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By Terry Billingsley | Helping people find the goals they can achieve towards a rich rewarding life. Tell us what your life's goals are, so that others can be inspired.

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What would you pay to be happy?

The source of our happiness is closer than ever to being located, measured and commodified. Alex Renton meets the ‘psychoeconomists’ and asks, have they created a monster?<p>The happiest man in the world is a 67-year-old Buddhist monk called Matthieu Ricard. He starts his day sitting in a meadow in …


7 Conversational Tips to Be More Confident

Confidence can carry you through a lot in life. It can help you perform better in job interviews, appear more authoritative when addressing a crowd, …

Body Language

my ultimate life goal is to sing and become famous<p>there's just one problem<p>i can't sing

Today... I just wanna sit and think about life..... Where is my life going... What's my end game.. The ultima Goal? #OnlyGodKnows

My goal in life is to live in the No Man's Land between Hardee's and Carl's Junior America.

Why Your Self-Esteem Matters More Than a Compliment

<i>This article originally appeared on</i><p>One of my recent guilty pleasures is this dating show where the participants meet, <i>naked</i>, on an …


My True Self


Who are you? My True Self aims to tell you

A new relationship app aims to demystify who you are — and who you should be dating — in about 25 minutes.<p>My True Self is composed of numerous …

My Life's Goal

My True Self


This is a 4.5 star rated app (Apple & Android) for finding a place your’e comfortable with YOU — — has been designed to predict …

My Life Goal