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Autobiography of Dr. Johanna Budwig As Johanna Budwig on 30 September 1908, the daughter of Elizabeth and Hermann Budwig sees the light of day, a turbulent year is coming to an end. Nobody suspects in home Budwig in Essen in the Ruhr how important this year is to be for the later development of their daughter Johanna. But precisely in this time has an important political decision: The final state of Prussia has abandoned his opposition to the Women's Studies. With the beginning of the winter semester 1908/09 women are also admitted for the first time in Prussia and throughout the German Reich to regular studies. In addition, the effect on 8 April passed by the Reichstag Associations Act into force. It allowed women for the first time the membership of political parties and associations. However, although the company is slowly beginning to liberalize, most people practice in everyday life, the old values and norms even from an enormous potency. In a nutshell, this means that women have as main task of the family and the education of children, while the man for the economic livelihood has to make. But precisely for this economic livelihood can Johanna's father - a simple, hard-working engine guards (today we would say mechanic) - after his wife's death in 1920 no longer provide. He says Johanna in state hands. The loss of both parents makes little Johanna difficult. Nevertheless: Something good has custody of the state after all. Johanna will adopt the fees and make the visit of the high school allows, where she makes first attracted attention by their analytical skills. Johanna Budwig than 16 years old, Germany begins to just recover from the effects of the First World War. Research and science come during the Weimar Republic into favor. Every third Nobel Prize goes in this time for researchers from Germany. Inspired by these models and equipped with an excellent school, the young girl decides in 1926 to join the young sister of a deaconess. Since it recognized: In order to meet its target, researcher and inventor, to come closer, she needs a first class education. The first Diakonissenhaus the modern era was founded in 1936 with the "Diakonissenanstalt Kaiserwerth" by Pastor Theodor Fliedner in Kaiserwerth. His wife Friederike Fliedner worked here as the first superior. Under her direction, then it is the most recognized Deaconess Motherhouse. And exactly for this, the young Johanna decides. She quickly manages to draw attention to themselves. Because of their outstanding grasp of them is appointed to work in nursing, education, and the administration, after only seven months to Deaconess. Kaiserwerth is a godsend in Joan's life: The parent company has to help in addition to a hospital, pharmacy and boarding also about the ways of the young deaconess to study pharmacology. Largely untouched by the Nazi policy can Johanna abandon themselves to their studies. Already know their professors - especially the old times, when "fat-Pope" established Dr. Kaufmann - their brilliant analytical thinking. On 1 September 1939 Germany begins with the invasion of Poland in World War II. At this time Johanna Budwig has completed her studies with distinction. Since 1 August has been entrusted to the management of the pharmacy at the Mother House of Kaiserwerth. While Germany and gradually the rest of the world caught up in an insane war, the sober-minded and organizationally gifted Johanna Budwig proved in expanding their pharmacy. The years of war require special measures: Kaiserwerth houses more than 2,000 inmates, is responsible for the supply of medicines in times of Johanna purchase warrants and the black market. Johanna takes on the responsibility and is - always having in mind their task - over the arch-conservative rules Diakonissenanstalt time. This ensures in 1944 for the first really serious scandal in her career. After piling up the complaints, the parent company is even considering a disciplinary transfer in the clinical area of the deaconess. Suddenly faced with the possibility of their research started in the pharmacy no longer be able to continue, directs Johanna Budwig, under protest, and the pharmacy runs until the year 1948. Johanna Budwig was a non-political woman. The secluded life in the deaconess had hardly brought into contact with the rulers of the Third Reich, so they unopposed through the denazification process by the British. But after 25 years as a deaconess they will search new professional challenges. On 30 July 1949 reverses the financially well abgefundene and now fitted with a PhD Johanna Budwig of Diakonissenanstalt Kaiserwerth the back. Your path leads directly to their new academic sponsor: Prof. Dr. Kaufmann. He estimates its superior intellect and equips them generously with equipment. The "fat-Pope" is not deceptive: 1950 may be the first scientist Dr. Johanna Budwig reasonable evidence for the differentiation of fatty acids in "saturated" and present "unsaturated" fatty researchers at the conference in Munich. The node has burst. In 1951 she was appointed to the upper reviewer for drugs and fats at the Federal Institute for Lipid Research. The same time it starts with the exploration of commercial fats. And has it - without knowing it - created with a great power. Because after the war, Germany's economic miracle has now turned into a country where you can treat yourself something. Gone are the days of rationing and the butter substitute. And eat a lot of fat - that's what the people want now. The German food industry reports record sales. Not a good time for a researcher who can provide test series in 1952, which confirm the harmfulness of trans fats. The cry of the young but powerful margarine industry to secure their empirical results, it opposes with their meticulously conducted statistical records. Dr. Johanna Budwig has now enemies whose influence they do not even guessed at the outset. For them, it is the scientist through and through, is the publication of yet so obvious top priority. By 1969, it reports solely to eight method for producing non-hazardous but nevertheless preserved products. The obvious connections between nutrition and disease processes, they can not get rid of now. Deeper and deeper it penetrates into the matter. For Budwig suddenly develop insights that spill over into other disciplines. Although she is now a certified pharmacist, qualified chemist and has a doctorate in physics. However, in order to derive scientifically recognized medically, they can also begin in 1956 to study medicine. One year later they can on animals show different effects of omega-3 fats on the body. Their extensive training they can instantly view it from different sides of any scientific knowledge. The result is that it achieves results in a speed that contribute their unbelief and envy their academic environment. Long there is no private life for Dr. Johanna Budwig. With one exception: Armin your nephew, an orphan like herself, inspires maternal feelings in the unmarried researcher. She takes him into her home and provides a sound academic education. Today, Dr. Armin Grunewald is involved as a practicing physician and as stewards of their heritage to the continuation of their fat research. But back in the 50s: today we can only speculate about the reasons - but shortly after the first publications of the harmful effects of trans fats can the Ministry of Education of North Rhine-Westphalia informed confidentially of the life of Dr. Johanna Budwig. The financial authorities of the country make in-depth evaluations of the financial situation. When then also because of their criticism turns her mentor at the margarine industry of her, now completely unprotected Dr. Johanna Budwig can no longer continue her medical studies. She has now won all over the years combined knowledge and makes consistently to develop a diet that prevent diseases and to have a healing effect on existing conditions. It is quickly clear that in addition to the positive effects of omega-3 fats on diseases such as dementia and depression, the cancer to be one of their preferred research fields. A fatal mistake. To document the mode of action of its so-called oil-protein diet, but it lacks the early 60s in field trials. In 1962, she tried so Bad Zwischenahn from Northern Germany to lease recreation houses of diakonia to make them clinics for the oil-protein diet. Just so they can get to the much needed field studies on patients. But from all areas of the Republic they receive rejections. But they are not. The researcher met in the years 1962 to 1970 their second life dream: she is an inventor. Everywhere in the world it reports on patents and tries to market them. Almost all inventions have indirectly something to do with the oil-protein diet. It is therefore not surprising that not a single manufacturer is ready to engage with the ideas. To closely is the tangle of dependencies to large corporations and margarine industry. Dr. Johanna Budwig can incorporate these factors into their highly acclaimed science books. While showing their bitterness, but not promoted their credibility. More and more time taking the fight against the authorities, in particular the tax authorities, a woman in everyday life of Dr. Johanna Budwig. Besides her nephew has Johanna, who remains unmarried life, no one with whom they can share their situation. The oppressive feeling of being persecuted and coated with reprisals because of their discoveries is a central idea in the world of ideas now 68 years old scientist. To finally obtain the required access to patients, they now run their medical practitioner for examination. Finally, they can in the next 20 years implemented the oil-protein diet with patients from all over the world. And if you believe the thank you letter, with considerable success. Unlike the scientists see. And since you now have access to research and teaching is denied, Dr. Johanna Budwig record their achievements in various fields, and published in the following years a number of books. But such defiance against their critics is not the obvious path of scientific evidence of its assumptions about the positive effect of the oil-protein diet to dementia, depression or pregnancy. Instead, she turns to the more important, in their view on cancer. The anecdotal reports of remarkable successes in cancer treatment are increasing, but the lack of scientific evidence to make Dr. Johanna Budwig in public an easy target for critics. Nevertheless, she was nominated seven times from 1979 for the Nobel Prize in medicine. Tirelessly travels the scientist in the years come at the invitation of the world and gives lectures to professional audiences. Her books are translated into other languages and sold in North America alone a quarter million times. At the same time, it conducts research from its own resources more in a variety of areas. In 1982, she still reaches for a patent, which provides for the use of ruby lasers in nuclear power plants to increase the capacity of the cooling water for radioactivity. Dr. Johanna Budwig not witness how their theories on the mode of action of the oil-protein diet and the omega-3 fats are confirmed by modern science. At the age of 95 she died of the consequences of a femoral neck fracture. To this day, the research in the field of omega-3 fats is promoted to treat cancer of any regulation by the industry-funded research institution. The sustainable scientific documentation and continue their work and research has today written by Dr. Johanna Budwig Foundation on the flags.