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By Todd Merriman | And I, I took the road less traveled by, and that has been the crux of the problem.

World's Longest Train Rides

On these trips, the journey is the destination: Here are seven of the longest train rides in the world—across Russia, the U.S., Australia, Canada, and …

Road trip USA: 50 states, 50 unique stops

Pack up the car. Crank up the radio. And make your way through unknown territory. Getting behind the wheel for an extended road trip is always an adventure, but these carefully chosen pit stops along the way will add a little extra oomph to your next road trip. Scroll through the gallery to find …

Road Trips

The 12 Most Luxurious All-Inclusive Resorts in the World

14 Under-the-Radar Beaches You Should Visit

We’re always looking for alternatives to the over-crowded, touristy beaches of the world. Here are our editors’ picks for the best lesser-known …


Top 10 alternative city breaks in Europe

Ghent, Belgium

Why go?
While Bruges can sometimes feel a little like a tourist toy-town, Ghent keeps it real. The city still offers picturesque Flemish architecture and historical sites - St Bavo Cathedral is the obvious one - but you’ll also find a buzzing contemporary creative scene too, with …


US road trip: a guide to Route 66

Route 66 is the quintessential American road trip. No other road has captured the imagination and the essence of the American spirit. It has inspired musicians, filmmakers and writers, from classic literature (John Steinbeck’s The Grapes of Wrath) to Pixar movie Cars and video game Grand Theft …

Road Trips

Glass-Bottomed Attractions: 11 Spectacular Views at Terrifying Heights

Embrace the vertigo—the view from these skywalks, glass bridges, and see-through observation decks are worth it. Check out the slideshow for dizzying …

Grand Canyon

The Best Walking Cities in the U.S.

It's National Walking Day, and to celebrate, we're rounding up our favorite cities to explore on foot.


‘Surfing’ the World’s Most Beautiful Sand Dunes

A little-touristed treasure in a remote corner of northeastern Brazil

The soles of your feet have never been happier. It’s the finest sand you’ve ever …

Sand Dunes

12 most romantic islands in the South Pacific

For more than 300 years, travelers have been coming to the South Pacific in search of romance.

Paul Gauguin, Marlon Brando, Fletcher Christian, Robert Louis Stevenson. We know the legends.

Today, the tradition continues with honeymooners, artists and dreamers who descend on the region each year.

With …

South Pacific

Grenada, The Caribbean's Prettiest Place

It isn't warming up anytime soon, which means we’re still in need of a mid-winter Caribbean vacation to keep us sane. Barbados, Barbuda, the Bahamas -- there are too many beautiful places to choose from!

So why not pick a wild card and head to Grenada?

Grenada is an island country in the Caribbean …


7 spring flings in the Northwest

7 spring flings in the Northwest From blooming tulip fields to unsung wine country, the Northwest is yours to savor this season


Secrets Of The Ring Road: Iceland’s Epic Road Trip

Driving Iceland’s Ring RoadRing Road, IcelandThere’s nothing like a good road trip. Especially when driving past active volcanoes, blue icebergs, …

Road Trips

One Month on the World’s Longest Train Ride for $1,000

‘It’s like teleporting to a different land every time you wake up’

In the late 19th century, some guy thought it would be a good idea to build a train …

St Petersburg

How I Got to See an Upside-Down Iceberg — Gone — Medium

How I Shot a Flipped Iceberg in Antarctica

Capturing an incredibly rare sight at the bottom of the world

From a distance it looked like rock. Up close …

Marriott International

10 romantic getaways you've never done before

Feel like you and your sweetheart have done everything there is to do? This Valentine's Day, think outside of the (chocolate) box and embark on one of these unique -- and unusually romantic -- getaways, from the stark orange desert of Oman to the snowy tundra of Greenland.


Perfect for: …

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Luxe life: Forbes Travel Guide names new 5-star hotels

Forbes Travel Guide today added 18 new hotels to its list of Five-Star properties, bringing the total number of Five-Star hotels to 115, the most in its history.

Forbes also named 10 new Five-Star restaurants for a total of 55. Seven new spas earned the honor, pushing that tally to 48.

For the first …


10 Best Places for Snowmobiling in the U.S. | Fodor's

United States

The 12 Best Boozy, Adults-Only, All-Inclusive Hotels

One way to ensure a stress-free vacation is to head to an all-inclusive resort where you don't have to reach for your credit card every time you want …


10 Amazing Ice Castles Around the World | Fodor's


What to Do in Europe's Smallest Countries

From Vatican City's artistic masterpieces to the pristine beauty of the Faroe Islands, Europe's smallest countries have a wealth of experiences to …

20 Hidden Ski Resorts in North America- Voted by YOU

Here it is………20 hidden Snow resorts of North America- VOTED BY YOU

How many have you ridden? Where is your hidden Gem?

1. Powder King Mackenzie, BC

The …

Top 30 Islands in the World: Readers' Choice Awards 2014

Condé Nast Traveler readers ranked the best islands in the world. Is your favorite on the list? Read about all the best cities, hotels, resorts, …

Exploring Chile’s Secret Island

DARK CLOUDS threatened rain all morning as we hiked across a primordial landscape of lush green hills and through forests of wind-sculpted trees, ferns and exotic flora. “This is the last steep slope,” my guide, Carlos Toledo, said. “But it’s worth it.” Cresting the summit, we saw the clouds part …

Five Great Bicycle Routes in Europe

Planes, trains, and automobiles certainly provide travelers with an edge when it comes to getting the most mileage out of Europe’s dreamy, castle-flecked landscapes. But there’s a price to pay: We end up being passive observers, rather than participants in the journey itself.

Touring Europe by …

10 Remarkable Road Trips in the U.S.A.

Planes allow you to travel quickly around the U.S., but if your journey is the destination, take to the roads to explore the country’s dazzling array

The Far Side of Paradise

One of the things I like best about Hana is that there is nothing to do. This is intentional on my part. It's a small town on the far eastern end of Maui, with one general store and not much else. But for us city folk who are wedded to our iPhones and iPads and computers and all the connectivity in …

Far Side

Strange But True: 8 Out Of The Ordinary Ski Areas