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The Death Star

Clyde Thomas’s Enterprise D


Torben Klein’s Penguin

Revell update: Revell USA and Revell Germany have new owners

Hobbico, the owners of several hobby brands has been broken up and the individual companies and assets have been sold to several different parties. …


Lou Dalmaso builds the Franklin part 3

Lou continues his work on the USS Franklin from Moebius Models<p>Yes… I know Lou called it part 4, but I skipped over part 1.

Horizon Models News: Redstone Launcher

Horizon has announced that their next kit will be the Redstone Launcher. This 1:72 scale kit can be build in one of four different …

U.S. Army

Revell Preview: the new Star Wars Solo kits

Revell has released information about their new kits from the upcoming Solo movie. Most of this information has come from the Revell Germany website. …


Alan Thompson’s Chariot

Dwayne Pinkney’s Aurora Monsters revisited

I have completed five more kits since last time we corresponded and re-photographed the previous three with a new background and better lighting. The …

Torben Klein’s Catwoman

I have made up all the “Batman” figures. A note on Catwoman. She has been painted with black/glittering nailpolish over a standard black undercoat. …


Chuck Edwards’ Seaview

Another from the archives in 2008 I finally finished my Moebius Seaview, here’s a few pictures… I used Model Master Euro I Gray for the top and Flat …

Coffee Drinks

On The Bench 303: Larry Kremer’s Captain Scarlet SPV

\Hi i’m back on the model work with this Studio 2 SPV model with Tamiya 4 wheel drive Ford Mustang. It is 1/10 scale with future remote control added …

Remote Controls

Sneak Peak: Space:1999 Hawk box art and images

The great folks at Round 2 have posted the preliminary box art for the Space:1999 Hawk, along with some photos of the early test shots. It looks …


Tim Nolan’s Death Dealer

Here’s a few shots of the Death Dealer I built. It’s all airbrushed/drybrushed. I added LED lighting to the eyes on the horse and rider. Killer kit. …

Photo Manipulation

The USS Franklin is coming soon! New box art and photos!

The new USS Franklin kit will be coming very soon. We now have a look at the box art and some images of the ship itself. The 1:350 scale kit will be …

Defiant box art from Round 2

Round 2 was promoting their upcoming Star Trek kits at Toy Fair this week in New York, and earlier at Nuremberg Toy Fair. The artwork features a new …

Star Trek

Lou Dalmaso builds the USS Franklin part 1

Lou Dalmaso has been building a test shot of the upcoming USS Franklin kit from Moebius Models. Here is part one of that project.

Tom Parker’s Creature Walks Among Us

I found these photos from Tom Parker that date back to 2006. We miss you Tom!

Mark Lindsey’s Robby the Robot

Here’s another oldie from the archives.


Brad Hair’s Dead Man’s Raft

This is the Lindberg/Round 2 reissue, built out-of-the-box, painted in acrylics with a vacuform LED lantern. Brad Hair


Scott Copeland’s Bladerunner Spinner

This is a resin garage kit of the “Spinner” Police car from Blade Runner. It was a one piece solid body with two light bars. It was fairly nicely …

Blade Runner

Upcoming kit releases – updated March 11, 2018

updated March 11, 2018<p>I’ve put together this update of upcoming releases from Moebius, Round 2, Pegasus, Bandai, Atlantis, Revell and others. All …

Edge of the Universe kits from Master Box are in the CultTVman Hobbyshop

Edge of the Universe figures from Masterbox are here. Edge of the Universe – Keep Moving, Nothing to See Here… – 1:24 scale from Master Box Edge of …

Torben Klein’s Batman

William Watkins’ Deadpool

I got this model from CultTVMan Shop, and built it up as a birthday present for a friend. It’s a snap-together kit, but I shaved down the pegs so …


Tom Hering’s Silver Age Wonder Woman

This is the 2010 Moebius copy of Aurora’s Wonder Woman, first released in 1965. I built it straight out of the box except for two small …

Wonder Woman

Dae Choi’s Space Clipper models

Sending you some pictures. One is the Clipper I just got from you. One is my old clipper heading out out of space station. Dae Choi

Out of Space

New Grim Reaper nameplate and restocks

We’ve got a new nameplate for the Grim Reaper in the CultTVman Hobbyshop. Grim Reaper nameplate from Red Planet Plus a bunch of restocks from Round 2 …