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Deluxe Flying Sub preorders are due!

The Deluxe Flying Sub is coming from Moebius Models. This is a metal hulled, pre built Flying Sub Display model,


Upcoming kit releases 10/8/2017 update

updated October 8, 2017<p>I’ve put together this update of upcoming releases from Moebius, Round 2, Pegasus, Bandai, Atlantis, Revell and others. All …


New box art from Round 2!

We’ve got a few images to share of upcoming kits from Round 2. The Klingon Vor’Cha – reissue of the


Lou Dalmaso Builds the Proteus part 3

I know Lou finished this a while ago, but I hadn’t reposted. Here is part 3 of the Proteus build up.

Gerald Dennis’s Refit Enterprise

My Enterprise-A. I had to strip down the first paint job; mostly sand down to a smooth surface then paint back up after 2 years learning automotive …

Dae Choi's Lost in Space movie Robot

Sebastien Lemay’s Headless Horseman

Here’s another figure from Sebastien Lemay. This is the 2016 reissue of the Headless Horeman from Polar Lights

Sept 29 – Oct 1, 2017

CultTVman will be returning to Monsterama again this year! The show is September 29 to October 1 in Atlanta, Ga. This show celebrates monsters and …

Steve Jurgens' Apollo 11 Eagle

This is my recently completed client build of the old Monogram 1/48 scale Apollo 11 Eagle kit. The model was build over a period of 12 months and was …

Steve Tanski’s Godzilla Go-Cart

Lou Dalmaso’s Chariot

Michael Atkins’ Rodan

Another set of pictures from the vault. These are from 2008. This is the Polar Lights reissue of the Aurora Monsters of the Movies Rodan

On The Bench 299: Sylvain Rivest’s Tarantula

This is it, my last Gigantics model on the bench, the Tarantula .<p>As you can see the tarantula was modified, it’s stance was changed by lowering the …

Munsters House Base by Rick Evans

Here’s a look at the Munsters Base from Red Planet as built by Rick Evans. The house is the prepainted build up from Moebius.

Preview: New 350 Classic Starship detail set from Paragrafix

Paragrafix has this new engine grill detail set for the 1:350 Classic Starship model from Round 2. This includes replacement grills designed using …

Trent Bennett’s USS Excelsior NX-2000

This is my Round 2 U.S.S. Excelsior build. This build is more or less straight out of the box.<p>I used Krylon gloss White spray paint for the main …

Dale Shean’s Moebius Jupiter 2

Earl Atkins’ VIP Eagle

Eagle 3 was painted as the VIP Eagle seen in the first episode, Breakaway, with the Pod sides painted Orange.<p>Earl Atkins

Preview: Revell’s Last Jedi kits

We’ve finally gotten our first look at the upcoming Last Jedi kits from Revell. Much like their Force Awakens kits, these are small snap kits, with …

Preview: Bandai’s Last Jedi kits

And Bandai has announced their line up of kits from The Last Jedi. There are several new kits and some reissues. These will be released over the next …

Kyu-Woong Lee’s Nostromo

This kit was pretty much built from the box. It was an interesting design, with all those antennae sticking out. The accuracy and detail achieved in …

Tom Grossman's Flintstones Car

William Mattes’ Mummy

The mummy is a Geometric kit and was painted with acrylic paints, and finished off with pastel shading cakes. A base coat of black was first applied …

Steve Broderick’s Eagle

There are currently more detailed and accurate kits out there of the Space:1999 eagle, but I built this MPC 2015


Dae Choi’s Cardassian Galor

Clearance Sale in the CultTVman Hobbyshop – CultTVman's Fantastic Modeling

Time for a bit of warehouse cleaning. We have a bunch of kits that we are clearing out. Some of it is overstock. Some of it is slightly damaged. Some …

On The Bench 298: Philip Cornwall’s Into Darkness Enterprise

Here’s my Star Trek Into Darkness Enterprise. You can see the work I’ve got done so far with the lighting

Star Trek

Joel Tavera’s Time Machine (#7)

Joel Tavera presents yet another Time Machine kit.<p>This is a Lunar Models version of the Time Machine. Different from the Comet and Alchemy Works. …

Angus Cattanach’s Battlestar Pegasus

The Battlestar Pegasus as built by Angus Cattanach