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By The Type Hunter | Inspiring typography, advertising and ephemera captured in the wild of Antique Shops, Flea Markets and the far corners of the Web. View discoveries, findings, and original creations of Keith Tatum, the Type Hunter. #typehunter

Howard and Childs' pre prohibition label complete with an eagle front and center. When in doubt, put a bird on it. #typehunter #typehunting #badgehunting #vintagelabel #breweriana #preprohibition

Tobacco and baseball on deck for this morning. Tiger had bold labels and I see their tins from time to time while hunting. #typehunter #typehunting #badgehunting #vintageadvertising #vintagelabel

I'm not sure what or when, but this bit of fantastic will inspire something. Best to capture and let it simmer. #typehunter #typehunting #vintageprint #vintageadvertising

Sooo good. #typehunter #4cp #vintageillustration #vintageprint

Saw this beautiful badge standing the test of time during my lunch hour. #typehunter #typehunting #badgehunting #vintagedesign

Hey Gang, I spent a bit of time last night bringing this lettered piece to life, at least digitally. I have a couple folks that are printing it up. If you have been wanting to get more of that retro/vintage feel in your work, I highly recommend the tools for Illustrator and Photoshop being created by Retrosupply. Dustin Lee @heydustinlee , the creative force behind Retrosupply has been carefully studying old print, textures, misregistration and all the character of old print and advertising and using his Photoshop expertise to emulate the looks with really straight forward actions, brushes, textures and such. What I appreciate most is his video tutorials. He really breaks things down a walks you through getting the look. He also has a fantastic emails that often have freebies, tips and package deals on his products. Swing by and check out some of his videos and you'll see what I mean. I used some actions from Retropress combined with my own paper texture, brushes and techniques to give the vintage look this vector-converted lettering piece I did last year. #typehunter #retrosupply #vintagedesign #lettering

I'm torn between the awesome message and fantastic texture and type combos. Posted by @reddoorpress #typehunter #typehunting #letterpress #posterdesign

The printing on this is outrageously good and nudie glasses...I mean who wouldn't want to drink from that? I consider this "awful good." Originally posted by @jeff_seldin #typehunter #vintageadvertising #vintageprint

More spoils from the studio. Here's a Type Hunter secret...the brown cabinet in the center is a well disguised cat litter box with a side entrance. One of the many compromises of sharing space with two cats. Shhh, don't tell. #typehunter #typehuntersmalls #typehunterarchive #csadesign #hamiltonwoodtype #vintageadvertising

Surround yourself with loved ones and the things you love. I absorb great inspiration from the items I collect and keep in the studio. #typehunter #typehunterarchive #typehuntersmalls #vintageadvertising #csadesign #frenchpaperco

C.S.A. Archive Mousepad c. 1994 You had your choice of Mousetrap , Steak or Camper and they were packaged in fantastic, heavily illustrated cardboard boxes. Shown top right is the advertisement from the mail order catalog. Can't imagine there are many of these still floating around. #typehunter #typehunterarchive #csaarchive #csadesign

Glorious catch phrases shared with us by @firecrackerpress #typehunter #letterpress #woodtype #vintageadvertising

Feed sack with top shelf line art and type. Discovered by @koala_eyes

If you're in Columbus on Sunday, this Type Hunter original will be up for auction. Details below. #wildartcolumbus #thetypehunter Audience members, artists and sponsors are invited to join us at Wild Goose Creative on Sunday, May 31 from 6:30 to 9:00 p.m. for a one-day Pop-Up Art Opening & Live Auction. The most-liked piece from each day (30, in total) in May will be available for sale at this special event. Join us for refreshments, conversation and a sure-to-be entertaining Live Auction (featuring poet Amy Turn Sharp as auctioneer.) Doors open at 6:30 p.m. Live Auction begins promptly at 7:00 p.m. Proceeds from the sale of the art will benefit both the artist and Wild Goose Creative. Wild Goose Creative 2491 Summit Street Columbus, Ohio 43202

I picked this guy up last year at an antique shop ridiculously cheap and it turns out he's a remake/remix of an 1880s travel poster reimagined and printed by Morgan Press in the 1960s. While he's not as old as the original, he's got amazing details and looks fantastic on the mantle. #typehunter #letterpress #posterprint #posterdesign #vintageadvertising #morganpress

Lettered from a photograph of the interior lid of a sign maker's kit I stumbled across while hunting a couple years ago. Still loving the arrangement of type. #typehunter #lettering #vintageadvertising #signs

Unfinished work that shows inking in the process. Sometimes I'll take a long break away from a piece and come back to it. I'll definitely have some clean up work on the Diamond lettering. #typehunter #lettering #vintageadvertising

It's the little things, around the studio, with details that matter. I love smalls with character, thoughtful design, and simple utility. #typehunter #typehuntersmalls #typehunterarchive

Speckletone, French Linen, and Parchtone paper sample covers for French Paper. #typehunter #frenchpaperco

It wouldn't be right without finishing the night out with an assembly of all 6 poster designs created for #wildartcolumbus I'm fortunate to live in a city that is so supportive of the arts. I also appreciate all the looks, likes and comments today. #typehunter #posterdesign

Calling all screen and letterpress printers...I have been sitting on this hand-inked piece for too long. If you wish to print this piece as a portfolio example or would like to sell prints of it, please let me know. I will email you the vector-converted art and all I ask in exchange is for you to send me 10 prints. If you're all in, send an email to thetypehunter(at) #typehunter #printcollaboration

Cat's Paw is one of my favorite advertising marks and this box design is purrfect. I'll take print on cardboard, chipboard or Kraft any day. Discovered by @suntraptokyo #typehunter #typehunting #badgehunting #vintageadvertising #catspaw #greatprint

I love my morning sips of coffee and they are often paired with inspiring discoveries. This label would have made the morning complete with the well-balanced composition and tasty type combinations. #typehunter #typehunting #badgehunting #vintageadvertising #vintagelabel #coffee

Clever all around from the background pattern to the color scheme all the way up to the type kitteh. By @amadapress #typehunter #letterpress #posterdesign #greatprint

Attention class...welcome to the school of old. Our lesson for today is that you don't need custom stickers and little accessories. You simply need the bricks and your imagination. Class dismissed. #typehunter #lego #useyourimagination

After stumbling across loads of advertising premiums at antique and flea markets, I'm itching to create a pocket-sized, letterpress print with a ruler, calendar, decimal conversion chart, state bird, and quick facts for the state of Ohio. Basically, something so useful that you refuse to throw it away. #typehunter #letterpress #printideas #ohioforlife

“Mailbox treats for today. House back catalogs and one Hoefler & Frere-Jones to add to the #typehunterarchive House are the masters of…”

Advertising persuades no matter the era printed. #typehunter #tradecard #victorianera #letterpress

Glad this pre-prohibition label from around 1908 points out that the beer is pure and without poison. I definitely would have grabbed this over one that didn't tout this. Power of copywriting. #typehunter #typehunting #badgehunting #vintagelabel #breweriana