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Thrift Store Collector | Vintage Aprons

I love cooking for my kids. I'm no five-star chef, but there's something about tying on an apron and putting my hands and heart to work in nourishing …

Thrift Shops

Photo // @petermarshallphoto A unexpected large, male Whale Shark emerges from below, what a majestic and humble gift. Checkout @petermarshallphoto feed for the full story and @iamwater_foundation a Ocean Conservation that is a global non-profit founded by freediver Hanli Prinsloo and a group of ocean-loving proffessionals. Having experienced the magnificence and fragility of the ocean and her creatures, the I AM WATER team believes in ocean conservation through human experience. Getting kids in the water, excited, engaged, inspired - they protect what they love! We run workshops for preteens in coastal communities around the world. 💙 Image by ©Peter Marshall #MadeOfOcean |

DIY Brass Fringe Earrings

It’s been ages since my last jewelry DIY. It’s been a very busy summer. So I was excited when my friend Grace, of The Stripe, recently came to out to …


An Inside Look at the Gorgeous Hotel Emma at Pearl

Hotel Emma, one of the most anticipated hotels in Pearl and San Antonio. Once a 19th century brewhouse, Hotel Emma has gone through a massive …


What Every Successful Person Knows, But Never Says

Ira Glass is the host and executive producer of the popular National Public Radio show, This American Life.

Each week, This American Life is broadcast to more than 1.7 million listeners across 500 different radio stations. For Glass, who is featured in almost every episode, the show has led to a wide …


Instead of Using Pesticides, Farmers Can Plant More Flowers

Planting flowers is no vanity. Not only does having a variety of blooms dotting the edges and uncultivated parts of a farm provide forage for bees …


See Kayla Kosmalski, a 9-Year-Old Model with Down Syndrome, Make Her GapKids Fashion Show Debut

Meet Kayla Kosmalski: the spunky little 9-year-old—with the sweetest smile—who has Down Syndrome and is taking the kids’ modeling world by storm. Just this past weekend, she walked in Ellen DeGeneres’s GapKids x ED fashion show in Miami and, we have to say, she looked pretty cool while doing …

Fashion Modeling

Make Fruit Juice Gummies at Home • this heart of mine

This post was sponsored by Juicy Juice® through their partnership with POPSUGAR.

Whenever I can, I like to make the food my family and I eat. In doing …

Fruit Juice

Boho Kitchen Bonanaza pt. 1

Our kitchen remodel is done! It’s been such a crazy and fun learning experience for me. This was the first kitchen I’ve even designed from scratch …

Living Rooms

Sunburst Mirror Medallion DIY

When renovating a space, it's amazing to see how much changing out light fixtures can alter a room. We have mostly been focused on changing out wall …


DIY Photo Wall Hanging

For a long time I have been wanting to add more family photos to our home. It seems like I never get around to printing out photos anymore. …


AfroPunk 2015 Festival Goers Tell Us What Black Beauty Really Means

If there is any music festival where black men, women, boys and girls can be their carefree, cool and creative selves, it's at AfroPunk Fest.

The annual festival this past weekend attracted thousands of innately stylish people from all backgrounds to Brooklyn's Commodore Barry Park, where they …


Emma Roberts On Aerie Unretouched Ads: 'Real Doesn't Mean Flawed, Real Is Sexy'

Lingerie brand Aerie released the first in a planned series of unretouched celebrity ads on Monday and the results are absolutely stunning. Featuring actress Emma Roberts, the ads are part of the brand's "Real" initiative that aims to "challenge supermodel standards by featuring unretouched models."

Emma Roberts

12 Stylish Women Who Are Redefining the Notion of Age-Appropriate Dressing: Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Madonna, and More

There are certain women whose fashion choices transcend the very notion of age-appropriate dressing, those for whom age is nothing but a number. Starting with the classic elegance of the Olsen twins and the quirky grandma stylings of Tavi Gevinson straight through to the eternally youthful exuberance …

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

If You Say ‘No’ To Steve Jobs’s Question, You Should Follow These Steps To Live Your Ideal Life

Steve Jobs once asked the hypothetical question: “If today were the last day of your life, would you want to be doing what you’re doing?” I’d be …

Steve Jobs

Striking Fashion Photos Paired with Nature Scenes They're Inspired By

All around the world, there are fashion designers who are constantly seeking inspiration for their next project. Whether it's for their next line of runway garments, an all-encompassing outfit, or even a basic textile design, there's always a source of stimulation that sparks a burst of creativity, …

Fashion Photography

DIY Dry Shampoo

Like a lot of people, I’ve been shampooing less.

I have naturally curly, color-treated hair, and my stylist says that shampooing too frequently can …


Iowa Barber Offers Free Haircuts to Children Who Read to Him: 'I'm Worried About Kids Today'

An Iowa barber has found a way to turn back-to-school haircuts into an educational experience.

Courtney Holmes makes sure his young sons, Jackson and Josiah, are read to every night before bed. But the Chicago native, 45, also knows that many children don't get the same encouragement.

To shine a …


7 Ways Successful People Regain Their Self-Confidence After Major Setbacks

We are all sensitive souls. No matter how successful or talented we are, an unexpected setback can directly impact our self-confidence. When things …

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12 Commandments for a Happy Life and Soul

1. Choose happiness. Radiate it.

Happiness is a choice and an energy you can cultivate on a daily basis. Do your best to live in high vibration energy like love, peace, fun and joy -- for your own wellbeing and fulfillment, and for the positive ripple effect it has on those around you and the entire …


Red pandas are adorable. And they are in trouble. The International Union for the Conservation of Nature estimates that about 10,000 live in the wild, all on mountain slopes in a narrow band running from western China to Nepal. Deforestation and disease threaten them now, and climate change looms. The I.U.C.N. currently lists red pandas as vulnerable, but some scientists are pushing to have them classified as endangered, the next step up. @drewangerer photographed this #redpanda cub being weighed before its 6:30 a.m. feeding at The Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute in Front Royal, Virginia.

7 Tips For Communicating With Your Teen (So You Might Actually Be Heard)

Jamie Grill via Getty Images

Effective communication isn’t just a free-for-all and it certainly isn’t a no-holds-barred argument where disrespect from your children is tolerated in an effort to show you’re an enlightened and modern parent. It’s important to set rules, guidelines or boundaries for …


Adding Art and Texture to your Home

This post and giveaway is sponsored by Minted. Scroll down to enter giveaway.

It’s hard to believe I’m at this place…

You know the place where layers …

11 Ways to Encourage Young Writers

I’ve always wanted to be a writer.

In my mind, I never believed I had what it took.

I wasn’t smart enough. Funny enough. Dedicated enough.



Black Bottom Peanut Butter Pie with a Pretzel Crust


Pretzel Crust

Blitz biscuits and pretzels in the food processor until finely crushed.
• Add in melted butter and pulse until just …


The 5 things your kids will remember about you

My wife Ashley and I just had our fourth baby. Having a new baby in the house has made me feel more nostalgic than usual and I’ve reflected back on …


Striped One-Piece

I love color, but every once in a while I feel like wearing a little black & white. I still like a pop of color with a red lip and a bright clutch. …


Halter and High Waist Bikini DIY - The Sewing Rabbit

I realized something recently. After 9 years and 3 kids, I was still wearing only one-piece bathing suits. It had been nearly TEN YEARS since I last …


10 Ways to Simplify Your Freelance Life

A freelancer’s life is often everything but simple. Multiple projects being juggled, often along with a day job, emails and phone calls and IM,


GabiFresh Models (and Styles!) the Latest Asos Curve Campaign

Gabi Gregg, aka GabiFresh, is one of the most prolific fashion bloggers out there. And for good reason—when she launched her blog in 2008, it was met with incredible success, thanks to her honest take on fashion, her unique personal style, and her refreshingly blatant dismissal of fashion rules and …

Fashion Modeling