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H1Z1 review: outbreak

If I had paid money for H1Z1, I'd be pretty pissed off right now. Some players have already taken to demanding refunds. And I can't blame them.

H1Z1 isn't finished, of course. It isn't even being made now, technically, by the same company. Sony Online Entertainment has been sold off to form Daybreak …


Google’s Chromecast turns your TV into a game board, race track, or dance floor — without a console

Google’s streaming gadget has a new way to help you play games.

The Chromecast has seen rapid growth by enabling people to watch videos and photos from laptops on a TV. Consumers are viewing 66 percent more content per day via Chromecast than when it launched in July 2013. And now Google is making …


Getting our hands dirty with the Nvidia Shield Android TV set-top box

My whole family gathered around the television recently to play a game on the Nvidia Shield set-top box, a beefy Android machine with a high-end processor that is capable of running some of the graphically intense games made. Our first choice: Pac-Man. We downloaded the beloved game from my …


Twitch Bans 'Adults Only' Game Streaming Days Before 'Hatred' Release

Twitch has clarified their stance on the streaming of “adult” themed games, days before a hugely controversial title is about to be released. Previously, Twitch has gone through on a case by case basis to ban overly “mature” games from being streamed, but now ahead of the launch of Hatred, they’ve …


Which of this weeks Xbox Live Deals With Gold bargains should you pick up? – 26th May 2015

This weeks Xbox Live Deals With Gold and Publisher sale is a little bit of a letdown. The quantity isn’t the best although some of the quality on …


Korean MMO 'Blade & Soul' Hitting North American Shores

After almost a five year wait this insanely popular Korean MMO is ready to take North America by storm.

North America

0RBITALIS Review - Crazy Addictive Gravity Puzzler is Better Than You Might Expect

Score: 72

Published by: Mastertronic

Developed by: Alan Zucconi

Game Features:

Single Player

Level Editor

Minimum System Requirements:

OS: Win XP / Win 7 / …


Call of Duty: Identity Lost - Tracking the Downfall of a Once Great Franchise

Immersion and exciting campaigns were once at the forefront of Call of Duty’s design, it’s funny how things can change over twelve years. What is now …


Anna’s Quest Preview - Unique, Enjoyable Point & Click Adventure

Published by: Daedalic Entertainment

Developed by: Krams Design

Anna’s Quest, as you may have guessed, follows a girl named Anna who is on a quest. Her …

Voice Acting

Final Fantasy 14's Heavensward Takes the MMO to New Heights

It’s been a little under two years since the failed MMO Final Fantasy XIV was closed down before being relaunched as A Realm Reborn, and what a two …

Final Fantasy

Sony's PS4 Plan Includes Courting Casual Gamers, Enhancing System Features

"Continuous enhancement of PS4 game features to maintain and strengthen competitive advantage."

Part of Sony's plan to grow the PlayStation business includes courting casual gamers and enhancing PlayStation 4 features overall, the company said on Wednesday as part of its annual Investor Relations …


For CD Projekt Red, 2015 and 2016 are 'the years of The Witcher' (and not Cyberpunk)

The developer of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt plans to focus on the fantasy franchise through next year, CD Projekt Red CEO Adam Kicinski told Reuters.

CD Projekt Red already announced post-launch plans for The Witcher 3 that include a mixture of free and paid downloadable content, including two big …


Bloodborne's latest patch actually makes the game easier

Bloodborne's latest patch is live and brings an enormous list of changes and tweaks to developer From Software's action role-playing game — several of which will make players' journeys through Yharnam easier.

Sony Entertainment Japan Studio producer Masaaki Yamagiwa detailed patch 1.04's changes on …


Uncharted 4 Will Arrive by March 31st 2016

Newly-released financial documents from Sony show that Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End will come to PS4 on or before March 31st, 2016. Since Sony’s fiscal …


CD Projekt Red Won't Talk About Cyberpunk 2077 Until 2017

As the developer wants to focus on The Witcher 3.

By Luke Karmali

Polish developer CD Projekt Red has revealed it will be focusing on The Witcher 3 for …


Here Are Your Free PS Plus Games for June

Metal Gear?!

By Seth G. Macy

The June lineup of free games for PS Plus members has been announced, and leading the pack of freebies is Metal Gear …


Witcher 3 Sex Glitch Is Totally Bizarre

Obviously this video is NSFW.

Being a massive open-world RPG, it's not surprising that The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has its fair share of bugs. A newly discovered issue, however, is one of the strangest we've come across so far.

YouTube user Chris Klos (via Kotaku) ran into a totally weird glitch during …


Console and PC Gaming Will Likely Outsell Mobile in 2015

While the mobile gaming market may be booming, its console and PC counterparts are still generating the bulk of the video game industry's revenue.

A …

Gaming Consoles

PS Plus Members Getting New Recurring PS4/PS3/Vita Sale

The first such sale offers Bloodborne, Dark Souls II's remaster, Helldivers, and more at a discount.

Sony has announced a new promotion called PlayStation Plus Specials that will offer discounts on PSN games and DLC exclusively for PS Plus subscribers.

These sales seem like Sony's answer to …


Sony Acknowledges 2015 PS4 First Party Lineup Is "Sparse"

Third party support to the rescue!

By Zack Stein

During today's annual Investor Day conference, PlayStation President Andrew House addressed head-on …


PlayStation Vita is a ‘legacy platform,’ according to Sony (update)

It doesn’t look like the PlayStation Vita will factor too heavily into Sony’s gaming plans going forward.

The chief executive officer of Sony Computer Entertainment, Andrew House, referred to the PlayStation Vita as a “legacy platform” in remarks he gave to investors earlier today — although the …


Twitch bans Adults Only-rated games from streaming

Streaming service Twitch says it will no longer allow games rated AO, or "Adults Only" by the Entertainment Software Ratings Board, to be streamed on its platform. "Simply put, AO games are not welcome on Twitch," the company wrote on its official blog today.

"Previously, we made game-specific …

Grand Theft Auto

Revenge-Driven Platformer RONIN Strikes on Steam Early Access

Vengeful developer Tomasz Waclawek and shadowy game label Devolver Digital unleashed the turn-based action-platformer RONIN on Steam Early Access as …


New Amiibos Hit Shelves May 29th

The next wave of Nintendo’s Amiibos is ready to invade retail shelves this Friday, May 29th, 2015. This next wave will include a number of different …


LOOT Interactive Goes Indie with Three New Launch Titles on Display at E3 2015

LOOT Interactive, formerly known as LOOT Entertainment, has revealed its new status as an independent game publisher, as well as to take the wraps …

Indie Gaming

Super Mega Baseball: Extra Innings Coming to Xbox One & Steam

It’s time for Xbox One and Steam gamers to warm up in the on-deck circle as independent developer Metalhead Software announces it is bringing the …


Splatoon Review – Painting the Competitive Shooting Genre a Whole New Color (or Two)

Score: 78

Published by: Nintendo

Developed by: Nintendo

Game Features:

1-2 Players Offline
• 8 Players Online
• Tilt Controls
• Amiibo Compatible

Splatoon is …


Magnetic: Cage Closed Review – Poor Man’s Portal Falls a Bit Short

Score: 65

Published by: Gambitious Digital Entertainment

Developed by: Guru Games

Game Features:

• Steam achievements
• Full controller …


Extreme Exorcism is creeping onto Wii U and PS3 this year

Do you believe in ghosts? Indie developers Golden Ruby Games and Ripstone Publishing announced today that their paranormal platformer and ultimate …