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30 Best Small Apartment Designs Ideas Ever Presented on Freshome

Do you live in a small apartment? Many of us whether by choice or necessity live in smaller apartments. We often get the feeling that some of the …


Ginataang Labong sa Alimango

Bamboo Shoots and Crab cooked in Coconut Milk

Our neighborhood magugulay (vegetable vendor) drops by twice or thrice a week. Yesterday he had fresh …


XO Crab Sotanghon

When A-te J bought crabs from the wet market the other day, we had a lively debate on how to cook the crabs... I wanted the saucy, milky dish like …


Light and Easy Meals - This is another wholesome porridge dish recipe good as a One Dish Meal. The plain porridge is flavoured with ingredients such …


Century Egg Pork Congee (皮蛋瘦肉粥)


I have to be frank that I do not really want to issue this type of simple home recipe..One reader PM me asking me if i have porridge …


10 Pinoy Dishes You Need to Learn This Year

Make this the year you master these well-loved Filipino recipes.


Ube Ice Cream

This delicious Ube Ice Cream is smooth and creamy with an almost floral hint. Make it at home using frozen grated purple yam. You will totally love …

Ice Cream

Shark Fin Dumpling ~鱼翅饺

This Shark Fin Dumpling (yu chi gow), is one of my favorite dumpling. Although it is named Shark Fin Dumpling, but they contain no actual shark fin …

Dim Sum

14 Delicious Things to Eat in the Philippines (from a local)

Three years ago, Andrew Zimmern proclaimed Filipino food to be the next great thing. So why hasn’t it really happened yet?

One reason, as food writer …


Ginataang Manok, Kalabasa at Malunggay

(Chicken, Squash and Moringa leaves cooked in Coconut Cream)

Nobody ever believes me when I say that there are days when I (definitely) do not want to …

Fish Sauce

Cassava Cake with Creamy Custard Topping

Upon touchdown at Ninoy Aquino International Airport whenever I return home to Manila, there is one dessert I instantly dream of and crave - CASSAVA …


This is the Japanese 3-ingredient cake the world is going nuts for

• A Japanese souffle with just three ingredients has sent social media crazy• 
The cake was created by YouTube user Ochikeron over two years ago
It now has


A Family Builds a Tiny Backyard Studio on an Even Tinier Budget

In coastal Massachusetts, a resourceful couple and their equally enterprising children use reclaimed materials to create a versatile 168-square-foot backyard building.

Project: Lanesville OutbuildingDesigner: Tim and Meg Ferguson Sauder

Tim and Meg Ferguson Sauder had two problems: Like many parents, …


The fortysomething fitness guide: a workout to beat the forces of ageing

Personal trainer Scott Laidler outlines a simple workout plan to keep the dreaded middle-aged spread at bay

A little bit of knowledge can be a dangerous thing.

In the world of fitness, I find it's best to adopt a position of qualified scepticism. Whenever you hear of a new fad or an oft-touted bit of …


8 Space-Saving Hacks for Small Kitchens

May the following tips for kitchens inspire you to reduce, reuse, declutter, and organize your small kitchen in style.


3 Single-Movement Mind F*cks | Men's Health

These are the hardest one-exercise workouts you’ll ever do. Finish strong, and you’ll take your fitness to all-new heights

My first SMMF was on New Year’s Day of 2009. I was visiting family in Canada. All of the gyms were closed and my mom had no fitness equipment in the house. (For 3 intense …



Bibingka is a local delicacy - a rice cake, or a cake made from rice, in general. When I was little, we would more often see the bibingka during …

Food & Photography From A Vegetarian Kitchen In India : We Knead To Bake #29 : Tingmos/ Ting Momos (Tibetan Steamed Buns) With Tomato Based Sepen ((Tibetan Hot Sauce/ Chutney)


e’re a bread baking group at the We Knead To Bake, and to my mind, if there’s yeast in the dough and it’s a bread of some sort, then the recipe …

Tips to Get Absolutely Shredded

His training and nutrition plan may shock you

How’d Montgomery do it? He put together the dream team.

The trainer: Alex Viada, a mutant of fitness hailing from North Carolina. He deadlifts 700 pounds, runs ultra marathons, and has coached over 400 athletes, from special forces soldiers to Ironman …


Frequent Urination Causes and Symptoms

If you have an especially busy bladder, run to your doctor—after you sprint to the bathroom

How much is too much?

If you’re peeing more than 7 times a day, something might be wrong, says Benjamin Brucker, M.D., an assistant professor of urology at NYU Langone Medical Center. (But even if you aren’t …


The Best Upper-Body Exercise for Men

Add this one-move workout to your routine for a bigger, stronger, and more athletic body

No other exercise comes close to offering that many advantages.

If you already have the overhead press in your workout, great. But I bet you don’t have it programmed like this. It’s called the 2-3-5 method, and I …


How Lean Can You Get?

We all have some fat to lose, but you may be housing more than you think—if your goal is a six-pack

2. There’s heroin-addict lean, achieved most notably by Iggy Pop during the early seventies…and mysteriously retained for decades after he quit using drugs.

3. There’s marathon-runner lean, which is a …


Can Probiotics Help You Get Fitter?

Fit FoodProbiotics could help you recover after an intense workout.Yogurt, supplements, kombucha, sauerkraut... probiotics are more widely available …


6 Useless Stretches

6 Useless Stretches Static stretches are a funny thing. They are bad before exercising, good after workouts, and downright amazing when you’ve spent …


Almost Every Part of this Prefab Beach House Was Brought to its Secluded Site by Hand

With a helicopter and a little elbow grease, a prefab escape arrives at a remote New Zealand beach.

Project: Cora HouseArchitect: Bonnifait + Giesen Atelierworkshop

In New Zealand, a few weeks at thebeach is regarded less as a luxury than a birthright. As transit improved in the postwar era, families …

Prefab Homes

This Tiny House Comes Shipped to You in a Box

And then you can even pack it up again, if you've got the travel bug.

If you've got perpetual wanderlust, the POD-iDladla could be your perfect home. Designed by South African architect Clara da Cruz Almeida, this simple, portable house packs up into a 24-square-meter "pod" and ships from place to …

Tiny House Movement

Warsaw Loft with Multifunctional Furniture

To maximize their small Warsaw loft, transatlantic designers Aleksander Novak-Zemplinski and Becky Nix handcrafted a fleet of double-duty furnishings.

Project: Novak-Zemplinski / Nix ResidenceArchitect: BioLINIA

Aleksander Novak-Zemplinski and Becky Nix met thanks to a student exchange program …


An Indoor-Outdoor House in Mexico Curves Around a Giant Tree

Lines are blurred between the indoors and outdoors in this modern retreat built around a 100-year-old tree.

When conceptualizing a modern and functional residence for their clients in Mérida, Mexico, local firm Taller Estilo Arquitectura imagined a home that would connect so intimately with the …


Langka Tartlets

A quick look in the freezer and I saw the langka (jackfruit) that I had frozen several weeks ago! I needed to unload some of the stuff in the freezer …

Taro Sago (西米露)

It's been stormy since Monday! Apparently there's 3 storms in the vicinity. And they're wreaking havoc with the Habagat (southwest monsoon). I …