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The Incredible Steampunk Tiny House By Maximus Extreme

When a company with the name like “Maximus Extreme” builds a tiny house you know to expect something a bit different. So when they completed this …


5 Fast Rules to Be Bigger, Leaner, and Stronger

Ask the average guy in the average gym how to build bigger muscles, and chances are he'll tell you to do exactly what he's doing: lots of sets and reps of lots of redundant exercises. Except . . . well, you notice it's not working particularly well for him. Worse, you realize you're already doing …


Psst! Follow Us Down These 5 Secret Passages

Remember when you were a kid and you'd knock on walls trying to uncover hidden staircases? Of course you do. These six homes make good on that childhood dream with carefully-concealed private spaces.

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The American Institute of Architects announces their top 10 best green buildings of 2015

The Bullitt Center, designed by The Miller Hull Partnership, is an office building in Seattle that is also the largest certified Living Building. The …


Genius Unfolding Kitchen Tucks Neatly Into Small Spaces

At Salone del Mobile, Clei unveiled the Box Kitchen, an unfolding unit that's made for small space dwellers.

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Small Space Design

So You're Thinking About Having a Cheat Day

So you’ve decided to have a cheat day (or five.) What’s the harm, really?

According to a new study conducted by the Virginia Tech College of …

Healthy Eating

What's the Deal With Getting the Veins in Your Arms to Show?

Washboard abs might looks appealing to the ladies, but have you ever thought about complimenting those scintillating slabs of muscle with vivacious …


Add This to Your Lunch to Instantly Make It Healthier

It’s a perfect pairing:

Eating eggs alongside your vegetables can help your body take in more healthy antioxidants

, finds recent research from Purdue University.

In the study, healthy young men absorbed up to 9 times more carotenoids—a group of antioxidants found in foods like tomatoes, carrots, …

Healthy Food

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Baked Hoisin Chicken | Easy Delicious Recipes


Baked Hoisin Chicken Recipe

Serves 3 | Prep Time: 5 Mins | Cook Time: 35 Mins


1 1/2 lbs chicken drumsticks
2 heaping tablespoons Hoisin …

Chicken Recipes

Chicken Adobo

Adobo is a cooking process indigenous to the Philippines, a way of stewing meat or vegetables using vinegar, soy sauce, garlic, bay leaves and …

Chicken Recipes

At long last, Filipino food arrives. What took it so long?

Nearly three years ago, before most Americans could pronounce sinigang, let alone find a place to enjoy the sour soup, Andrew Zimmern predicted …


Chinese Steamed Buns

This Chinese Steamed Buns Recipe features:

Simple dough that can be used for many different Chinese steamed buns
• Step by step photos to show you …


Homemade Langkasuy Yogurt Ice Cream

We went on a short getaway to the nearby south and I came back with a really big langka (jackfruit). I had been skeptical of its sweetness, but a …

Ice Cream

The Surprising Way Saunas Help Your Heart

Working up a sweat can help your heart—even if you never move a muscle.

Spending time in a sauna can slash your risk of fatal heart events

, according to new research from Finland.

In the study, men who used a sauna 4 to 7 times per week were 50 percent less likely to die from cardiovascular disease …


How Cluster Sets Make Building Serious Muscle Seem Easy

Featured Expert

Dan John

Dan John has coached for more than 30 years. He's helped hundreds of athletes pack on double-digit pounds of rock-solid muscle. As an athlete, John broke the American record in the Weight Pentathlon. He is the author of several books, including Intervention.

Read Dan's most …


Why Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Is Technically Obese

When Furious 7 set box-office records on its opening weekend, there was one story lurking in the shadows of the celebrity-industrial complex that no one wanted to talk about: The star, Vin Diesel, is overweight.

And costar Dwayne Johnson? Dude’s obese. Johnson has a body-mass index, or BMI, of 34.3. …


The Bench-Press Angle that Will Maximize Your Chest Workout

BenchmarkDo your bench-presses at THIS angle to maximize muscle gains.To get the most out of your next chest workout, do a horizontal bench-press and …


8 Steps to Prevent Prostate Cancer

It's one of those weird anatomical-arboreal coincidences: The human prostate is about the size and shape of a walnut. But what if it really were a walnut? For one thing, you'd never get prostate cancer. Which sounds great, until you realize that you could get "walnut curculio" or "walnut-husk …


7 Ways to Never Have a Heart Attack

Gamblers, weathermen, and Dionne Warwick aren't the only people who try to make a living predicting the future. Doctors do, too. Just as a gambler might gather stats like Sammy Sosa's slugging percentage on Thursday games at home when the wind is less than 15 mph, a doctor gathers vital information …


50 Ways to Add Years to Your Life

We've been told that the only sure things are death and taxes. But just as creative accountants have helped many men triumph over their 1040s, we can help you outrun the reaper. Maybe it's a game you can't ultimately win. But by following these 50 tips, you sure as hell can send it into …


Home Tour: Inside the Ultimate Getaway Cabin

It's the man cave you always wanted.

This isn't a Lincoln Logs-style cabin. It's made from locally-sourced and sustainable materials with a look that blends modern and classic together impeccably.

When it comes to a pool deck or patio, less is always more. It's easy to love how they ditched the …


How and When to Tuck in Your Shirt

Why talk about something so basic?Is there really a need to teach men something most of us have been doing since we were 5?Well, yes actually.Just …


Prefabrication Key To Energy Efficient Homes

Published on April 10th, 2015 | by Stephen Hanley


Energy Efficient Homes Result From Prefabrication

Energy efficient homes from Volula, an architect …

Sustainable Design

9 of the World's Skinniest Houses


Signal-Blocking Architecture and the Faraday Home

[Image: "RAM House" by Space Caviar].

An interesting new project by Space Caviar asks, "Does your home have an airplane mode?"

Exploring what it could …


Be Slimmer, Stronger, and Smarter

Women didn't invent hormones. Granted, women may have given hormones a bad name, but infamy does not equal exclusivity. In reality, the hormones that men possess are exactly the same as women's, right down to the estrogen, though in amounts too small to make you enjoy ice dancing.

Here's another …


Sheng Jian Bao (Pan-fried Pork Soup Dumplings)

Doughy, pan-fried soup dumplings. [Photographs: Shao Z.]

Xiao long bao, Shanghai-style soup dumplings, have become legendary for good reason, but so far their doughier pan-fried cousins called sheng jian bao remain much less well-known here in the States. If you love XLB, you need to try sheng jian …

Thai Chicken Coconut Soup

Lorraine Pascale is the undisputed queen of the kitchen, queen of the simple and the simply delicious.Jamie Oliver

1. Heat a drizzle of oil in a large …

Chicken Barbecue, Pinoy-style

I suppose every family has its own recipe for barbecue. I never really had one, maybe because it was far too easy to buy delicious barbecue... but …