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Long Live the King now on Amazon

Long Live the King is a documentary about the classic 1933 King Kong and the many people in the entertainment industry that were inspired by it. My …


Sneak Peak: 2001 Reissues Box Art from Moebius

Here’s a look at the box art for the upcoming 2001 Moonbus and Space Clipper kits. And of course, we are taking preorders in the CultTVman Hobbyshop

Sneak Peak: Convair-Ehricke Nuclear Exploratory spacecraft from Moebius

Adam Johnson passed along these photos of the Convair Ehricke Nuclear Exploratory spacecraft coming from Moebius Models. This kit will be over 20 …

Nuclear Energy

Moebius Models – Galactica Raptor box art and more

We finally have box art for the upcoming Battlestar Galactica Raptor and the Raptor Armament Set. These should be

Battlestar Galactica

Rafael Barreto’s lighted Delorean Time Machine

Jim Mongan’s Batcycle

Christopher Lee Dracula – coming from Pegasus

Here’s a sneak peak of the upcoming 1:6 scale Christopher Lee – Scars of Dracula figure from Pegasus. This kit is still in development, so specific …

Christopher Lee

Moebius Models Deluxe Metal Flying Sub – a closer look

Moebius Models has announced they will be producing a Deluxe Metal Flying Sub, much like the metal Jupiter 2 they


Upcoming kit releases – UPDATED 5/2/2017

updated May 2, 2017<p>I’ve put together this update of upcoming releases from Moebius, Round 2, Pegasus, Bandai, Atlantis, Revell and others. All dates …


Round 2 news from Wonderfest

We are still trying to catch up after a fantastic weekend at Wonderfest, but here’s a bit of updates from


Wonderfest 2017 Preview #10 – Death Dealer and Batwing from Moebius –

The long awaited Frazetta Death Dealer will make an appearance at Wonderfest. We should have a limited number of kits available, along with a few of …

Wonderfest 2017 Preview #9 – Puttin’ on the Ritz –

From Skyhook Models comes this conversion for the Moebius Penguin kit. Kit includes head, boots, base, hand and cane. You supply the Penguin kit. …

Wonderfest 2017 Preview #8 – Classic Enterprise 1:350 – $99 show special –

Wonderfest 2017 Preview #7 – Batman Blowout! –

Plenty of Batman kits at Wonderfest. We’ll have special pricing on all the AMT Batman kits including the Batwing, the Keaton Batmobile, and more. …

Wonderfest 2017 Preview #6 – Aztek Dummy Question Marks paint masks

Aztek Dummy has a new set of paint masks for your Riddler kit. This is a set of “Question Marks” masks to replace the decals that come with the kit. …


Wonderfest 2017 Preview #5 – The Enterprise Collection

The Enterprise Collection from Round 2/AMT has just been released. We’ll have some kits at Wonderfest. We’ve got quite a few with damaged boxes, so …


Wonderfest 2017 Preview #4: Graveyard Scenes and more

I’d like to tell you we had something new for Graveyard Scenes this year, but we just haven’t gotten around to it. The line has grown over the years …


Wonderfest 2017 Preview #3 – New Atlantis Saucers!

Atlantis has two new kits out just in time for Wonderfest! We’ll be bringing these two models to the show. Each is about 5 inches in diameter and …

Wonderfest 2017 Preview #2 – Monarch’s Monster Pack!

At Wonderfest this year, we’ll have the Dracula/Jekyll & Hyde kit available. This was available for a limited time in early 2016 from Monarch …

Pop Culture

Round 2 News! New Space 1999 and Star Trek kits!

We have a little news to pass along from Round 2 today. Several new kits will be coming in late 2017. We don’t have any images yet, so we’ll have to …


Wonderfest 2017 preview #1 – Monsters of the Movies Destination Moon

We’ll have this Monsters of the Movies base for the 1:350 Luna kit from Pegasus, debuting at Wonderfest this year. The base is designed by Rick …

Jeff Becker’s NX-01

Here is my recently completed Polar Lights 1:1000 Enterprise NX-01 refit. It has been built using Accreation Aztec decals with Tamiya base color of …


Dae Choi’s Munsters

Dennis Hogan’s Sleepy Hollow

This is an original Polar Lights Plastic Figure Model Kit of SLEEPY HOLLOW. The kit is apparently created from the movie of the same name. So, I …


Wonderfest 2017 – Two Weeks Away!

In two weeks, the finest model builders in the hobby will gather in Louisville KY for the annual Wonderfest convention. Modelers from all over the …


Coming from Fine Scale Modeler: Out of this World Modeling

• Explore new techniques, seek out new projects (Polar Lights’ 1/1000 scale USS Enterprise from Star Trek) By Aaron Skinner<br>• Spray on target when …

Boba Fett

Jim Mongan’s Billiken Batman

Steven Vasko’s 22-inch Eagle

Proteus Figures from Jimmy Flintstone

Here’s a look at the Proteus figures from Jimmy Flintstone. These are painted by Hans Reuter. Sculpt by Chris Elizardo and Drew Huffman. We’re slowly …