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1997 Toyota 4Runner | Anza Borrego, California | //

1997 Toyota 4Runner | Anza Borrego, California | //

This Couple Travels the World in a Toyota Pickup

Ashley and Richard Giordano are behind Desk to Glory, an overland trip that the couple pursued in the usual fashion. In the fall of 2013, they quit their jobs, sold their belongings on Craigslist, rented their condo, and hit the road in a Toyota pickup. When a hiatus in their trip landed them back …


The Best Rooftop Tent at Overland Expo

Each summer, we head to Overland Expo West in search of the coolest off-road rigs and accessories. Rooftop tents were a hot item this year, yet Alu-Cab’s Gen3 Expedition Tent stood above the rest. With an integrated bike rack and durable build, it was versatile and off-road-ready. Take a tour with …

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Model: Toyota 4Runner SR5 4x4 + rooftop tent<br>Location: Joshua Tree National Park, CA<br>Photo:


40 sq ft & 2 skylights (^ω^)

8 Terrific Roof Top Tents That Make Camping a Breeze

Roof top tents assemble in seconds, which allow you more time around the campfire and less time fiddling with tent poles.<p>Roof top tents (sometimes just RTT) are more popular than ever, due to their convenience and an abundance of overlanders and adventure seeking campers. Securely attached to a …

My DIY Rooftop Tent


Roof Top Tent Buyer's Guide

May 15, 2016 Comments (2) Buyer's Guides, Gear, Home Page, Overlanding Components<p>Roof Top Tent Buyer’s Guide<p>Nothing seems to say <i>I’m an Overlander</i> …


Perch above the fray (and impress Instagram) in the best rooftop tents

As the outdoor industry plunges into a new age of luxury alongside the rest of the modern world, glamping grows in popularity. While we’re still …


Hitch-Mountable: ‘Rooftop’ Tents, Down To Earth

Coming soon, the Hitch n’ Pitch moves the rooftop tent off the roof and onto a trailer hitch.<b>Rooftop tents are a burgeoning trend in camping</b>. But …


Rolling Homes: The 7 Best Rooftop Camping Tents

Tepui Tents Ayer<p><b>Pro:</b> Inexpensive<b><br>Con:</b> Not very tall when deployed<p><b>Entry Level:</b> By and large you want to avoid rooftop tents that come in under the …

Roof-Top Tents: A Primer

Sleeping on the ground is not the only option. More and more, campers are custom-fitting vehicles to sleep in elevated tents up high.<p><b>Roof-top camping</b> …

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Yakima Racks will debut a rooftop tent and bring rooftop tent living into mainstream American culture | via gearjunkie

Yakima Racks will debut a rooftop tent and bring rooftop tent living into mainstream American culture | via gearjunkie

Finding the Lost Coast by way of Tepui roof-top tent

<b>Why the roof is catching fire</b><p>Tepui founder Evan Currid discovered roof-top tents on a trip through Venezuela, where they were relied upon as a way of …

Mendocino County

Setting up a Tepui rooftop tent video

Tepui Kukenam SKY is set up with an Evil The Wreckoning and Norco Sight ready for adventure.There are many ways to pursue our trail adventures aside …


Joh BabyOiL

An Overland Expedition Celebrating Oregon's Public Lands

gabrielcraft:FIFTH ELEMENT CAMPING | photos by

Fifth Element Camping

When I first fell in love with mountain biking I was living in San Francisco. Before too long I found myself spending more and more time driving …


photo by @MATTHEWHAHNEL rooftop tent by @CVTTENTS . . . more + free magazine ☞ @ROOFTOPTENTLIVING . . . #rooftoptentlife #rooftoptent #rooftoptentliving

Sleep on your car with this new ‘Mini Countryman’ roof tent

Don’t live out of your car — live on top of it. A new partnership between BMW-owned Mini and the Italian company Autohome has yielded quite the …



Vintage Volkswagen bus converted into solar electric camper

Impressive DIY right here<p>Today’s camper vans run the gamut, from the amphibious, to the luxurious, to the totally tricked out. A impressive new project from electric vehicle wizard Brett Belen shows how they can be super sustainable, too.<p>Belen, who’s previously created an electric golf cart and …

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Grand Raid XXL Evo by <b>James Baroud</b><p><i>After traveling almost 12K miles and spending 42 nights in a row in the tent, I know I picked the right one. Not once was I frustrated with the tent, and every morning I woke rested and ready to go. — @basillynch</i>

This Couple Travels the World in a Toyota Pickup


From the ExPo Vault: Sun Soaked Sands to The Great White North

The preparation was finished for the trip, bags were packed, and the FJ was filled to the roof with gear. We were off, myself and my brother Sutton …

Road Trips

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