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The Get Ripped Anywhere Outdoor Workout Series

JAMES MICHELFELDERMen's Fitness EditorsGet Ripped AnywhereBurn fat, lose your gut, and build muscle in just three weeks.If you think training with …


How To Look Better In Your T-shirt

While attacking the large muscle groups in your upper body—your back, chest, shoulders—is obviously important, the key to looking great in a t-shirt …


3 Tricks That Will Give You Incredible Triceps

If you want your arms to be in permanent beast mode, than show some love to your triceps. When its well-defined, the muscle forms a large horse-shoe like shape that makes your arm look monstrous even when you’re not flexing.

But you need to be careful what movements you use to train your tris, …


Stall This Scary Heart Condition for 10+ Years

A breakup isn’t the only thing that can leave you with a broken heart:

The combination of diabetes, obesity, and high blood pressure can give your ticker a major beating

, finds recent research from Northwestern University.

Okay, that’s probably the least surprising news you’ll hear all day. But the …



You don’t need to go far for a taste of this popular kakanin. It’s easy enough to make at home.

Makes 18 pieces
Prep Time
20 to 25 minutes
Cooking Time


Japanese Cucumber Salad with Creamy Sesame Dressing

Cucumbers have a special place in my heart.

I remember that it was favorite diet food - cucumber salad - a couple of decades ago when we were college …


Braised Chicken with Chestnuts

I couldn't get out of cooking dinner. As much as I preferred to eat out (just to escape the heat)... hubby insisted on having dinner at home. He was …

Soy Sauce

At long last, Filipino food arrives. What took it so long? - The Washington Post

Nearly three years ago, before most Americans could pronounce sinigang, let alone find a place to enjoy the sour soup, Andrew Zimmern predicted Filipino cuisine would soon become the darling of diners who collect restaurant experiences like seashells on the beach. If you survey the dining landscape …


Twin Houses on Tiny Lots Stretch Outward for Space

Linked by a modern version of a white picket fence, two near-identical houses in Los Angeles add space by extending beyond their envelopes.

Los Angeles-based firm Anonymous Architects cantilevered side-by-side houses over two steep lots in Los Angeles's Mount Washington neighborhood. Each …


Seattle Home Carefully Blocks Out Neighbors, While Celebrating Natural Surroundings

Melding corrugated metal with Douglas Fir wood, a sustainable home in Seattle brings nature inside while preserving a couple’s privacy.

How does an architect protect clients’ home privacy while also letting in the great outdoors? That’s the question SHED Architecture & Design faced when it began …


This Genius Tiny Apartment Transforms Into 5 Different Rooms

It has everything you need in 360 square feet.


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Well, here's a new twist on the micro-apartment trend: This 360-square-foot apartment in New York City's Gramercy neighborhood turns itself into five different rooms with the push of a button. Created by MKCA — …

Tiny House Movement

Odd Exercises for Physical Vigor: An Oldtime Strongman’s 15-Minute Morning Routine

Adrian Peter Schmidt was born in the Alsace-Lorraine region of what is now France in 1872. His genetics and circumstances did not point to a future …


Endomorph Bodybuilding: How To Optimize Your Diet & Workout For Results

It seems like every other article in the muscle building world is aimed at skinny ectomorphs. How to gain weight, how to eat more, how to become an …


4 Ways Exercise Makes You Younger

Apart from earning you a rock-hard physique, that is.

Everyone knows exercise can make you look better. But it turns out it can also make you younger. And, no, we don't just mean it can make you look younger. It can actually turn back the clock on every cell in your body. Check out these awesome …


9 Unique Decorating Ideas for Your Baby's Nursery


Make the Most of a Small Patio

Turn that tiny pocket of outdoor space into your favorite hangout.

Just because you don't have a big backyard doesn't mean you can't enjoy the fresh air. Use these ideas to make whatever you've got into an outdoor oasis.

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More Outdoor Design Tips:

10 Easy Outdoor …

Interior Design

7 Space-Saving Solutions from Some of Our Tiniest Houses

With a little wood and a lot of imagination, these diminutive homes manage to pack a lot of function into very little square footage.

1 / 7

2 / 7

3 / 7

4 / 7

5 / 7

6 / 7

7 / 7


5 new home trends for 2015

Think micro-appliances, the latest, greatest energy-efficiency rating, and a shorter commute.

The future of home design is looking more and more efficient, compact and customized. While we aren’t quite ready to 3D-print dinner, innovation and invention are at the forefront of building industry …


18th Avenue City Homes by Malboeuf Bowie Architecture

Seattle-based architecture firm Malboeuf Bowie Architecture presents the 18th Avenue City Homes. Committed to developing innovative, unconventional, and modern design solutions, Malboeuf Bowie Architecture transforms a single-family home lot into three distinct townhomes, which are layered …


The Training Method You Never Tried Before: Grease The Groove

I cannot stand quick-fix marketing that too often infiltrates fitness culture. You can’t lose 10 pounds in 10 days without gaining it back (and then …


Why Your Groin Hurts When You Squat

If the hip joint were a pickup truck, it’d be a Ford F-150. It’s built tough. But the 21st century is challenging the very architecture of the joint. And it’s not because we’re using the joint more than ever—it’s because we’re not using it.

“Your hip joint needs to move in its full range of motion on …


The Only 5 Ab Exercises You'll Ever Need

Isn't it time you got that six-pack?

Take a look around your gym: There's no end to the array of abs exercises that guys are churning out. Their bodies are contorted. Their foreheads are drenched. But their abs? Meh.

See, when it really comes down to it, all you really need are five staple moves to …


10 Game-Changing Desks for Your Home Office

They'll make answering work emails much less painful.

This stunning desk features a surface with geometric crevices and built-in docks and USB ports for all your favorite gadgets. Only downside? It's currently not available to purchase, but we'll be ready to hit "Add To Cart" the second it is. …

Office Furniture

Shred Belly Fat with This “Metabolic Complex”

When it comes to getting lean, there are no shortcuts. You have to do the work. But there are ways to get better results in less time.

David Jack, creator of The Men's Health 60-Day Transformation, has found your edge: upside-down complexes. “Requiring only a light pair of dumbbells and a few feet of …


The Weird Reason You’re Packing on the Pounds

Your barking back could lead to a bulging gut.

Back pain might screw with the parts of your brain that help control how much you eat

, research out of the Yale University School of Medicine suggests.

In the study, people with chronic low back pain showed less pleasure when sampling pudding than …

Healthy Food

Why You Should Get ‘Tight’ Before a Big Lift

The strongest lifters in the world have a secret that they use before they even lift a weight: They create tension in their muscles.

The good news: Learning to create tension isn’t a skill that takes decades in the gym to hone. In fact, you’ll know exactly how to do it by the end of this article, …

Nervous System

The Weird Thing That Can Mess with Your Prostate

Sitting too much might not just give you a big belly—it can also raise the red flag for your prostate health.

As your activity level drops, your blood levels of a certain protein linked to prostate cancer spike

, according to research published in the Journal of Physical Activity and Health.

The …


Get More Out of Your Lateral Raises

There are some things in your training regimen you do because, well, everybody does them. Everyone benches for a big chest, and if you want big legs, …

How to Naturally Raise Your HGH Levels

For as long as man has wanted a better body, he’s been looking for a wonder drug that will give it to him.

Of course, you know there’s no substitute …


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