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HIPAA Tips from the Trenches

...sector health information technology and <b>security</b> experts and was tasked with discussing challenges related to the interoperability and <b>security</b> of …


What medical records storage requirements should you insist on?

Follow:<p>When determining medical records storage requirements, there are several things that need to be considered. One of the first considerations …


Is AI set to transform healthcare? Not according to CIOs

Healthcare CIOs understand that without ready-access to quality data to feed AI engines, the technology is simply not going to work.

Health Care

HIStalk Interviews Jeremy Schwach, CEO, Bluetree Network

<i>Jeremy Schwach is CEO of</i> <i>Bluetree Network</i><i> of Madison, WI.</i><b>Tell me about yourself and the company.</b> I’m Minneapolis-St. Paul-born, so I’ve got those …

Business Strategy

NYT: How this pediatrician used EHR data to unveil the Flint water crisis

HHS Takes First Step to Spur Health IT Innovation, Investment

With many physicians and healthcare industry leaders raising complaints about the slow pace of health IT innovation, HHS is looking for new ways to …


Alert fatigue a focus after patient's drug allergy warning missed

Two people are now required to sign off on alternatives when a patient has a serious drug allergy at a Massachusetts hospital slammed by CMS for the …

Intensive Care

How Mercy is using NLP with its Epic EHR to improve analytics for cardiac care

Natural language processing technology is helping the health system unlock information from the notes that it previously hadn't been able to use.

Digital Health

Why a DNA data breach is much worse than a credit card leak

You can’t change your DNA<p>This week, DNA testing service MyHeritage revealed that hackers had breached 92 million of its accounts. Though the hackers only accessed encrypted emails and passwords — so they never reached the actual genetic data — there’s no question that this type of hack will happen …


Security is more than an IT problem and C-Suite can't technologize their way out

The Advisory Board’s Allyson Vicars says health orgs need to lean on governance and engage the executive leaders to tackle cybersecurity issues.

C-suite Leadership

How Healthcare Executives Can Jump-Start the Journey to Digital Convergence

The world is going digital, and it’s time that healthcare organizations did, too. As the healthcare industry enters a time of dramatic disruption to …

Mobile Devices

Does EHR Use Detract From Patient-Provider Communication?

June 06, 2018 - EHRs may be doing more harm than good during the clinical encounter, as providers continue to assert that the tool takes away limited …

Digital Health

Apple opens EHR data to iOS app developers

Apple (NSDQ:AAPL) this week opened up its Health Records application to developers, allowing digital health companies to use electronic health record …

Digital Health

What The First Microscopes Teach Us About Electronic Health Records

Invented in the 16th century, the compound microscope did not contribute to scientific breakthroughs for 70 years. After pondering this delay, …

Digital Health

NIH Strategic Plan Promotes Health IT Usability, Interoperability

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) recently released a strategic plan intended to inform data science that highlights the need for health IT …

Digital Health

Athenahealth could ignore activist investor's takeover bid, expert says

Cloud-based EHR vendor’s board could also drag the process out long enough that Elliott Management rescinds its offer, Maralto Investments said.


Healthcare CIO roles shift as IT become more complex

Healthcare IT executives and thought leaders are making a transition within their roles. In the past, they’ve been called upon to manage very …

Thought Leadership

Patient Subscriptions May Enhance Future of EHR

Data breach at medical practice: Shock and disgust as 150 patients affected

Patients are outraged after learning a staff member at a doctors’ practice had been inappropriately accessing their medical records.

Radiation Therapy

Apple to facilitate health data transfer between apps

Apple will soon allow third-party apps to access the health data stored in its Health app. The company already lets patients of 500 hospitals and …

Health Information

Healthcare Data As Property Can Change Everything

Remember Cambridge Analytica?<p>It was just the tip to the data iceberg. Issues around vast data sets, advanced analytics, revenue potential and ownership are all swirling together and reaching critical mass. But let’s take a step back.<p><b>Is de-identification a myth?</b><p>One of the cornerstones of data …

Human Rights

What providers should know about CMS patient relationship category codes

AHIMA offers advice for using the new codes, created as part of the Quality Payment Program, which have begun being reported voluntarily this year.

Digital Health

Additional EHR System Features, Interoperability Top 2018 Trends

There are five key areas that EHR vendors should focus on for the rest of the year to stay competitive, including focusing on specific EHR system …

Digital Health

Jonathan Bush steps down as athenahealth CEO: 4 things to know

VPNFilter malware infecting 500,000 devices is worse than we thought

Malware tied to Russia can attack connected computers and downgrade HTTPS.<p>Two weeks ago, officials in the private and public sectors warned that …


Radiologists can use technology to improve patient engagement

Patient interaction and the interpretation of radiological images historically haven’t mixed. Traditionally, radiologists have interpreted images and …

Digital Health

Another Fitness App Exposes Users' Data

<b>Independent Researcher Finds PumpUp Data Was Accessible on Unsecured Amazon Server</b><br>For at least the third time in recent months, a mobile fitness app …

Health Information

HIStalk Interviews Helen Waters, EVP, Meditech

<i>Helen Waters is EVP of</i> <i>Meditech</i><i> of Westwood, MA.</i><b>Tell me about yourself and the company.</b>I’ve been with Meditech for 28 years. I previously worked in …


59% of physicians want an EHR overhaul: 5 study insights