Centrist / Moderate Political News

By Solomon Kleinsmith | General political news related to centrists &/or moderates - independents, third parties and the few remaining moderate Democrats and Republicans.

What we need are more political moderates

We live in fragmented and polarized times. Our political fringes have become mainstream, and the centrists have been pushed to the periphery.<p>While …

Political Science

Political Polarization: How Divided Are Americans On Key Issues?

We hear on a regular basis how Americans are becoming increasingly polarized when it comes to our politics.<p>And that may be no surprise. After all, in …

Political Science

Moderates: Who Are They, and What Do They Want?

The American center is alive and well—and up for grabs by both political parties.<p>It often seems there's no center in American politics anymore. Increasingly polarized camps on the right and left hold diametrically opposed, irreconcilable views on seemingly every issue.<p>And yet more than a third of …