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The Furfural Price & When The Chicken Sneeze In China

Master Key: Unlocking Furfural's Potential

Furfural: It’s Not Rocket Science

“Its about kinetics and the control valve.” In our “ Applied Knowhow ” article, we describe the background and outline wh...

Agave to Zebrawood

Corn | Maize

“Furfural from Corncobs” Corncobs are used for about 70% of the global furfural production. They are harvested over a ±3months per...

Furfural: Science Behind Rockets

“Corncobs=Rocket-Power!” It may be a challenge to imagine corncobs powering rockets and it may be even more difficult to b...

US biobased Economy Growth: $24billion/year (+ 200,000 new jobs), 13 Mar 2017 …

Wealth Creation

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Innovative Minds: Biomass to Chemicals & Energy

This blog is on topics that we found interesting, mainly in relation to “Furfural and its many By-products”.


How to Turn a Corncob into Plastic Bottles

<div><img src="" alt="PET Water Bottles - Soon to be made from Corncobs?" data-recalc-dims="1" /></div><div>All you need is a …

Furfural: Green Chemical Building Block - DalinYebo: Biomass to Chemicals & Energy

Avocado Furan: Natural Insecticide<p>Avocadofurans are new nontoxic insecticides which would be effective against common crop insect pest. More …