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Everlasting love ~ I am drawing roses this week, trying to make a pattern, which I've never done before. The roses are pink, but I made a white version of the first one and made a card and some other stuff. You can check it out here: Off to drawing the next rose for my pattern :)

TwoodleDay ~ It's that day again, which means a new Twoodle. This time I made a Twoodle from 14 different words. Can you find them all? (Probably not, since some of them are pretty subtle ;) Hope you're having a wonderful day!

Shamal ~ This was one of the horses that I made for Bella Sara Summer Camp. Shamal has a friend flying along with him on his journey. You can find close-ups on my website here: Hope you're enjoying your day! Here it's a holiday, and hubby is hanging out on the couch with the kitties, while my youngest daughter is out visiting a friend, and enjoying her day off. And me? I'm in my office - as usual #lovemyjob © The Bella Sara Company

Ponderosa ~ The wonderful Ponderosa with all her flowing hair, was made for Bella Sara Summer Camp. You can find some close-up images with details for a closer look at the hair. It took quite some time to draw all that hair, but it was worth it! The background is not done by me, it was provided by Hidden City Entertainment. Easter is just around the corner, and for many that will mean some extra days off. Will you be doing anything special for easter this year? © The Bella Sara Company

Bella & Sara ~ This was made for the Bella Sara Summer Camp series. It's the two main characters, Bella and Sara. Hope you're all enjoying your weekend! I'm sitting in my office working on a personal project, that I'm not sure where is heading yet. But I'm having fun :D How about you? Are you doing something you love today? © The Bella Sara Company

Ruskin ~ This was made for Bella Sara Summer Camp. Background was provided by Hidden City Entertainment. Cute little one, don't you think? Details can be found on my website: Hope you're all having a great sunday. The sun is shining here today. Although it's still cold outside, my cats enjoy every little ray of light that comes through the windows =) © The Bella Sara Company

Eagle ~ This is Eagle, which I made for Bella Sara Summer Camp. I love the subtle colors in this one. Nothing subtle about the amount of snow that comes down from the sky at the moment, though. Shouldn't spring have started already? ;) Hope your day is bright! What are you doing today?

It's #Twoodleday! This weeks #Twoodle is from the words frog + corn. It's a mighty feast :D You can check out a bigger version on my website:

Happy St. Patrick's Day ~ Wish you all an awesome day - may it be green! :D Feel free to share on your own wall, to wish your friends a happy day too =)

Oakley ~ This lovely fellow was made for Bella Sara Summer Camp. Background was provided by Hidden City Entertainment. You can see the full card on my website: Hope you'll all have a wonderful weekend! © The Bella Sara Company

Isabella & friends ~ I have updated my portfolio with the Isabella & friends project that I have been working on in 2011 & 2012: There's a dress-up game on their website: If you'd like to know if this is available near you or if you own a store and would like to sell it, contact Euromic for information:

Smokey ~ This is Smokey which I made for the Bella Sara Summer Camp series. He's got a little friend on his head ;) Go to my website to see a close-up of that: Hope you're enjoying your saturday :) I'm updating my website, and will be sketching a bit. Later, I'll be a couch potato with my hubby and continue watching Lost. I never got around to see it, so I'm now making up for that. Good so far. Have you seen it? © All rights reserved The Bella Sara Company

Illustration Friday ~ The topic was "Talent". And I think birds have an amazing talent: They can wake up an entire neighborhood with their song :D Happy friday to you all!

Bella & Sara ~ This was the caroussel version of Bella & Sara, that I made for the Spring Carnival series for Bella Sara. You can see some close-up's on my website here: Wish you all a magical weekend! Are you doing anything special?

Twoodle ~ This weeks #twoodle is made from the words fish + ukulele. You can check out a bigger version on my website and also get an explanation on the Twoodle concept, if you're interested: I'd love to see your Twoodles. So if you decide to jump in, share a link with me :) I've been busy with code and other non-drawing stuff, so it was really nice to pick up my pen and sit down to draw today. What have you all been up to?

Illustration Friday ~ The theme for this week was "Whisper", and this is my take on it. It's my first time participating, but it surely won't be my last. Good fun, and a nice way to warm up for the day. There's a bigger version of the sketch on my website: If you'd like to know more or participate yourself, go check out the website for Illustration Friday: Have a great weekend, everyone!

Twoodle ~ My first Twoodle, is this carroultry :D A Twoodle is a combination of two words, this time a combination of the words carrot and poultry. The word Twoodle in itself is also a combination of words; Twitter and Doodle. It's a creative challenge running on Twitter. You can find me on Twitter here:

Mermaid in color ~ I totally forgot to show you the mermaid in color - I mean, without all the noise. Here she is! Big experiment of seeing how frustrated one human being can get, while working in unfamiliar programs. It was all made in Illustrator and is a vector illustration. What that basically means is, that it can be blown up to fit the side of a house if one should desire to do so. When working in Photoshop, the drawing will be restricted to be the size it was made in the first place. It can be a bit bigger, but not much. It will blur and pixelate, and look very bad. I love the thought of vector, but man! It is a totally different way of working and thinking. I love learning new things, but with things like this, where I know I could have made the same thing in another way in a shorter timeframe, my patience run short. Fast! Sorry about the rant, but it goes with the mermaid. She was the one who had to suffer, while I was trying to get the hang of it ;) Have a great day everyone =)

Soul ~ The twin to Heart that I posted earlier. They both belong to Spring Carnival from Bella Sara. There's a closeup of the head on my website: © The Bella Sara Company

Owl ~ Monday again! Time to flex that creative muscle, and have fun. What are your plans for this week? I'm going to participate in Illustration friday for the first time. Also thinking about making a #twoodle for Twitter - it will just be my warm up sketches, but it'll be fun. I'll post the sketches here later this week :) You can find me on Twitter right here, btw: If you want to see a bigger version of the owl, you can go to my website and check it out: Have a great week everyone! =)

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau study ~ I have just finished watching "Game of Thrones" season 2 on HBO nordic, and I missed some more screentime for the danish actor in the series; Nikolaj Coster-Waldau. He plays Jaimie Lannister in the series, a nice evil role, that he does so well. I hope we'll se more of him in season 3, now that he's on his way back to Kings Landing. Anyway, while waiting for season 3, I felt a sudden urge to do a quick study of his face, because it's just so interesting. It's not typical for me to do portraits anymore, and even less typical, to not render it smoothly to death, but here it is; Rather rough in the strokes, but also about 20 hours less work than the time I usually use for doing a portrait. Wish you all a wonderful weekend! Do you watch Game of Thrones?

Owl coloring page freebie ~ Thought it was time for a simple coloring page for the smaller children. Here's an owl for them. Hope they'll have fun :) Download it here: Wish you all a nice weekend!

Nike ~ This is the carousel card with Nike from Bella Sara's Spring Carnival series. It was really funny to do these cards, as they are so different from the cards we usually make. Always nice to be able to push your own limits a bit, to get the right look. You can check out details from this card right here on my website: I'm currently working on a toony mermaid in Adobe Illustrator, which is not my usual playground, but I'm having fun. What are you doing on this wonderful wednesday? © The Bella Sara Company

Fiona ~ Another one of the carousel horses made for Spring Carnival from Bella Sara. Fiona is one of the icon horses, and I have done a couple of other cards with her, but this was quite different, since she should seem to be made of wood (or something like that) and then painted, with the hair added by hand, so it could be flowing in the wind, when the caroussel is spinning. So I tried to make her looked a bit more stiff than I otherwise would have, and likewise tried to make her look shiny, as if light was hitting the painted surface. It wasn't easy, but I think I managed to make her look different than the "real" Fiona, and that was my purpose :) You can check out some close-up of the details here: So, what are you all up to today?

Honora ~ This was one of the carousel horses I did for Spring Carnival from Bella Sara. I love Honora, and it was great to be chosen to illustrate a card with her. You can check out some close-up's on my website: Hope you all had a great weeekend. We celebrated the 18th birthday of my youngest daughter yesterday and ate too much ;) What did you do? Honora © The Bella Sara Company

Athena ~ This is the lovely Athena that I made from Spring Carnival for Bella Sara. She and her feathery friend wishes you all a magical weekend! Are you doing anything exciting? © The Bella Sara Company