Growing Green Energy in the Backyard

Communities around the world are finding innovative ways to produce and distribute clean energy while maintaining tradition. Solar-powered spinning wheels and wind turbine farms are the result.

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Growing Green Energy in the Backyard
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    The Virtual Citizen Power Plant is a small army of like-minded neighbors in the Black Forest region of Germany who are leading the revolution of energy sharing.

    The Bronzeville Community Microgrid in Chicago combines rooftop solar, natural gas-fired generators and batteries to produce and store energy at a local level. Once fully operational, it will render the entire neighborhood “energy independent,” giving it the ability to disconnect from and reconnect to Chicago’s citywide grid at will.

    Shifting Winds

    Shifting Winds

    Iowa has a lot of land, and a lot of wind. So farmers, energy companies — aided by federal tax credits — are joining up to "plant" wind turbines. The result is thousands of megawatts of green energy, reliable income streams to offset bad harvests, and substantial private sector profits.

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