standard packages, ready to be plugged in as fast as utilities can find places and use cases for them. At least, …


Threat or menace?: Gaging electromagnetic risks to the electric grid

The United States is sorely unprepared for electromagnetic threats – which could originate in space from the Sun or a terrorist nuclear device …


‘If you use storage wrong, there is no business case’ says Younicos of French grid pilot

Younicos recently launched an energy consultancy in the US and is preparing its first "major" report, Hiersemenzel said. Image: Younicos.

Reports that …

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Peering into energy’s crystal ball

McKinsey’s predictions were broadly on target in 2007. Here’s how things could turn out during the next eight years.Back in 2007, McKinsey did two …


Cap on solar power lifted by Senate as part of climate change action bill

BOSTON (State House News Service) – In an effort to help facilitate meeting the state’s goal of developing 1,600 megawatts of solar power by 2020, …