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Seahorse By: Rui Bernardo www.rbernardo.blogspot.com

Seahorse By: Marcello Di Francesco www.marcellodifrancesco.com

Enjoying a wonderful moment with a curious humpback calf. Incredible how a mother whale can entrust her most precious possession to interact freely with us... Comment and photo by: Shawn Heinrichs

Hammerhead shark By: Christine Shepard www.RJD.Miami.edu www.christineshepard.com

Oceanic Whitetip Shark (Carcharhinus longimanus) with Pilot Fish (Elphinstone, Egypt) By: Daniel Sel www.selmeczidaniel.com Daniel Selmeczi Photography

Bumphead closeup By: Boogs Rosales www.boogsrosales.com

Pregnant pygmy seahorse By: Jan Acosta

The ocean sunfish (Mola mola) By: Metin Tuncer

Golden Eye Garden Eel By: Raoul Caprez

Octopus By: Asaf Elyahu

Porcelain crab trying to catch dinner... By: Kay Burn Lim http://www.flickr.com/photos/kay_burn_li...

Hide and seek By: Natalie Bondarenko www.waterwanted.ru

Hammerhead shark By: Joe Romeiro www.joeromeiro.com

It doesn't happen often that you can see open cup coral polyps during daytime. Picture made on Curaçao, model Georgina Wiersma Comment and photo by: Peter Verhoog

Wolf eel By: Laurent Ballesta

Green sea turtle (Chelonia mydas) By: Troy Mayne www.oceanicimagery.com

Big Eyes By: Sofi Aida Sugiharto

Napoleon fish By: Sven Peks www.seaimages.de

Devil scorpion fish By: Alan Lo www.alanlo.com.hk

"Into Deep" By: Christian Vizl Mac Gregor www.christianvizl.com

Clown blenny (Bunaken Island, Sulawesi,Indonesia) By: Hans-Gert Broeder www.bunakenhans.com

Squid reflection By: Gleb Tolstov

Black Grouper in the Bahamas By: Rich Carey www.richardcareyphotos.com

Frogfish By: Babilion Alan http://www.flickr.com/photos/dragon_pro/...

Kiss By: Raffaella Schlegel www.raffaellaschlegel.com www.blue-rush.info www.gentle-blue.com

Mola mola at the cleaning station By: David Fleetham www.davidfleetham.com

Chirolophis ascani By: Claus Neupart

Symbiosis By: Dany Weinberg http://www.danyweinberg.co.il/

Turtle chocolate By: Ryan Jeffery