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This is a Fully Solar Powered Electric VW Bus

Did Roof Top Tents Spark The Overlanding Craze?

Or was it the other way around?<p><p>Evan YatesView Evan Yates's Articles<p><p>My …


Yakima Racks will debut a rooftop tent and bring rooftop tent living into mainstream American culture | via gearjunkie

Yakima Racks will debut a rooftop tent and bring rooftop tent living into mainstream American culture | via gearjunkie


Roof Top Tent Buyer's Guide

May 15, 2016 Comments (2) Buyer's Guides, Gear, Home Page, Overlanding Components<p>Roof Top Tent Buyer’s Guide<p>Nothing seems to say <i>I’m an Overlander</i> …

Finding the Lost Coast by way of Tepui roof-top tent

Long popular in other countries, roof-top tents (RTTs) are having their moment in the US. The Santa Cruz-based innovators at Tepui are doing their …


photo by @TIFFORELIE 🔥+ hat tip & rooftop tent by @JAMESBAROUDUSA

Setting up a Tepui rooftop tent video

Tepui Kukenam SKY is set up with an Evil The Wreckoning and Norco Sight ready for adventure.There are many ways to pursue our trail adventures aside …

Mountain Biking

An Overland Expedition Celebrating Oregon's Public Lands


Fifth Element Camping

When I first fell in love with mountain biking I was living in San Francisco. Before too long I found myself spending more and more time driving …

photo by @MATTHEWHAHNEL rooftop tent by @CVTTENTS . . . more + free magazine ☞ @ROOFTOPTENTLIVING . . . #rooftoptentlife #rooftoptent #rooftoptentliving

Sleep on your car with this new ‘Mini Countryman’ roof tent

Why it matters to you<p>If you're looking to get outside this summer, just take your Mini and your Autohome roof tent and you'll be on the road trip of …

Clean Energy


Vintage Volkswagen bus converted into solar electric camper

Impressive DIY right here<p>Today’s camper vans run the gamut, from the amphibious, to the luxurious, to the totally tricked out. A impressive new project from electric vehicle wizard Brett Belen shows how they can be super sustainable, too.<p>Belen, who’s previously created an electric golf cart and …

photo by @NVMERTZ + rooftop tent by @denveroutfitters has a *built in roof rack with cross bars* to mount your MTB, kayak, etc. for more active rooftop tent living // more about rooftop tents + link to our free mag ☞ @rooftoptentliving #rooftoptentlife #rooftoptentliving


my rolling home is 42 sq ft & yet has two skylights

Rolling Homes: The 7 Best Rooftop Camping Tents

Tepui Tents Ayer<p><b>Pro:</b> Inexpensive<b><br>Con:</b> Not very tall when deployed<p><b>Entry Level:</b> By and large you want to avoid rooftop tents that come in under the …

Where did you stay last night? Gotta give a shout out to @victorofvalencia for recommending this dope hidden spot outside of canyon lands national park. Thanks brotha 👊 #canyonlandsnationalpark #canyon #canyonlands #homeiswhereyoyparkit #nissan #xterra #nissanxterra #offroad #dirtlover #visitutah #bestcampingadventures #epiccampingtrips #epiccamping


Grand Raid XXL Evo by <b>James Baroud</b><p><i>After traveling almost 12K miles and spending 42 nights in a row in the tent, I know I picked the right one. Not once was I frustrated with the tent, and every morning I woke rested and ready to go. — @basillynch</i>

From Sun Soaked Sands to The Great White North

The preparation was finished for the trip, bags were packed, and the FJ was filled to the roof with gear. We were off, myself and my brother Sutton …

#rooftoptentliving Popular Science 1937

Ursa Minor Jeep Wrangler First Drive

Truck Trend Magazine truck reviews<p>Base Camp: Want a Wrangler That's Even More Versatile? Now You Can Camp in One.<p>–<p>Jan 2, 2013<p>View Photo Gallery | 15 …

A fold able camper that attaches like a roof rack.

The reasons I made this camper:<br>- I was tired of setting up my tent at night while it's raining taking anywhere from 15 minutes to half an hour, and …

Tepui White Lightning Rooftop Tent

Trust us: Once you get in a rooftop tent, you’ll never want to go back to sleeping on the ground. These sky-high shelters are easier to set up, significantly more comfortable than their dirt-bound counterparts, and will keep you out of the mud when things get wet.<p>And the new hard-shell White …

En route from Huaraz to Lima we needed a spot to spend the night, so we pulled into Hatun Machay just in time to watch the sunset. Our blog post, Culture Shock and Tasty Eats in Lima, Peru, was just published and is available by clicking the link in our profile. #desktoglory #peru #hatunmachay #discoversouthamerica #cvtfamily #southamerica #onlyinsouthamerica #travelstoke #liveyouradventure #adventuremobile #thetoyotamag #yotamafia #cvttents #homeiswhereyouparkit #sunset #whatsyour20 #papawolf #lonelyplanet #natgeo #natgeotravel #expeditionportal #overlandempire #toyotapickup #drivetastefully #procomp #tacoma #toyotatacoma #provenoverland #forgeoverland #vanlife

gabrielcraft: “ rooftop tent living mag | face | insta GIF via Gabriel Craft of rooftopnomads ”40 sq ft & 2 skylights (^ω^)