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Stuff Kids Love: Rainbow Necklace Craft

You know how the mere mention of ice cream brings huge smiles and jumps of joy from kids? At least that’s what happens at my house. Well, sculpey …


How To Successfully Start Your Own Online Business

Jess Levin of Carats & Cake shares how to make it as a female entrepreneur in the digital age.

In the digital age of blogging, online services and budding e-commerce sites, there's an endless sea of opportunity waiting to be discovered on the internet for the next generation of entrepreneurs. When …


Tim Duncan becomes fifth NBA player with 5,000 career postseason points

San Antonio Spurs power forward Tim Duncan became the fifth player in NBA history to score 5,000 career postseason points during Wednesday's Game 2 …

Tim Duncan

30 Time Management Tips For Work-Life Balance

Here are some time management tips you can use to help you get productive and stay balanced at work as well as outside the office.

Use whichever tips resonate with you. There should be something here you can put into action straight away. You might also find it useful to come back to these tips at a …

How To Do More In Your First Hour Of Work Than Most People Do All Day

Everyone wishes they could walk into work in the morning and own the day. Here's six ways to make that daydream a reality.

There’s a simple way to get more done: You match your most important tasks to your most productive time. For many of us, mornings are it.

A recent survey done by Timeful, a …


19 Hard Truths For First-Time Entrepreneurs


Entrepreneurs are often filled with blind positively and motivation from their supporters. Sometimes though, it's easier when someone can just give it to you straight.

I was reading a story last week from a young entrepreneur that had just experienced his first failed venture. It was more …


Chocolate Mousse Pie with Pretzel Crust

The weekend goes by so fast, and most of my weekend is filled with cooking or baking and then trying to keep my kitchen clean. Key word is TRYING. …


Simple Circle Art for Kids

Sometimes the most simple art projects are the best. Actually, I think that’s pretty much always the case. I’ve been teaching art to kids for a long …


8 Family Mottos from Real Families

It may not be the first time I’ve said it, and it certainly won’t be the last. But…

Knowing your why helps you tune out noise.

As a parent (and uh, a …


50 Prisms Emit Colorful Lights on the Streets of Montreal

Canadian architecture firm RAW recently unveiled Prismatica, a dazzling public art installation in Montreal that emits light from 50 prisms. The six and a half-foot-tall structures are spread throughout the Place des Festivals where visitors can walk around all sides of the rotating kaleidoscopes. …


Celerie Kemble and Caroline Irvin on Dressing Up a Classic Apartment

The designers explain how they brought style to a young family's New York City apartment.

Barbara King: A high-gloss navy blue dining room: What possessed you? It's so startling and seductive at the same time.

Celerie Kemble: Yes, this is where the luminous, dark, and deep coexist. Because the …

New York

7 Must-Visit Destinations in North America

It's a big world out there, so planning a vacation can be overwhelming (not to mention expensive and time consuming). But before you book an extravagant getaway abroad, first consider these seven locales, all of which are in North America. After all, it's easy to overlook the amazing places right …

Travel (Canada)

Solar Impulse Plane Lands in Nanjing: Next Stop, Hawaii

After a three-week-long delay due to weather, the Solar Impulse 2 airplane made a dawn-to-midnight flight to the Chinese city of Nanjing on Tuesday — with a perilous Pacific crossing next on the itinerary.

"Finally in the air again!" pilot Bertrand Piccard, co-founder and chairman of the Swiss-led …


10 Mindfulness Exercises to Do With Your Kids

A few mornings ago, as we stepped outside in the chill of the early morning air, my six-year-old son stopped in his tracks and said—

“Smell that! Take


10+ Tips to Raise Happy, Healthy Little Eaters

This post was brought to you by Kandoo. Thanks so much for supporting the brands that make this blog possible. The other day at the farm stand Jude …


d.i.y.: chocolate sprinkles

Chocolate Sprinkles
from Brave Tart

5 ounces (1 1/4 cups) confectioner’s sugar
1 1/4 ounces (1/3 cup) cocoa (Dutch or natural)
1 ounce (2 tablespoons) …


How I Donate Life: An Interview with Kelly from Cloudy Day Gray

The above photo is me as a brand new momma, with my 2-day old, first born daughter. She's giving me the exact expression that I'm thinking in my

Organ Donation

15 Useful Sites To Master Drawing With Fun

Drawing is producing a picture by making lines and marks, especially with a pen, pencil, and paper. What is drawing when there is no fun, enjoyment, …


Raiders Lineman Gives His Paycheck To A 4-Year-Old With A Rare Heart Condition

Jay Glazer of Fox Sports brings us a wonderful story on Sunday morning. Menelik Watson, an offensive lineman for the Raiders, gave his game day paycheck to the family of a 4-year-old who was born with a rare heart condition, Ava Urrera. Ava was born with half a heart and has had 14 …

Oakland Raiders

How Burlington, Vermont, Became The First City In The U.S. To Run On 100% Renewable Electricity

A small, liberal population helps. But the lessons from Burlington could be applied anywhere—and save any city a lot of money.

When it flipped the switch on a new hydropower plant last fall, Burlington, Vermont, became the first city in the U.S. to run on 100% renewable electricity.

"It's been a long …


The Sunny 16 Rule – how to take photos without the use of a light-meter

On a sunny day, from spring to autumn, from mid morning to mid afternoon, the correct exposure for any subject is f/16; the according shutter speed

Shutter Speed

Earth Pics على تويتر

Lake Como, Italy

6 Smarter Ways to Make the Most of a Garage

Believe it or not, this cave-like space has potential.

Your garage might be a scary, junk-filled spot that you'd rather forget about. But, you're missing out on some prime room real estate there. To up its appeal — and its utility — consider these ideas.

More from House Beautiful:

How to Hang Pictures …

Interior Design

Join the Tillamook Co-op, help name some cows & get a FREE tote bag!

Our Oregonian friends have launched a new platform called the Tillamook Co-Op and folks, it’s pretty sweet!

in their own words, they hope this co-op …


Try This: Peanut Butter Banana Chocolate Shake

Our friends from Tillamook are dropping by this afternoon to share one of those recipes that sounds like a match made in heaven, peanut butter, …

Comfort Food

Butterfly Coloring Pages for Spring

Coloring is one of the most relaxing ways for kids to play! These butterfly coloring pages with soothe your little ones as they enter a world of …


Tutorial: Focus Stacking for Landscape Photography

Max Foster lives in Minneapolis, MN and specializes in travel photography from around the world. He focuses on landscape and cityscape images, and

Post-Processing Tips: Overcoming Beginners Acts of Omission

A Post By: Mujahid Urrehman

In an old dressmaking shop in Paris, a master-tailor has finished stitching a bridal gown. He is eager to show it to the …


41 Simple Ways to Make Yourself More Creative

Here’s what the scientific research says:

• Or just expose yourself to other cultures.
• Or stay where you are and learn their language.
• Don’t surround yourself with the color red, stick to blue.
• Get rejected.
• Buy a potted plant.
• Give the problem to someone else.
• Or pretend you’re solving problems for …

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