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Sheaffer Vintage Grapes & Leaves Mechanical Pencil

A couple of months ago, I wrote about how I had visited my family back in the United Kingdom, and my amazing mother had not only bought me gifts, but …


Eye Candy: Eraser and Pencil Accessory Case

My pencil problem has an equal rival: the pencil accessories problem. To accompany my pencils, I have pencil point protectors, erasers, sharpeners, …


Baron Fig 'Key' Squire Pen Review

Review: Sheaffer Pop Glossy Lime Fountain Pen @GoldspotPens

Thanks to Goldspot Pens for sending this cute little Sheaffer Pop fountain pen for review!<b><br>ABOUT</b><br>Body material: Resin<br>Trim: Metal<br>Cap: Snap on<br>Posts: Yes, …


Wordless Wednesday

Pen Review: Uni Signo DX 0.38 – 2017 Colors

It’s been awhile since I’ve reviewed any gel pens or standard non-fountain pens so I thought it was about time to delve back into some of the basics. …

Interior Design

Review: Sailor 1911 Large Anchor Grey Fountain Pen - Zoom Nib @PenChalet

I am pathetic. I love the Sailor 1911 Fresca Blue so much - a North American exclusive - and then I saw <i>another</i> North American exclusive... the Anchor …

Fountain Pens

An Anecdote Of Two Pens

1 Comment<p>Hello! Franz here and I wanted to share a story about the two vintage pens above. From top to bottom they are: Parker 75 in Sterling Cicelé, …

Cool Stuff

Pen Review: RIIND Pen

There's no shortage of machined metal pens on the market these days. From the Karas Kustoms Retrakt to the Ti2 Techliners to the ultra minimalist …


new pen! jin hao x750 shimmering sands in a medium nib

After I started my job as a junior doctor in August last year, other doctors would comment on how I always used a fountain pen (usually my trusty …


An inside look at one of America’s last pencil factories

<i>A pencil is a little wonder-wand: a stick of wood that traces the tiniest motions of your hand as it moves across a surface. I am using one now,</i> …


Second-hand Pens with Initals

I picked up this pen off the Oxfam website for a very good price. I love the fact it has a history with someone else’s initals on…but I am a little …


Serious Nibbage Pilot Custom 823 Soft-Fine

Thank you to P.W Akkerman in The Hague for lending us this pen for review! Reviews, writing samples, and previous Serious Nibbage episodes can be …

Fountain Pens

Review: Sailor Professional Gear King of Pen (Sky, Broad Cursive Italic Nib)

No Comments<p>Happy 2018 folks! Thank you for your continued readership and we are looking forward to provide you with more reviews, and other …


Rickshaw Bagworks Pen Paraphernalia!

Whew! I'm a little bit behind in posting this blog because Blogger had some issue for a while that wouldn't let people upload images to their blog …

Cool Stuff

Why Pelikan?

The early days of 2018 have provided me some time for introspection (there is not much else you can do when in the midst of a bomb cyclone). There …


3952 Abalone Shell Fountain Pen - Extra Fine Nib

Happy New Year! And, hope all had a wonderful holiday season. Things were busy at The Clicky Post household with family and wrapping up final Dudek …

Fountain Pens


Ah yes: a new year, a new metal in <b>Kaweco</b>'s ever-growing collection of Sport pens! Stainless steel is up next, something a little different to last …


Smith & Wesson SWPEN3BK Tactical Pen with Stylus

So, a <i>tactical pen</i> eh? Hmm, let’s think about this shall we? Firstly, what do we mean by <i>tactical</i>? The Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary has this to …

Smith & Wesson

Visconti Homo Sapiens Elegance: A Review

Bronze Age

Fountain Pen Review: Sailor Pro Gear Slim Purple Cosmos

<i>Review by Laura Cameron</i><p>In the past, Ana has let me try writing with her Sailors (specifically the Fresca), and I knew I wanted one. So when the …


Stabilo Sensor Fineliner Marker Pen Review


Eye Candy: Vanness Exclusive Franklin-Christoph Pocket 45

Vanness Pens was lucky enough to get a custom edition of the beloved Franklin-Christoph Pocket 45 ($105) in a translucent turquoise blue and I was …


Review: Ryan Krusac Studios Legend L14 Custom Fountain Pen @FountainPenMan

This fountain pen was a gift from Stephen. He contacted Ryan about a custom pet portrait on one of his Legend L14 fountain pens. If you aren't …


2017 Cheers and Tears

In my yearly round-up, I thought I might pick my favorite pens, inks and other stationery items for the year. There are so many amazing things this …


What I Use: 2018 Planner Plans

I seem unable to learn that I’m not a paper planner guy. So, I’ll again be starting the year with a paper planner. My somewhat haphazard approach to …


Pilot Cocoon 0.5mm Mechanical Pencil Review


State of the Union 2017


My fascination with machined metal products continues with this new brand, <b>Inventery</b>, and their take on the minimalist pen, simply called the …