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@stogner | 9,979 Articles | 5 Magazines | 6,497 Followers | Lee Stogner is the President of the Vincula Group, a consultancy business in Systems Integration, Business Process Improvement, Project Management and the Internet of Things. Lee has over 30 years of design, consulting, project management and business development experience across a range of industries. Lee has driven growth at companies that include Digital Equipment, Fluor Corporation and Rockwell International. Customers around the world have benefited from Lee's expertise and leadership. Throughout his working career, Lee has been active in both local and international professional activities. Lee is the Chair of the Carolinas' Engineering Cluster and a past Director of the IEEE Board of Directors. Today, Lee is active in promoting the development of the Internet of Things through his participation in the IEEE Smart Grid Initiative, the IEEE Transportation Electrification Committee and as a Member of the IEEE Internet of Things Initiative, IEEE IoT. Lee can be contacted at l.stogner@ieee.org

This startup is gearing up to be the Tesla of electric buses

Investors pour $55 million into the electric bus maker as it scales up and readies a new factory.

Today’s diesel buses—including the estimated 500 “tech buses” that shuttle workers around the San Francisco Bay area—get around three to four miles to the gallon. Proterra makes an electric bus that is …


Watch "Audi A7 Piloted Driving Autonomous Car" Video at Engineering TV


Build an Early-Warning System for Your Bike

In the summer months, I really enjoy riding a bike along some of the flatter roads and trails around my small Vermont town. But sharing some of those …

Computer Hardware

Smart Cars Crave Max Headroom

​Although today’s cars fairly drip with digital power, most of it is packed into discrete modules—as many as 200 of them. Tomorrow's even more …

Mocking AI Panic

Turing anticipated many of today’s worries about super-smart machines threatening mankind

Artificial Intelligence

Is Google Angling to Corner the Auto Insurance Market?

Photo: iStockphotoIt goes without saying that when self-driving vehicles dominate the world’s roads, automobile insurance will be different than it …


Google and Delphi Robocars Meet on the Road

Here is what happens when rival self-driving cars want to move into the same lane.


How Would You Like Your Robo-Car? Barista-bot? Burrito-mobile? Rolling Movie Theater?

In the future, we may have trouble recognizing autonomous cars as cars. They’ll, by necessity, share some of the same features as the cars that we’re …


Holland Opens Some Roads to Robots

Robots will begin to get their driving licenses tomorrow in the Netherlands, provided of course they have a reputable human by their side. The …


Duke Energy converting nation's largest utility-scale battery to lithium

Duke Energy Renewables has decided to upgrade the 36-megawatt storage battery at its Notrees Wind Power project in Texas, converting to lithium-ion …


This is Apple's trick for longer iPhone battery life in iOS 9

Let's talk about battery life. It sucks, and everyone knows it.

Most of us struggle to get more than half-a-day of battery life out of our phones on …


Samsung develops lithium-ion battery with nearly double the life

(Phys.org)—A team of researches affiliated with Samsung's Advanced Institute of Technology, along with colleagues from other institutions in Korea …


The Quest For A Better Battery Has A Home In Fort Collins

Designing a rechargeable battery is a tradeoff: you can either have more power or faster charging speed. Amy Prieto, a researcher at Colorado State …



The 2015 IEEE 2nd World Forum on Internet of Things (WF-IoT) - Technologies, Applications and Social Implications is a unique event for industry …


When Will Your IT Customers Use The IoT

By Christine Kern, contributing writer

More and more, sensors, wearables, and “smart” devices are entering the consumer market — but when will your …


Size up your understanding of automotive information sources | The Big Data Hub

This infographic gives a better understanding of the top information sources that workers in operations, maintenance and engineering organizations in …

Big Data

Russian Scientists Raising Funds To Rebuild Tesla Tower, Satisfy World Energy Hunger!

June 30, 2015 - If only Nikola Tesla (inventor of AC or alternating current that is used world-wide, the fluorescent tube that we use to this day ) …


The Future of Cloud Computing: $127 Billion Market By 2018 [REPORT]

A lot has been written or spoken about in regards to cloud computing market and its growth over the last few years. The subject has become an enigma …

Cloud Computing

How to Choose a Hadoop as a Service Provider

Apache Hadoop is an open source software framework that enables high throughput processing of big data sets across distributed clusters. Apache …


Georgia Power Is Launching Its Own Rooftop Solar Business

Georgia Power, the largest subsidiary of utility giant Southern Company, just launched a solar sales and installation service for its customers -- …

Renewable Energy

South Australia pushes battery storage in government buildings

South Australia looks to install battery storage in parliament house, museums and art galleries, and up to 150 other buildings including schools and …


Portable solar power to the people


Image: By BiztechAfrica

Schneider Electric, a global specialist in energy management, is commercialising its solar powered portable LED lamps …

Renewable Energy

Toyota, Nissan, Honda back hydrogen stations for fuel cells

TOKYO (AP) — Toyota, Nissan and Honda are working together to get more fuel cell vehicles on roads in what they call Japan's big push toward "a hydrogen society."

Fuel cell vehicles emit no pollution. They run on the power created when hydrogen stored as fuel combines with oxygen in the air to make …


Are we on the brink of an electric car revolution?

Carlos Ghosn, the fast-talking head of the Renault-Nissan alliance, is not keen to be drawn on targets for electric car sales. A 2011 prediction of 1.5m Renault-Nissan electric vehicles by 2016 turned out to be wildly optimistic. The group just passed the 250,000 mark.

Ghosn was not alone. President …

Electric Vehicles

U.S. And European Automakers Will Need To Be More Aware Of The Chips They Put In Their Cars

The self-driving car trend is an undeniable one, with the biggest automakers in the world adopting connected car platforms already and more coming on board every month, it seems. These include Volkswagen Group as well as General Motors , two of the three biggest automakers in the world. Google , …

Automotive Industry

London is getting its first fully electric doubledecker bus

LONDON — This is probably the only bus in the world where three won't arrive at the same time, because only one of them exists.

London is getting the world's first, purpose-built, purely electric doubledecker bus, mayor Boris Johnson announced this week at the Clean Bus Summit.

The new bus, which …


The man who brought us the lithium-ion battery at the age of 57 has an idea for a new one at 92

AUSTIN, TEXAS—The chances are you have never heard of—nor, until looking at this page, ever seen—John Bannister Goodenough. But you know his work. In fact, you almost certainly own some.

Consider the last six or seven decades of technological and scientific leaps: the polio vaccine, space rocketry, …


The Ultimate Guide to Electric Car Charging Networks

If you plan to charge in public, you'll want to sign up for charging network membership (or two).> See all Guides When it comes to refueling a car, …

Electric Vehicles

America’s Power Grid - Bloomberg QuickTake

The Situation

U.S. consumers and businesses are increasingly making their own electricity. Instead of big, centralized plants that make power for utilities, these smaller sites pump out juice that goes straight to the user. U.S. homes and businesses had enough solar panels halfway through 2014 to …

Electrical Grid

Ultrasonic MEMS predicts electric vehicle battery failure

French research lab CEA Leti is using ultrasonic sensing to detect imminent battery failure in electric vehicles, and has proposed a way to extend …