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By SSozon | Designs and ideas for small houses

Psst! Follow Us Down These 5 Secret Passages

Remember when you were a kid and you'd knock on walls trying to uncover hidden staircases? Of course you do. These six homes make good on that childhood dream with carefully-concealed private spaces.

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The American Institute of Architects announces their top 10 best green buildings of 2015

The Bullitt Center, designed by The Miller Hull Partnership, is an office building in Seattle that is also the largest certified Living Building. The …


Genius Unfolding Kitchen Tucks Neatly Into Small Spaces

At Salone del Mobile, Clei unveiled the Box Kitchen, an unfolding unit that's made for small space dwellers.

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Small Space Design

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Home Tour: Inside the Ultimate Getaway Cabin

It's the man cave you always wanted.

This isn't a Lincoln Logs-style cabin. It's made from locally-sourced and sustainable materials with a look that blends modern and classic together impeccably.

When it comes to a pool deck or patio, less is always more. It's easy to love how they ditched the …


Prefabrication Key To Energy Efficient Homes

Published on April 10th, 2015 | by Stephen Hanley


Energy Efficient Homes Result From Prefabrication

Energy efficient homes from Volula, an architect …

Sustainable Design

9 of the World's Skinniest Houses


Signal-Blocking Architecture and the Faraday Home

[Image: "RAM House" by Space Caviar].

An interesting new project by Space Caviar asks, "Does your home have an airplane mode?"

Exploring what it could …


How Much Could You Do with 270 Square Feet?

Taking its lead from a Swedish building code, a new book proposes ingenious concepts that can fit in 270 square feet.

The Swedish building code includes a unique provision that allows owners to build small, 25-square-meter (roughly 270 square feet) structures without much oversight, as long as they …


1930s Barcelona Apartment Gets a Minimal Makeover

A restored 1930s apartment in Barcelona is a minimal masterpiece.

When Barcelona architect Adrian Elizalde embarked on a renovation project for his family’s recently purchased apartment near the Sagrada Familia in the Eixample district, he quickly realized he was walking on ground that had already …


9 Tiny Apartments in New York City

In New York City, minuscule studios and cramped family apartments abound. In these examples, homeowners found clever solutions to less-than-ideal square footage, carving out surprisingly luxurious digs in the most unlikely spaces.

New York

Alpine Foothills House / Deamicisarchitetti

Architects: Deamicisarchitetti
Location: 10080 Borgiallo Turin, Italy
Area: 180.0 sqm
Year: 2013
Photographs: L. Bartoli, G. Leo From the architect. The …


Minoyanagi House / TAB

Architects: TAB
Location: Ogaki, Gifu, Japan
Area: 69.0 sqm
Year: 2014
Photographs: Masaki Yokoyama From the architect. 69.2 sqm is the total floor area of …


House AA / Moca Architects

Architects: Moca Architects
Location: Nara, Nara, Japan
Architect In Charge: Kanako Momma, Shinya Furukawa
Structural Design: Manabu Ueda
Area: 63.0 sqm
Year: …


Minimalist prefab modular house, California: Modern prefab modular homes

Rising at 1,5 meters above the ground, this 185 sq.m. minimalist prefab modular house (California) capturing the beautiful views of the surrounding …

Tour 11 Stunning San Francisco Homes

Unsurprisingly, many new homes in San Francisco address issues of providing adequate living space in a dense urban environment — while capitalizing on the Bay Area's beguiling geography. That means multi-storied, slender homes and condos that make use of extensive glazing to provide a sense of …

Less is more! Tiny houses become adult sanctuaries

Looking to decompress from their busy lives, people are increasingly seeking sanctuary in treehouses.


HOUSE TOUR: An Impeccably Rebuilt Notting Hill Townhouse

10 Absolutely Gorgeous Midcentury Living Rooms

Get ready to fall madly in love with the architectural gems featured in the new book, Midcentury Houses Today. This piece originally appeared on

House G / HPSA

Architects: HPSA
Location: Bergweg 17, 4201, Austria
Area: 150.0 sqm
Year: 2012
Photographs: Dietmar Hammerschmid From the architect. This house, which is …


Ready to Get Dirty? Step Inside the 3D-Printed Mud Hut

Resins. Metals. Ice cream. Wood. The kinds of materials we’ve been able to stuff into a 3D printer and extrude to form actually useful products and structures is steadily growing, presenting exciting new prospects for experimental architecture. Looking for a low-cost solution for a global housing …

9 Laundry Room Ideas From Real-Life Homes

If there's one thing better than having a dishwasher in your kitchen, it's having access to a washer and dryer from the comfort of your very own home. But just because you have the appliances doesn't always mean you have the ideal setup. Maybe your laundry room's a little lackluster -- or maybe …

Modern Lake House in Missouri

Nautical nods ground a weekend retreat in its surroundings on the shores of Table Rock Lake.

In 2009, Cory and Kerry Watts approached Dake-Wells Architecture to redesign the offices of their company, KLF Architectural Systems, a Springfield, Missouri-based supplier of aluminum curtain-wall systems. …

Minimal Home on a Narrow Plot in Japan

A Japanese architect creates multi-use miracles with a home just wider than a big rig.

A small space wedged between homes in Okazaki, in South Central Japan, the plot was narrower than some inner-city alleys. But when architect Katsutoshi Sasaki was presented with the challenge of carving out a home …


Convertible Home Bar Transforms Tiny Apartment