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5 Magazines | 12,725 Articles | 7,086 Followers | 4 Likes | @stogner | Lee Stogner is the President of the Vincula Group, a consultancy business in Systems Integration, Business Process Improvement, Project Management and the Internet of Things. Lee has over 30 years of design, consulting, project management and business development experience across a range of industries. Lee has driven growth at companies that include Digital Equipment, Fluor Corporation and Rockwell International. Customers around the world have benefited from Lee's expertise and leadership. Throughout his working career, Lee has been active in both local and international professional activities. Lee is the Chair of the Carolinas' Engineering Cluster and a past Director of the IEEE Board of Directors. Today, Lee is active in promoting the development of the Internet of Things through his participation in the IEEE Smart Grid Initiative, the IEEE Transportation Electrification Committee and as a Member of the IEEE Internet of Things Initiative, IEEE IoT. Lee can be contacted at l.stogner@ieee.org

Audi Testing Futuristic Gesture-Based Virtual Assembly Analysis

Back when Henry Ford was still fiddling with the assembly line, getting parts onto a car as fast as possible was the only goal. Men lined a pathway on which Model Ts would slither, and they’d wrangle their assigned component onto the budding vehicle as it passed by. Today, all-out speed is but one …

3D Projection

Why High-Definition Maps Are Essential to the Next Generation of High-Tech Cars

It’s been 20 years since the U.S. Air Force did the world a solid by granting full access to the Global Positioning System. In that time, motorists have moved from crude, monochrome line maps to 3-D topographic displays rendered with skies, buildings, and live traffic information. But even after …


David DiVincenzo on his Tenure at IBM and the Future of Quantum Computing

Photo: Alexander HellemansTheoretical physicist David DiVincenzo is widely viewed as one of the pioneers of quantum computing. He authored a 1996 …

Quantum Mechanics

Arizona Utility Blinks in Bitter Battle Over Rooftop Solar

Photo: iStockPhotoSmooth finish, but will these panels undermine traditional utilities?Arizona’s biggest utility, Arizona Public Service, is …


Car Hackers Could Harness Dealerships to Spread Vehicle Malware

Photo: Craig SmithOne car loaded with malware could someday infect hundreds or thousands of other vehicles at the local car dealership or auto repair …


House energy committee passes grid modernization bill

Dive Brief:

In a bipartisan vote, the House Energy and Commerce Committee has approved H.R. 8, the North American Energy Security and Infrastructure …


South Africa’s ageing electricity grid needs R200 billion

South Africa’s electricity transmission grid is in need of a $15 billion (R200 billion) cash injection by 2022 to accelerate new energy …

South Africa

Powering-up to go off the grid - Sunday Independent

INDEPENDENT MEDIA Hopefield Wind Farm outside Cape Town is owned by Umoya Energy. Picture: John Yeld

Solar and wind energy is high on the agenda as SA

South Africa

Decrease Midday Electricity Prices to Integrate Solar, Says California Grid Operator

With California poised to enact legislation mandating half of its electricity come from renewable sources by the year 2030, the grid operator is …

Electrical Grid

Hacking The Grid: Rural Colorado And The Realities Of Cybersecurity

Jordan Wirfs-Brock / Inside Energy

Steve Metheny, of the Delta-Montrose Electric Association, illustrates the utility's back-up to the back-up: a …


How The Developing World Is Reinventing The Grid

A Fresh Start

The way we interact with energy is fundamentally changing. The core business model of utilities is clashing with global efforts to …


L.A.'s New 'Energy Atlas' Maps Who Sucks the Most Off the Grid

Patterns of consumption fall along class lines in the nation’s most populous county.

In the U.S., commercial and residential buildings emit nearly 40 percent of all CO2 emissions. Their energy use—which represents nearly 70 percent of the country’s electricity load—is the biggest driver of their …


Powering The Grid From Afar

It's the conundrum of electrical utilities: in the heat of the summer, when customers have their air conditioners and lights running and are sucking up power to run their businesses, how can a utility prevent overloaded, overheated circuits that can lead to fires and even blackouts?

Short of …

Electrical Grid

Smart grids and the Internet of Things: Open Energi looks to spark a new energy market

Smart grids are one of the most promising applications of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, offering many potential benefits for tomorrow's …


GE appliances to connect to smart grid via Tendril

Smart-grid start-up Tendril Networks and GE will test a system in which home appliances share data with utilities to cut electricity …

Domestic Technology

Florida, Carolinas getting smart grids in $500M push

Progress Energy to spend $500 million on upgrade for utilities that power to 3.1 million customers, with the help of software and services from …


Peter Lougee: Grid Modernization — Will Startups or Policy Get There First?

Startups have demonstrated early progress on smart grid technologies and services, but they should keep an eye on what Congress does on grid …


IBM just launched a new 2,000-employee consulting business to dominate big data

Although there have been rumors all year that IBM CEO Ginni Rometty is undertaking a major re-org of the company, she's actually dolling out big changes in smaller bits and drabs.

For instance, on Tuesday, at the Gartner Symposium tech conference in Orlando, she announced the new IBM Cognitive …


IBM appoints leader for its Internet of things practice

Harriet Green is taking on a well established collection of technologies and businesses related to connected sensors and data analytics.

IBM has formally created an Internet of things business unit on Monday and appointed Harriet Green, the former CEO of Thomas Cook Group in the UK, to lead the new …



The 2015 IEEE 2nd World Forum on Internet of Things (WF-IoT) - Technologies, Applications and Social Implications is a unique event for industry …

Internet of Things

Gartner Identifies the Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2016

ORLANDO, Fla. , October 6, 2015 View All Press Releases

Gartner Identifies the Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2016

Analysts Explore Top …


Amazon.com Inc. Assembles an Internet of Things Army

Earlier this year, Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) unveiled the Dash Button, which can be attached to surfaces around the home and used to reorder consumable …

Internet of Things

Cisco's CEO: The Internet of things is real (and confusing)

Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins explained how the Internet of things will help his company grow.

To hear Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins tell it, businesses are just as confused today with the latest technology trends as they were in the 1990s.

Caught off guard by the Internet’s rise in the 1990’s, companies are now …

Cisco Systems

How Amsterdam is getting the most out of its city-wide IoT network

There's been much speculation as to just what kind of wireless network will emerge as the go-to network of choice for the Internet of Things (IoT) in …


Cisco Flashes Industrial IoT Ambitions With Fanuc America

Cisco is following up last week’s GE partnership by teaming up with robotics firm Fanuc America, another step toward making Cisco a player in the …

Cisco Systems

Five questions to ask when choosing an IoT provider for your business

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a hot topic. Hardly a day goes by without someone sharing their view on the trend. As new enterprise IoT solutions …

Microsoft Lync

Data is dumb. Algorithms are where the real value lies: Gartner - Firstpost

Worldwide IT spending is forecast to surpass $3.6 trillion in 2016, a 1.5 percent increase from 2015, according to Gartner, Inc. The IT industry is …


IoT Rapid Expansion Throughout The World

Content by CloudTweaks.comIoT Rapid ExpansionCyber Physical Systems (CPS) are a nomenclature used to define the world beyond IoT devices. CPS includes …

Internet of Things

IoT: The Solution to Sustainably Feeding 9 Billion?

A 2014 National Geographic article, “One-Third of Food Is Lost or Wasted,” reported that 3.5 billion acres of land, an area larger than Canada, was …

Italian IoT network on the way after latest SIGFOX deal confirmed

Italy has become the tenth European country to enter agreement with cellular, industrial IoT specialist SIGFOX.

EI Towers, an Italian radio tower …