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PubMed and Bro-Science: How to Use Evidence in Fitness

How do you decide the best approach to a problem? There’s an ongoing debate in the fitness and therapy fields about what defines true evidence-based …

Exercise Science

What Unused Vacation Days Are Costing You (Besides Your Tan)

Corbis ImagesNew advocacy organization Take Back Your Time says that Americans are working too darn much, and they're out to prove that there are …

World Health Organization

How To Bench Press: Layne Norton's Complete Guide

The bench press is one of the most important upper-body exercises in your movement toolkit. Not only is it crucial for upper-body muscular …


Double Down With This Legs + Abs Bodyweight Workout

In our No-Excuses Workout Challenge, today's workout is short and focused. The bodyweight exercises target either the abs, the legs, or …


6 Ways to Pump Up Your Post-Workout Meal

Fuel UpWe all know the most important time to get food in is immediately post workout. Our body is in a prime state to soak up nutrients to help …


Build Stronger Bones With Nutrition


6 Dos and Don'ts to Becoming a Runner

Women's Health

16 Squats That'll Work Your Butt Off

16 Squats That'll Work Your Butt Off You know what the fastest way to a tighter, stronger, curvier, perkier butt is? Squats...and lots of 'em. But, …


Four Reasons to Push Press

Four Reasons to Push Press
Robert A. Panariello MS, PT, ATC, CSCS

Professional Physical Therapy

Professional Athletic Performance Center

New York, New


4 Food Swaps That Will Make A World Of Difference For Your Diet

You try to make healthy choices at the grocery store, but what would a nutritionist think about your selections? Nutritionist Maria Bella, founder of Top Balance Nutrition, says there are a few foods she would never touch. In the above video from #OWNSHOW, she shares her nutritionist no-nos -- and …


Simple Guide to Clean Eating at Restaurants

• How to eat clean at restaurants — Cooking Light
• 13 things girls who practice yoga do but will never admit to — Women's Health
• The 1,500-calorie diet …

Healthy Eating

Go Back to Basics to Crush Your Strength Records

Go Back to Basics to Crush Your Strength RecordsStrength isn’t a goal as much as it is a habit. Practice it reg­ularly and it will come naturally. …


7 Douchebag Moves at the Gym that Ruin it for Others

We’re all adults here, but let’s face it, sometimes we forget some of the most simplistic of lessons we learned as children. One of those is manners. …


What Happens When You Work Out, Then Drink

Is it healthy to go from the barre to bar? Read this from our friends at Self before you have that postgym cocktail.

Sure you need to hydrate after …


What You Need to Know About Binge Eating Disorder

Photo: Pond5

When Anne-Sophie Reinhardt was trying to lose weight, she’d start the day with black coffee and maybe a slice of toast. But by lunchtime, …

Healthy Eating

19 Reasons to Work Out (Beyond the Perfect Body)

Photo: Pond5

Let’s face it: While you know hitting the gym is good for you, sometimes your workout motivation plateaus — or downright plummets. …


How Many Rest Days Do I Really Need?

With the exception of people named Bruce Banner, muscles need a certain amount of rest in order to strengthen and grow. But while some sources suggest muscles need 48 hours or more to recover from exercise, there might not be a one-size-fits-all timeline.

All Pain, No Gain: Why It Matters

Whether …


Tips for Avoiding Common Mistakes When Training on a Rowing Machine - WSJ


Stacey Kives Bigley of Beverly Hills, Mich., works out at an Orange Theory Fitness class in Birmingham. The first station in her workout was the rowing machine. Photo: Fabrizio Costantini for the Wall Street Journal

June 29, 2015 1:26 p.m. ET


Rowing may look like it’s all upper body …


5-Ingredient Healthy Breakfasts to Make Your Mornings Easier

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5-Ingredient Healthy Breakfasts to Make Your Mornings Easier

There's nothing worse than …


3 Simple Steps To Start Eating Clean

We all deserve to feel our best every day, and while "feeling our best" is different for everyone, some basic, practical ways to get there are to eat …


How to Outsmart "I'm Too Busy" and Make Fitness a Habit

"I'm too busy right now." We've all said it before. Here's how to avoid making it a habit.What's the most common justification for not working out? A …


3 Ways for People Who Stand All Day to Fight Aches and Pains

Some jobs require you to stand for hours on end, and that can't be helped. But you can help yourself reduce the damage this does to your body.If you …


How to Vary Your Routine and Get Better at Thrusters

They are the exercises that give you butterflies when you see their names in your workouts. The ones you know are incredibly beneficial, but it takes …


Greens That Are Better For You Than Kale

You might want to redefine your relationship with kale. Check out this infographic from dietitian Julie Upton, MS, RD, of Appetite for Health, to


The Only Inspiration You Need For Your Next Workout

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The Only Inspiration You Need For Your Next Workout

Every day we bring a different brain …


Fat No Longer the Focus of New U.S. Dietary Guidelines

High Volume Triceps Workout

Duration 40 Min

Exercises 8

Equipment Yes

You may never feel bigger than when your triceps are totally sore and crushed. Usually, this isn’t that tough …


The Benefits of Exercise Go Way Beyond the Muscles


6 Unconventional Arm Exercises to Crush Plateaus

Expand Your Sleeve CircumferenceIf you claim that you lift, you had better look like you do. The size and development of your arms will be the first …