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Circle of Light

Feeling blue ;)

It's OK to be different #kidmademodern



No mistakes, just ink on our page. I want to live a life fully saturated.

Fire and Ice

Stunning photos of Iran's mosques | CNN Travel


C o m e H o m e

Car and Color


Kamal berlin

RB cd eau

Welcome to another edition of #ArtThursday! The Hundertwasserhaus, an apartment complex in Vienna, embodies Austrian painter, architect and sculptor Friedensreich Hundertwasser's passionate rejection of the straight line. In his lifetime, he went so far as to call straight lines "godless and immoral." Built between 1983 and 1985 alongside architects Joseph Krawina and Peter Pelikan, Hundertwasserhaus has undulating floors, a grass-covered roof and 250 trees growing inside the rooms, their limbs reaching out windows. The Hundertwasser House is now one of Vienna's most visited buildings and a part of Austria's cultural heritage. To view more photos and videos of Hundertwasserhaus, tap the blue location text above. Photo by @vivizheleznova

Bon Appétit

Over 20,000 translucent flowers make up this magical installation. More from Softlab's here:

Sunny Saturday at the Boulder County Fair. 🎡

inside the State Capitol dome, looking up.

Paint WAY outside of the box! We've got alternative paint ideas for home -->

The more I look, the more I see.

Blue sky of Copenhagen)

Origami - order out of chaos

when is an umbrella like a butterfly? (Explored) Thank you, Flickr_Rick!

Ground Coloring at Sunset (Explore 2013-12-26)

Wasaga (Ombrelle Traditionnellle) - Kyoto - Japon