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The workout plan to get six-pack abs in 6 weeks

wundervisuals/Getty Images<p>wundervisuals/Getty Images<p><b>Duration</b> 60-75<p><b>Exercises</b> 5-8<p><b>Equipment</b> Yes<p>For most guys, ripped abs are the holy grail of fitness: …

The New Rules Of Bodybuilding

Don’t let your bodybuilding workouts get stuck in the Arnold age. Follow these cutting-edge rules to increase your gains instead<p>Bodybuilders are notorious for using extreme methods to get ripped. However, emerging research shows that not all traditional bodybuilding principles hold up to scientific …


The simple running trick to avoid knee pain

Is knee pain stopping you from registering for that 10K, or even hopping on the treadmill? “There’s this misconception that running is bad for your …


How Do I Tell My Girlfriend She Needs to Improve Her Oral Sex?

31 Problems Only Dog Owners Understand

You love him so much, but you put up with a lot for your pup.<p>Interior design by Ruthie Sommers.<p><b>1. Early-morning walks in freezing weather.</b> You have to put on so many layers just to go around the block, and he'll be sure to stop and sniff every single tree, fire hydrant, and trash can as you</b> …


A Young Family's Dreamy White Los Angeles House

Embracing a light, casual lifestyle.<p>With a move to Southern California, Brooke Davenport and her young family embrace a light, white, casual lifestyle

3 Great Buddhist Meditation Techniques

Previously, guest author, Richard wrote popular articles about Om Mantra Chanting, The Awakening of Kundalini and Energy Centers, Yoga Pranayama for …

164 years ago, a former slave rocked the world with these words.

Actress Alfre Woodard performs a very moving piece from abolitionist, women's rights proponent, and former slave Sojourner Truth that was originally …


A Journey to the Arctic Ice and Into the Human Spirit

We rode for five days over an expanse of sea ice. The horizon was scattered with the memory of winter, and pieces of purple and amber mountains peeked through the eternal white snow. The light descends slowly this time of year and it draws out that delicious final hour of sunset glow upon the …

Arctic Ice