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By Sandy Ressler | Applications, tools, techniques, and content for 3D graphics in your web pages. Plus a little infovis, datavis and anything else that's just cool and deals with 3D graphics in your web browser. Updated with VR coverage.

Oculus VRJam 2015 Post Mortem

We are still buzzing from completing the Oculus VR Jam and getting selected as finalists so even though I don't normally write project retrospectives …

Gear VR

Stargazing Comic

A 3D webcomic for our video game. <br>To read, simply click through the annotations in order.<br>Best works in fullscreen.<br>Next: …


Virtual Reality 2.0, It’s About the Video

Facebook’s purchase of Oculus a year or so ago has ignited a new frenzy of interest in Virtual Reality (VR). Let’s call it VR2.0 as the first go …

Virtual Reality

Most Insane Immersive Movie Experience EVER, Part 1

Trending story found on www.youtube.com<p>Check out this guy's room totally change into the movie he is watching! No SFX, no post production, no cuts, …

Virtual Reality

#106: Josh Carpenter on The Future of WebVR and Enabling the Metaverse

Josh Carpenter is a researcher and interaction and user interaction designer for figuring out how to use virtual reality on the web with WebVR. …

Virtual Reality

Lamborghini Uses Gear VR to Promote Huracán Sports Car

With virtual reality (VR) technology growing in popularity by the day more and more brands are starting to utilise head-mounted displays (HMD) for …

Virtual Reality

Case Study: I N S P I R I T

- Selected by Google as WebGL VR experience at Chrome Experiments.<p>- Highlighted by Mozilla as one of the first VR featured projects for the web.<p>- …

Virtual Reality

Chrome Experiment #1000

Facebook now supports Sketchfab 3D embeds! - Sketchfab Blog

We’re excited to announce that Facebook now supports Sketchfab 3D embeds! From now on, sharing 3D content on the largest social network is one click …


3D scanning, create your own 4K 3D virtual tours

Be There<p>The only all-in-one reality capture system that gives you realistic, interactive 3D and VR experiences that feel as real as being there.<p>Try It<p>…

Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality Comes to the Web—Maybe for Real This Time

Get ready to take the stage with Paul McCartney. If that’s not your thing, you can test-drive the latest SUV before it's available in showrooms or …

Virtual Reality

Multiuser Worlds III: Active Worlds - Focus on VRML - 04/14/99

Active Worlds (AW) is one of the most active if not THE most active 3D environment. It was started in early 1995 by Worlds Inc. (For a complete …


2014: The Year in Review

A year ago, at a biggest-ever, record-breaking HTML5 Meetup in San Francisco all about WebGL, I predicted we were a tipping point; I think I was …

Virtual Reality


Award winning Sunny The Bear Children's Book (Miami, Florida)

Sunny is a bear, exploring the world around him. On the website, explore 3D models of characters from the book. Even download free copies.



Luxury Watch

This scene features realistic gold and leather materials, and also a studio lighting. The source files are present in the Blend4Web commercial …

Luxury Lifestyle

OpenROAD :: Accelerate your World - The Khronos Group

All of the 14 scenarios shown were carefully chosen to depict realistic use cases: Khronos member companies and adopters are either doing the exact …


DIY Virtual Reality Open Source Future

Visit www.DODOcase.com to buy Virtual Reality Products<b>What is DIYVR?</b><p>1 – Open, web-based software development tools for Virtual Reality.<p>2 – Accessible …

Volvo is using Google Cardboard to get people inside its new SUV

Google Cardboard, which was announced as a bit of a sideshow at this year's Google I/O and quickly brushed off as a gimmick, turns out to be pretty cool: it converts many Android phones into fully functional VR headsets with basically a few dollars' worth of materials. If you're enterprising …

Where is Rosetta?

Use the mouse buttons or keys, combined with the mouse movement to explore the tool:<p>This visualisation tool has been developed by Science Office / …


European Space Agency Releases Data-Set so You Can Print Your Own Comet 67P

by | | 3D Printing |<p>Most people can’t resist the pull of space exploration, although most of us are content to be armchair astronauts. New …

Space Exploration

Mozilla VR

Firefox Instructions<p>Install Firefox Nightly.<br>• Download version 1.0.6 of the OpenVR API, openvr_api.dll, from the OpenVR GitHub repository: 32-bit, …


British Museum now lets you 3D print its artifacts using Sketchfab

Why visit a museum halfway around the world, when you can check out 3D scans, and print them from your own home?<p>Sketchfab, a platform that lets users publish and share 3D content online, unveiled on Thursday an option for users to make their files downloadable. Under Creative Commons licenses, a …

British Museum

» X3DOM with Leap and Oculus Rift 2 via WebVR - x3dom.org

With the experimental Chromium support for the new WebVR API, we are pleased to showcase the first Oculus Rift 2 demo using X3DOM with a Leap for …

Oculus Rift

Welcome to Magic Leap

Hi. We’re Magic Leap. We can’t wait to show you what we’ve been busy building. Until then, visit our site to learn more about us.