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It was a huge honor to photograph Foster Huntington & his Cinder Cone Home for this weekends Sunday New York Times (Story Here). Foster left the hustle of NYC to live in my own home of the Pacific Northwest. His treehouse was an incredible location and I only wish I could have spent even more time there just hanging out, skating, or enjoying the wood fired hot tubs. Super huge thanks to Eve Lyons for the dream assignment and to Lauren Colton for assisting.

SEANELA / photos by angela lee

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muji releases minimalist tiny hut for compact cabin living

<b>after showcasing several prototypes of the cabins during tokyo designers week back in 2015, minimalist home-goods brand muji discretely releases its</b> …


Tiny House Boat Tour - English Narrowboat

Tiny House Movement

今日の宿泊場所 #simplife #tinyhouse #japan_tour #lakeshore

simplife / traveling the west coast

OVIDA | getaway house + millenial housing lab photos courtesy of getaway / kataram / alex jopek / jon staff related: treehugger // s&thi instagram etc.


smallandtinyhomeideas:THE TINY PROJECT | Alek Lisefski / photos by Tom Story for Sunset Magazine / previously

<b>THE TINY PROJECT</b> | Alek Lisefski / photos by Tom Story for Sunset Magazine / previously

LENA VAN DER WAL + MARJOLEIN JONKER + waldenstudio | photos lena van der wal / hat tips frieda bakker + tinyhousenl + tinyhousenederland / (video) // related design // s&thi mag + ig + fb

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Chris & Malissa Tack’s “Tiny Tack House“ photos by Christopher Tack


SOL POD | Vina Lustado + Sol Haus Design // s&thi  mag + ig + fb

ARK SHELTER photos by sam de backer

SONYA & NINA MONTENEGRO + THE FAR WOODS | built by sonya, nina + nolan calisch // photos by nolan calisch // farwoods produces original works // s&thi mag + ig + fb

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How does one go about getting a house like this?

This is a popular question, so I asked some tiny house folks awhile back: their responses are here on The <b>Tiny House Collab Blog</b>. Also, if interested in building plans, my favorite tiny house designs are here.<p>Kindest Regards,<p>Awesome GIF above by artist Philippa Rice of cardboardlife

Dee Williams | Tree Heads & Co. Japan

photo by ⚡️ @mountain_b3ar ⚡️+ hat tip and thanks to @papawolfsupplyco // more sauce ☞ @smallhomeideas #smallandtinyhomeideas

YNEZ | Todd Miller + Oregon Cottage Company / previously // s&thi mag + ig + fb


THE CINDER CONE | foster huntington

photo by @tearevor of @fosterhunting 's treehouse featured in rad new book ☞ @THE_TINY_MESS ~ will put direct link to the kickstarter in bio. . . CC @maddiegordonart & @sweetmountaintop

THE TINY MESS / photos by trevor gordon

photo by @tearevor for @THE_TINY_MESS // bought myself the upcoming book and am stoked -- link in bio


gabrielcraft: “FIFTH ELEMENT CAMPING | photos by ”

MINT TINY HOUSE | via + h/t // s&thi IG


Tiny House Movement

SHED / hat tip to sean david burke of unboxedhouse // s&thi mag + ig + fb


HOOSE | sol haus design + zamudio studio