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11 People Share The Craziest Sh*t They Ever Saw On An Airplane

Flying is boring, but more often than not that's a good thing. It's when crazy stuff happens that you start to worry. The nice people at AskReddit …

Salt Lake City

Blue Marvel (Character)

Origin<p>Adam Brashear was a young man who served his country as a U.S. Marine. When he discovered his super-powers, he fashioned a secret identity with which to protect his country; the Blue Marvel! He served as a hero for years, and was one of the most popular heroes of his time. Yet Adam had a …

University of Maryland

10 Superhero Reboots That Were Huge Hits (And 10 That Totally Tanked)

Comics have been the center of a major industry for decades, and they continue to prove themselves popular well into the digital world. Over the …


Forget glass and steel towers: why architects are going back to bricks and mortar

There is something ­inherently comforting about going back to our roots. In a departure from the shiny glass blocks and ­concrete-clad towers popular over the past few decades, a return to one of the world’s oldest building materials is taking place. Floor-to-ceiling windows and bright, quirky …


True friendship

Overheard in London: this week’s #wordonthestreet

‘I’m not really hunter-gatherer material.’<p><b>‘Who is this General Waste?’</b><p>‘I’ve been to the Planetarium high a few times now, and I tell you what: that’s …

Daily Afternoon Chaos (25 Pictures)

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Artist Isaac Cordal's Incredible Tiny Sculptures Offer a Chilling View of Climate Change

1/10<p>Isaac Cordal climate change<p>Climate change and the ills of capitalism are often harped on as two of the biggest threats to society, but many of us …


Three Defining Movements in Architectural Photography

From the first experiments carried out by the French Joseph Niépce in 1793, and his most successful test in 1826, photography became an object of …


8 Real-Life Locations of Famous Paintings You Can Visit Today

Have you ever wanted to step inside a work of art? Though this may feel like a pipe dream for many, the settings of some of the most famous modern masterpieces exist in real life—and even welcome visitors.<p>From a cafe in the dreamy south of France to an understated cottage in Ohio, these locations …


This dude started reading his book and got inspired

16 Things That'll Make You Say, "Behold: We Have Entered The Future!"

It's a whole new world...

Dollar General

Here are 5 things every vintage watch collector should know -

<i>Look for timepieces with fewer modifications and not too much luminescence. Check the edges, lines and details, and know the history of the watches</i><p><b>1.</b> …


How to be branded as a pedophile 101

Drone images of India, South Africa offer bird’s-eye view of rich-poor divide around world | Style Magazine | South China Morning Post

A series of images captured from satellites in the Earth’s atmosphere has highlighted the social imbalance on Earth.<p>Of course, differences in social …

UK's richest man forced out of the shadows

Reclusive titan of industry Jim Ratcliffe has found himself under unusual scrutiny after being declared Britain’s richest man, with his political …

Queen Elizabeth II

14 ways you're good in bed and don't even know it

1 of 14<p>PeopleImages / Getty<p>1. You practice enthusiastic consent<p>It’s shocking how few people realize what a huge role consent needs to play in sex. …

Body Language

Daily Morning Awesomeness (25 Pictures)

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A Fan Tweets That He Feels Depressed. This CEO's Response Is a Masterful Example of Emotional Intelligence

A fan's comment on social media sparked an amazing reply from a football club CEO -- and a heartwarming response from the online community.<p>A leadership truism goes something like this: "No one cares about you, until they first know how much you care about <i>them</i>."<p>Hold that thought.<p>On August 8, a …

Emotional Intelligence

Guy Keeps Messaging A Girl That’s About To Get Married, Gets A Pic That Will Shut Him Up Forever

If your girl wants to have breakfast in bed, you better step up. If your girl has a flat tire, you better step up. And if a random stranger keeps …


Daily Afternoon Chaos (40 Pictures)

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'This was no accident', says architect Renzo Piano about Genoa bridge collapse

The Italian architect Renzo Piano was in a meeting at Cern in Geneva, Switzerland when he heard about the collapse of a motorway bridge in Genoa, the …


The 10 Best Art Documentaries to Watch on Netflix Right Now

Netflix has become the go-to-source for all things entertainment related — regardless if you’re a viewer who prefers Michael Bay-style spectacles — …

Los Angeles

5 Years After “Control,” Ranking the Relevancy of All 11 Rappers Kendrick Called Out

From Drake to Jay Electronica, we tracked the course of 11 careers since that game-changing verse five years ago.“Tell Flex to drop a bomb on this …

Rap & Hip-Hop

The 99% and the 1% - Drone photography of income inequality across the world -

A series of images captured from satellites in the Earth’s atmosphere, truly reflect the social imbalance on our planet. Of course, differences in …

Income Inequality

8 Interesting Frida Kahlo Facts That May Surprise You

One of the most iconic artists of the 20th century, Frida Kahlo has a life story that has become almost as popular as her art. Kahlo's biography has sparked innumerable books and an Oscar-winning film. Her distinct fashion, unibrow, and marriage to Diego Rivera, a man 21 years her senior, have …

Frida Kahlo

12 Things Mentally Strong People Do That Nobody Else Does

Most people run away from their fears, but not the mentally strong.<p>Opinions expressed by <i>Entrepreneur</i> contributors are their own.<p>You’ve no doubt heard a million times that you should exercise. But how many people have suggested that you become more mentally fit?<p>I’m not just talking about doing a …


Literally Just 18 Unrelated Tumblr Posts That Made Me Laugh For No Real Reason

Never change, Tumblr.


How to become the best version of yourself

A lot of personal development content focuses on things like productivity, health, wealth and happiness. Which is fine, except these goals can …

Nelson Mandela

Delete old iOS backups to free up tons of space on your Mac

I was shocked to discover that the biggest chunk of data occupying my MacBook's ($1,249 at Amazon.com) limited storage were iOS files. Needless iOS files, to be exact. I was unknowingly storing iPhone ($1,000 at Cricket Wireless) backups on my Mac for an iPhone and an iPad ($346 at Amazon …

Operating Systems