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By Todd Merriman | And I, I took the road less traveled by, and that has been the crux of the problem.

10 of Europe's best national parks … that you've probably never heard of

Gran Paradiso, Italy

It may be one of the oldest protected areas in the Alps, but the wild lakes and mountains of Gran Paradiso national park often get overlooked by tourists, who are more likely to visit northern Italy’s more popular destinations: the lakes of Como, Maggiore and Garda. In the …

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6 Awe-Inspiring Natural Phenomena Around the World

By Leigh Ann Henion, author of Phenomenal

Leigh Ann Henion is the author of Phenomenal: A Hesitant Adventurer's Search for Wonder in the Natural World. It's a memoir about how—during her first years as a mother—she set out to reawaken her own sense of wonder via the northern lights, a solar eclipse, …

Yosemite National Park

Nepal's year-round trekking route

“Ukaalo, oraalo,” said our guide, Naresh Gurung, describing the three-hour hike we’d just begun toward Three Mountain Lodge in central Nepal. He undulated his hand: “up” and “down”.

I’d been on treks in the Himalayas before and wondered if, in a country where the earth rises to the hypoxia-inducing …

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Most Expensive Hotels

Ever wondered how the other half-percent lives? These hotels spare no expense in delivering the most extraordinary hospitality experiences possible. …


30 inviting island escapes - CNN.com

Must-see islands 30 photos

Hit the water – We asked readers to share their dreamiest island experiences. CNN iReporter Eric Hanscom has the right idea. The patent attorney and his family live in Carlsbad, California, during the school year and spend the rest of their time running Thai-West, a resort …

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Walking to Petra: 7 Pillars of Beauty

Rated among the 15 best treks in the world by National Geographic, one anticipates a great deal in walking across southern Jordan to Petra. Seven reasons why this section of the Abraham Path still exceeds anyone's expectations.

1. Descending Wadi Dana

On the King's Highway towards Dana village there …


Top 10 Island Beaches for Chillin': Honeymoon Beach, Meads Bay, Lizard Island - Condé Nast Traveler

Though much of St. Kitts has been developed in recent years, tranquility still reigns at pristine Banana Bay. Unlike its neighbors Cockleshell and …

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World's Best Beach Resorts: Readers' Choice 2014 - Condé Nast Traveler

What's special: 24 beaches and a lagoon making up the northernmost resort along the Great Barrier Reef. The entire island is a National Park accessed …

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5 Awe Inspiring National Parks For Your USA Road Trip

With more than 50 national parks (the largest of which covers an area greater than that of Switzerland) protecting America’s most awe inspiring …

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America's 15 Best Small-Town Festivals | Fodor's

The towns where travellers lose track of time

It was only supposed to be a couple of days; time enough to check out the temple you’d read about, pick up some bargains in the market, and mosey round the town before you head off to the next stop on your travels.

Yet somehow it’s a week later and not only are you still there, but you can’t see …

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Europe's 8 Most Picturesque Towns | Fodor's

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Italy’s Most Beautiful Beaches - Condé Nast Traveler

Thought Capri was nice? You ain’t seen nothing yet. From Sicily to Liguria, we handpicked 12 of Italy’s most stunning beaches. You’re welcome.

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New Zealand in winter

It’s thought New Zealand acquired the Maori name Aotearoa or ‘the land of the long white cloud’ due to the nation’s abiding daylight. Even in winter this moniker rings true, with New Zealand’s colder months heralding sunshine and good times aplenty.

Avoid the queues, peak pricing and the summer …

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America's coolest small towns 2015

Ever heard of Grand Marais, Minnesota?

Located on the north shore of Lake Superior along the border of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, Grand Marais is Budget Travel's Coolest Small Town in America for 2015.

Winner of the travel magazine's 10th annual award, Grand Marais typifies the small …

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Driving The Amalfi Coast Highway

The Amalfi Coast. That miserable and storied month of February now over, I am acutely aware of how anxious and unhappy I was throughout. This didn’t …

7 of the World's Longest Train Rides - Condé Nast Traveler

On these trips, the journey is the destination: Here are seven of the longest train rides in the world—across Russia, the U.S., Australia, Canada, and …

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Road trip USA: 50 states, 50 unique stops

Pack up the car. Crank up the radio. And make your way through unknown territory. Getting behind the wheel for an extended road trip is always an adventure, but these carefully chosen pit stops along the way will add a little extra oomph to your next road trip. Scroll through the gallery to find …

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The 12 Most Luxurious All-Inclusive Resorts in the World


14 Under-the-Radar Beaches You Should Visit - Condé Nast Traveler

We’re always looking for alternatives to the over-crowded, touristy beaches of the world. Here are our editors’ picks for the best lesser-known …

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Top 10 alternative city breaks in Europe

Ghent, Belgium

Why go?
While Bruges can sometimes feel a little like a tourist toy-town, Ghent keeps it real. The city still offers picturesque Flemish architecture and historical sites - St Bavo Cathedral is the obvious one - but you’ll also find a buzzing contemporary creative scene too, with …


US road trip: a guide to Route 66

Route 66 is the quintessential American road trip. No other road has captured the imagination and the essence of the American spirit. It has inspired musicians, filmmakers and writers, from classic literature (John Steinbeck’s The Grapes of Wrath) to Pixar movie Cars and video game Grand Theft …

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Glass-Bottomed Attractions: 11 Spectacular Views at Terrifying Heights - Condé Nast Traveler

Embrace the vertigo—the view from these skywalks, glass bridges, and see-through observation decks are worth it. Check out the slideshow for dizzying …

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The Best Walking Cities in the U.S. - Condé Nast Traveler

It's National Walking Day, and to celebrate, we're rounding up our favorite cities to explore on foot.

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‘Surfing’ the World’s Most Beautiful Sand Dunes

A little-touristed treasure in a remote corner of northeastern Brazil

The soles of your feet have never been happier. It’s the finest sand you’ve ever …

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12 most romantic islands in the South Pacific

For more than 300 years, travelers have been coming to the South Pacific in search of romance.

Paul Gauguin, Marlon Brando, Fletcher Christian, Robert Louis Stevenson. We know the legends.

Today, the tradition continues with honeymooners, artists and dreamers who descend on the region each year.

With …

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Grenada, The Caribbean's Prettiest Place

It isn't warming up anytime soon, which means we’re still in need of a mid-winter Caribbean vacation to keep us sane. Barbados, Barbuda, the Bahamas -- there are too many beautiful places to choose from!

So why not pick a wild card and head to Grenada?

Grenada is an island country in the Caribbean …

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7 spring flings in the Northwest

7 spring flings in the Northwest From blooming tulip fields to unsung wine country, the Northwest is yours to savor this season


Secrets Of The Ring Road: Iceland’s Epic Road Trip

Driving Iceland’s Ring RoadRing Road, IcelandThere’s nothing like a good road trip. Especially when driving past active volcanoes, blue icebergs, …

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