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8 Ways To Think Different And Develop Your Own Opinion

'Different' thinkers play kids games. Why? To help them think differently and form new opinions! Learn how you can be a different thinker too!


7 Daily Habits of Hyper-Efficient People

How to define the essential things in your life and business.<p>How can we define the essential things in our lives when everything in 2016 feels essential?<p>Staying ahead of the curve, leading, and excelling in our jobs means we all must increase efficiencies.<p>Here are the seven things that …


How To Stop Procrastinating By Using The “2-Minute Rule”

I’ve been following a simple rule that is helping me to stop procrastinating and making it easier for me to stick to good habits at the same time.

10 Awesome Infographic Resume Examples | Inspiration | Inspiration

Absolutely everyone is seeking for a way to make their resume stand out in today’s task industry. One way to do that is by providing your resume some …


How managers can use software to turn their teams into productivity heroes

The explosion in big data is changing the way companies do business. Thanks to easy-to-use, specialised tools and a rise in businesses’ cloud …

Emerging Technology

The Coolest Infographics of 2015

Don't think data can be beautiful? Check out these creative infographics.<p>Not a "numbers person"? You don't have to be to appreciate a good infographic. In fact, that's kind of the point. The best infographics take data that might be boring in a spreadsheet and turn it into a beautifully visual …


This 30-Day Plan Is the Secret to Disrupting Yourself

Follow this 30-day program and you will forever look at disruption as the gateway to innovation.<p>Disruption is one of the least well understood aspects of innovation and life in general. We see it as something that comes from the outside, an unwelcome visitor that steps into our lives unannounced to …


6 Ways to Get Motivated When You Feel Like Doing Nothing

Even the most ambitious, motivated people occasionally have difficulties getting things done. The good news is that we can often discover why we’re …


Plan Your Professional Development for the Year

With 2016 upon us, you’ve probably set business goals for the year ahead: launch the new product, grow sales by 20%, or complete the acquisition. You may even have set personal New Year’s Resolutions, like losing 10 pounds or going to the gym three times a week or finally learning Spanish.<p>But …

Professional Development

52 Things to Improve in the Office for a Successful 2016

Most of us focus on personal goals in the new year, but shouldn't we think about what we can do better as managers and business owners?<p>Do you want this year to be better? Did your New Year's resolutions include doing better at the office? Most of us focus on personal goals, but shouldn't we think …


11 Affirmations Successful People Repeat Every Single Day

The thought is parent to the deed--and that's especially true where success and happiness are concerned.<p>Accomplishments are based on actions, not on thoughts--yet the thought is always father to the deed. Achievement starts with an idea, a perspective, a point of view, or even just an attitude. …


10 Simple Ways You Can Stop Yourself From Overthinking

Here are 10 simple ideas to help overthinkers stop spinning their wheels.<p>Overthinking doesn't sound so bad on the surface--thinking is good, right?<p>But overthinking can cause problems.<p>When you overthink, your judgments get cloudy and your stress gets elevated. You spend too much time in the …


A Tool to Help You Reach Your Goals in 4 Steps

Harvard Business Review

3 On-the-Job Skills That Will Boost Your Brain Power

No matter how long you've been at your current occupation, you need to find new ways to stimulate your mind.<p>Sure, in theory you should be learning something new every day at your job. But certain types of careers are more beneficial for your brain in the long-term than others.<p>A recent <i>Wall Street</i> …

The Brain

The Five Uncommon Habits Of Highly Productive People

Learn why one productivity expert swears that the key to getting more done is by cutting your work week in half.


5 Super Efficient Ways to Learn More in Less Time

Learning doesn't have to be a chore. Use these five simple tricks to quickly retain new information.<p>Since we haven't yet discovered a way to add more hours to the day, the best we can do is be more efficient with the time we have. These tips will help you retain more information without sacrificing …

9 Productivity Tips from People Who Write About Productivity

In recent years, work has become infinitely more complex.<p>Technological innovations have led to round-the-clock work schedules and mounting expectations. Our assignments have grown more collaborative, requiring more coordination, conference calls, and meetings. We now face an endless barrage of …

Time Management

5 Ways to Close the Strategy-to-Execution Gap

In an ongoing global survey of senior executives, more than half of the respondents said they didn’t think their company had a winning strategy, and two-thirds said they didn’t think their organization had the right capabilities to execute its strategy. Baffled by these findings, we set out to find …

Harvard Business Review

Leading as the Newcomer: Not Every Ship is the Titanic

How to lead as the newcomer<p>Often leaders have the benefit of growing and maturing with an organization, a team, a department, or a business. They have, through years of hard work, proven their credibility by establishing their personal integrity and expertise. Yet many, if not most, leaders do not …


Only 8% of Leaders Are Good at Both Strategy and Execution

<i>DAVE WHEELER FOR HBR</i><p>In a 2013 survey of nearly 700 executives across a variety of industries, our firm asked respondents to rate the effectiveness of the top leaders of their companies. How many excelled at strategy? How many excelled at execution? The results are shown in the chart below. These …


10 Types of Businesses You Can Launch In 1 Day

Tired of working for someone else? Start your own business! Here are 10 ideas.<p>Despite a persistent dream to start a business, many people never see the opportunity to take it from fantasy to reality. What stops them? A lack of tangible resources like time and money are key stumbling blocks in the …

Online Resources To Help You Stay Highly Focused At Work

Test these online resources to help silence the chatter, eliminate distractions, boost productivity, and stay focused at work.


30 Experts Share Their Best Productivity Tips

Which one of these 30 tips will help you get more work done today?<p>Want a boost for your day?<p>These productivity experts have each shared their best tip to give you a jumpstart. The time you invest in reading these will pay off in dividends as you apply the ideas to your daily routine. Do they work? …

Time Management

Want to Raise Resilient Kids? A Navy SEAL Says Always Do This

Improve your resiliency--or teach your kids to be mentally tougher--with these important practices.<p>Resilience is defined as "the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness."<p>There's no surprise that it's a characteristic of some of the world's most successful people. It's also a …


Writing Tips From 'Steve Jobs' Screenwriter Aaron Sorkin

I’ve rarely felt this annoyed in a movie theater. Next to me, during a screening of <b>Steve Jobs</b>, an elderly couple loudly whispers comments to each …

6 things to know before going freelance

<i>This is a post from a member of the Freelancers Union community. If you’re interested in sharing your expertise, your story, or some advice you think</i> …


4 Startups That Are Using 'Less Is More' to Dominate Their Industries

While it's great to provide a long list of features, there's a power in the simplicity of creating a product that does the job in the most effective way.<p>In Jason Fried's REWORK, as well as a blog post on the subject, he discussed how big, complex proposals weren't necessarily winning him more …

Google Hangout

How to get started in Social Media

Yesterday, I shared my basic philosophy about leveraging social media in your professional life.<p>The essence of which is basically: make yourself …