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Connecting your medical data could be the next big payoff

The silos that hold medical records are beginning to crumble. Medicare could speed it up.<p>WORCESTER, Mass.—In November 2016, an alert popped up on the computer screen of Kim Lilley. Lilley is a care coordinator at UMass Memorial Health Care, overseeing patients in trouble, trying to keep their …

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Vendor Blamed for Health Data Breach Exposing 1,500 BCBSRI Members

Blue Cross and Blue Shield… read more

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7 EHR usability, safety challenges—and how to overcome them

A report from the AMA, Pew Charitable Trusts and Medstar Health, <i>Ways to Improve Electronic Health Record Safety</i>, identifies shortfalls with EHR …

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EHR prompt increases flu vaccination rates by 9.5 percentage points

Interoperability marks top EHR improvement physicians want, survey finds

Medical Scribes Can Cut Physician EHR Time and Boost Productivity, Satisfaction

When one health system used medical scribes to help primary care physicians document notes, they saw “significant reductions” in time spent toiling …


62% of healthcare orgs use speech recognition tools: 6 insights into tech adoption

Piedmont Athens shares lessons from an Epic installation

A Georgia facility, recovering from a difficult installation of a previous records system, sought to have a better experience with their most recent …

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New blockchain ledger will let you sell personal healthcare data

Most people don't know it but there is a multi-billion dollar industry that collects healthcare information, strips it of basic personal identifiers …

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4 hashtags to follow during National Health IT Week

Two-Thirds of Physicians Left Out of EHR Optimization Efforts

September 13, 2018 - Many healthcare organizations are missing a valuable opportunity to boost EHR usability, physician satisfaction, and clinician …

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HIMSS Supports Promoting Interoperability, 2015 Edition CEHRT Use

September 13, 2018 - HIMSS recently stated its support for CMS efforts to require adoption of 2015 edition certified EHR technology (CEHRT) by 2019, …

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Bending The Cost Curve Are You Leaving Your Chips On The Table

By Pat Edmonds and Jeremy Hutton, Point B<p>Imagine you're in Vegas and you've been gambling all night. There's $100,000 in the pot, and you're holding …

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Apple Watch: FDA-cleared for electrocardiogram screening

If AI is going to be the world’s doctor, it needs better textbooks

Imagine there was a simple test to see whether you were developing Alzheimer’s disease. You would look at a picture and describe it, software would assess the way you spoke, and based on your answer, tell you whether or not you had early-stage Alzheimer’s. It would be quick, easy, and over 90% …

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Why e-PHI Lies at the Heart of Any Good HIPAA Strategy - Infosecurity Magazine

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, or HIPAA, is revolutionizing more than just the way doctor's appointments work. As …

HIPAA Concerns Reign as Data Companies Enter the Healthcare Market

September 07, 2018<p>Share this content:<p>Large companies such as Amazon and CVS are moving into the market, absorbing data from the companies they …

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Epic EHR Now Includes Nuance Voice-Enabled Clinical Workflows

Providers using Epic EHR... read more

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Open Source EHR Association to release international version of VA's VistA EHR

5 EHR Optimization Activities for Improving Clinical Efficiency

September 05, 2018 - Clinical efficiency and provider satisfaction often suffer after hospitals and health systems go live with new EHR …

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Doctors as Data Entry Clerks for the Government Health Surveillance System

As a practicing physician I have long been frustrated with the Electronic Health Record (EHR) system the federal government required health care …

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Amazon, Google, Microsoft to Make Waves in Health IT Usability

With Amazon, Google,... read more


One woman’s journey to health IT started with community service

Asha Strazzero-Wild took a circuitous route to get to her current position as director of Growth Operations for RxRevu, a company that uses …

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4 statistics on EHR use, location & more in ASCs

September 04, 2018 | Print | Email<p>The Ambulatory Surgery Center Association released its second quarter 2018 Clinical and Operational Benchmarking …


Forget WannaCry, staff themselves pose a risk to healthcare data

Almost 60% of breaches had an insider element in 2017More than half of all healthcare data breaches reported during 2017 could be traced back to …


Premera Blue Cross accused of destroying evidence in data breach lawsuit

Class-action lawsuit plaintiffs claim US health insurer Premera Blue Cross intentionally destroyed evidence despite ongoing litigation.<p>The plaintiffs …

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CDC Explores Blockchain to Better Share and Track EHR Data

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Patients, physicians at outpatient clinics dissatisfied with EHRs: 3 key study facts

August 30, 2018 | Print | Email<p>New research published in the <i>Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association</i> found EHRs left both patients and …

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