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How to Create Stunning Dog Portraits at Sunset

One of the main reasons why I love photographing dogs outdoors is the challenge of creating beautiful backdrops from the natural surroundings. One of …

Want to Make Your Day Better – In Only 10 Seconds?

This may not work for everyone, but we have heard rumors that there are people out there who are not really fond of cats.<p>If you are here at The Best …

This is Too Cute! When Wally and Buster Met Louise

Louise is a very curious foster kitten and she wants to become friends with the two dogs in the household called Wally and Buster.<p>What can Louise do …



Original paintings and<p>prints available<p>Ellie 18"x24"x1"<p>$300<p>Humble Angel 18"x24"x1.5<p>$850<p>Spirit Angel 16"x20"x1.5"<p>$620<p>Mellow Morning …


How to Break A Blank Page? Mixed Media Art Journaling for Beginners part 2


One of My Favourite Repeatable Art Journaling Techniques


Art & Life: Do It Your Way


New Leather Travelers Notebook - Lily of the Valley by Sojourner USA

I've been so excited to use these cards and finally broke them open today. Thank you @studio318 - and for all the extras. Each journaling card seems to have it's own little story that was so fun to work around and the quote could not have had better timing. J'adore! (Shop tagged)

[April Pages] any day can become your Day One

You are the expert: curator of meaning and beauty; creator of circumstances; writer of plot twists. And any day can become your Day One. So-o make …


Today’s art🌿<br>Instagram: mcstyle.5



15 Bullet Journal Hacks That Are Going to Totally Transform Your Life


I hate tearing up when I write my journals so the next page I wrote something that empowered me

I hate tearing up when I write my journals so the next page I wrote something that empowered me.

Scribble Sticks, Stamps, and Stencils with the Women of the Rainbow


make your creativity about {you}

When creativity strikes, go ahead and follow it without fear of failing or looking silly. Practice saying yes to creativity and you’ll find yourself …


Rosie's Arty Stuff

I wasn't sure whether to share this page because its a bit of a moan-fest. However, since that is authentically how I was feeling I suppose you dear …

How to use colored pencils! Layering, blending, & more!

Tutorial: Colouring With Markers and Pencils.

Draw Cute Easter / Spring Doodles | Doodle with Me

Pelikan Watercolors: Transparent Vs. Opaque Gouache (Review, Comparison, & Demo)

Inspiration #7- I cleaned my Desk...Junk Journal

inspiration #5 Making library card pockets for our journals

Art Slice: Gouache World

Inspiration #6 Getting a vintage/steampunk look- distressing with inks

journaling-harlot:Twist Your Ankle • Andy Shauf

Twist Your Ankle • Andy Shauf


really happy with my journal especially bc my anxiety quiets down whenever I’m working on it it’s really nice

How To Grow Your Dreams When You’re surrounded by Dream Doubters and Negative Nellies

You want the people closest to you to support you in pursuing your dreams.But what if they don’t?It’s one of those things that a lot of dreamers feel …