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20 Must-Know Typography Tools, Frameworks & Libraries for Web Designers | JUST™ Creative

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Typography is indeed one of …


The New Rules for Scrolling in Web Design

You're reading The New Rules for Scrolling in Web Design, originally posted on Designmodo. If you've enjoyed this post, be sure to follow on Twitter, …

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Ink: Responsive Email Templates

Found a problem with our inliner? Here's what to do.

Send us an email at [email protected].
• Attach (don't copy and paste) a copy of your original …

This 1939 Chart Explains How Color Affects Legibility

There's a reason road signs look a certain way.

Graphic Presentation by Willard Cope Brinton is an early visual bible that explains everything from graphs and charts to choosing paper and proofreaders' marks. One of the best infographics in the 526-page tome succinctly explains color visibility and, …

How to create the perfect responsive design


The very word brings to mind ideas of the unattainable and absolute. Infinity, parallel lines, the final numeral in pi, and of course: a responsive design that displays attractively across every imaginable platform.

Photo credit: UXPin

Design perfection is obviously an abstraction. If there …

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Apple’s plan to kill the hamburger menu

During Apple’s September event it announced a new technology called 3D Touch as part of the iPhone 6s. Apple calls it the “next generation of multitouch” and it isn’t mincing words when it comes to how important it is to the future.

Aside from the confusing naming, 3D Touch is similar to Force Touch …

6 TED Talks Every UX Professional Should Watch

We’ve rounded up some of the best TED Talks for UX professionals. These 6 awesome talks cover both user experience and the wider design principles to …

TED Talks

What is UX Design? 15 User Experience Experts Weigh In

What is UX design?Well, I think it’s important to start by saying there’s no commonly accepted definition.User experience design is a concept that has …


What Does Force Touch Mean For UI And UX?

Apple’s latest iPhone launch event managed to draw a big crowd (as usual), but was it worth the pilgrimage? The company did not make any …

Little Mountain Print Shoppe: Locally Crafted, Curated by Windstream

Lettering Library - A Comprehensive Catalog of Lettering Books

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A MAKERS FILM. Hand lettering the Camp Wandawega mascot truck.

Creative Commons

Letra y Grafía

Sign painting practice


Ged Palmer


Specimen study released into the wild by Keith Tatum #typehunter


So I had this beauty in my grasp. I let go when I saw the near $100 price tag. Admiration is free. #typehunter #typehunting #badgehunting #vintageadvertising #tobacciana

Something weird is coming this way. I'll give you a has to do with weird stuff I've been digging lately. #typehunter #comingsoon #weirdcollaboration

I have a magical story to share with this post. A few years back while digging around on Flickr, I came across the creative work of @jeanmosambi I was such a fan that I built a board on Pinterest when it was gaining popularity as a tool to collect inspiration. Fast forward a bit and I found myself spending more time on Instagram as it gained popularity. I had forgotten about Jean's work, but was delighted to stumble upon his feed last year, I believe. I was reconnected to the vintage and mid-century inspired work. That brings me to today. Jean sent me a handmade envelope with lettering on the front and several screen printed gifts inside. The small card with the intricate bird has a hand written note to me. We live in a wonderful time where digital allows personal connections to be made. I've never gotten mail from France and certainly never with so many personal touches. It has made my week. Please check out Jean's stream and you will be inspired by the craftsmanship. We should find kind ways like this to share our talents. I'll treasure the experience and gifts. For the record, I will always be a raving fan of the beautiful chance design of make ready and test prints that are re-purposed into something else. #typehunter #jeanmosambi #screenprints I still have the Pinterest board I started

There she is, the Queen City Printing Ink Co. badge. She was out of Cincinnati and left her mark on many letterpress and lithographic works. She wins the award for holding standard high for #ohioquality #typehunter #vintageadvertising #vintageprint #billhead

I'm not really sure I get what's happening here, but I like it. #typehunter #vintageillustration

Definitely a good looking, vibrant label out of Brooklyn. #typehunter #vintageadvertising #vintagelabels #breweriana

How about this trio of ads adorning the cover of a 1940s New York National League score card? Between innings you could smoke Between The Acts cigars. #typehunter #vintageadvertising #baseballephemera

Wow on the type and numerals. Well done, 1892 typography. #typehunter #vintagetypography

I enjoy finding old things that are new to me like the interior of this baseball scorecard. They were popular during the 1940s and 50s. They're fun to look at because the often contained illustrations and wonderful lettered type. I also find the simple use of color, like this red and blue combo, to be a creative way to make most of a limited palette. #typehunter #vintageadvertising #baseballephemera #scorecards

Can't get enough of the powerhouse layouts used in Sinclair gasoline ads. I found the Power-X ad on the left and it lead to further digging. They were packed with dynamic type, simple illustrations and eye snatching colors. #typehunter #sinclair #vintageadvertising #petroliana

Home Light Oil advertising card with a great type lockup. Good looking drop shade in there as well. I definitely appreciate the color scheme. #typehunter #vintageadvertising

Bad Neighborhood promotional poster by @houseindustries that reminds me of @printmafiaofficial #typehunter