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Bicis en la pared

hsinchu-min lusso-vertical garden-2013


Curves: Weekly Photography Challenge

This week – as a follow up to our article Composing with Curves – your challenge is to take and share an image on the theme of ‘Curves’. Read …




Infrared Photography Photo


Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel

Fine Art Architectural Photography Workshop Toronto!!! Septem…

<b>Fine Art Architectural Photography Workshop Toronto!!!</b> <b>September 21 & 22, 2013!</b>

Tips for Architectural Photography

Approaches Interplay with Flexibility and Experimentation<p>Since architecture is inanimate, photographers usually are afforded the time and opportunity …

What is BIM?

BIM in 123 words<p>BIM is an acronym for Building Information Modelling, or Building Information Model. It describes the process of designing a building …

Let's not overstate BIM benefits, let's not hide the difficulties

Is BIM paying off or are we exaggerating results?<br>Català - Castellano<br>Yesterday I read an article at BIMetica named BIM Rinde Beneficios, that was a …