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Earl Atkins Passenger Eagle

This Eagle was painted the same way as the Rescue Eagle, except the Passenger Pod left the same white as the rest of the Eagle. This version …


Steven Vasko’s Seaview

Steven Carricato’s Buck Rogers Starfighter

Building the Bandai 1/72 Y-Wing; Completion


The first video in our series, showing the creation of the Studio Scale prop reproduction, of the Star Trek Klingon Bird of Prey. In this video, we …

Star Trek

Lou Dalmaso builds the Proteus part 1

Lou Dalamso, the guy behind Aztek Dummy, has posted a number of videos about building the upcoming Proteus kit from Moebius Models. Check out part …

Modeler's Miniatures & Magic


Modeler's Miniatures & Magic

I finished another commission build for a client,.. the Starfleet Space Dock). He wanted a simple paint job, with the painted on black dots for the …


FOR SALE!! Mark Dickson’s Studio Scale Cylon Base Star Pattern from Steve Neisen

FOR SALE!! and The Mark Dickson Estate Presents Battlestar Galactica Studio Scale Cylon Base Star PATTERN We have decided to sell our Studio Scale …

Dae Choi’s Hasbro Millennium Falcon

Philip Cornwall’s Borg Cube

This is my upgraded Borg cube. I replaced the original light with 12 pure green LEDs and as you can see, it turned out good. I also added 4 green …

Steven Carricato’s Cylon Raider

On The Bench 296: John Klein’s Enterprise part 2

Posted on Feb 20, 2017 in Classic Enterprise, On the bench, Star Trek | 0 comments<p>Painting<p>After joining all the sub assemblies together, I primed the …


How Classic 'Star Wars' Spaceships Were Recreated for 'Rogue One'

It’s no wonder the Millennium Falcon is the “fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy.” It’s part Ferrari.<p>“This is a Ferrari model kit,” said Russell Paul, …

Star Wars

Scratchbuilding Gerry Andersons Thunderbird 1

The Build David Sisson .........................Also see FAB Magazine issue 41<p>I began construction by making the main fuselage out of …


Building a studio scale model of Gerry Andersons Thunderbird 2

I've wanted a good model of this craft for a long time and as a result I have constructed several over the years. Unfortunately although it looks to …


Scratchbuilding Gerry Andersons Thunderbird 3

The craft was represented, on screen, by three different scaled models and their general overall contours are reasonably similar to each other with …

Scratchbuilding Gerry Andersons Thunderbird 4

The Build ............. by David Sisson<br>See also Science Fiction Modeller Issue 10 June 1992 Sci-Fi & Fantasy Models Issue 1 July/Aug 1994<p>Like TB1 and …

Scratchbuilding Gerry Andersons Thunderbird 5

The BUILD ........................................ by David Sisson<p>The first job, as always, is to draw up a decent basic outline blueprint. Luckily …


Moebius 1:32 Colonial Viper Review


This is my repaint of the Hasbro X-Wing Fighter which from the “Hero Series” in this line of toys. In fact, this is more than a toy, it is a …


Bandai will release 1/2 scale BB-8 on April

BANDAI Hobby STAR WARS AT-AT All Terrains Armoured Transport Walker

Bandai: Star Wars Yoda Model Kit Promotional Images and Info

I’ll admit, when I first saw the Bandai Star Wars Yoda model kit solicits it was a roller coaster ride in my brain. Yay, Yoda! Wait, 1:6 scale? Okay, …

Star Wars

Bandai’s New STAR WARS Model Kits are Crazy-Detailed

It would appear, much to the surprise of nobody, that Bandai‘s line of insanely detailed <i>Star Wars</i> model kits (that can be put together by anyone from …


STAR TREK: DISCOVERY Featurette "In Production" (HD) CBS All Access Series

A pair of star destroyers: Zvezda and Revell

Philip Cornwall’s Rio Grande

Steven Vasko’s Millennium Falcon