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By Todd Merriman | And I, I took the road less traveled by, and that has been the crux of the problem.

Green escapes: spectacular parks near great cities

Burned out by the relentless pace of your city break? These on-the-doorstep parks are perfect when you need to escape from the urban jungle.

From sea cliffs south of London to a beach on the fringes of Hong Kong and a fanciful chateau on the edge of Paris, it’s worth taking time out of your hectic …

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3 Secret Island Day Trips From Stockholm

Off Duty Spring 50

MOST NORTHERN EUROPEAN cities struggle through long winters, but Stockholm’s is so endless and light-starved that it makes “The Seventh Seal” look like a Judd Apatow movie.

When the sunshine does return, the contrast is extraordinary: At the first hint of spring, little …

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6 Awe-Inspiring Natural Phenomena Around the World

By Leigh Ann Henion, author of Phenomenal

Leigh Ann Henion is the author of Phenomenal: A Hesitant Adventurer's Search for Wonder in the Natural World. It's a memoir about how—during her first years as a mother—she set out to reawaken her own sense of wonder via the northern lights, a solar eclipse, …

Yosemite National Park

Filson Life A Season Well Spent with Jillian Lukiwski - Filson Life

Jillian Lukiwski, also known as The Noisy Plume, is an independent metalsmith, freelance photographer and writer representing the indelible spirit of


Buttes and beasts: amazing US national parks – in pictures

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Under-The-Radar African Safari: Namibia

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10 spectacular rail journeys … that you’ve probably never heard of

Tren de la Libertad, Ecuador

Ecuador’s Train of Freedom travels between Otavalo, Ibarra and Salinas in the northern part of the country. Recently renovated, the line passes through the Chota valley, along narrow mountain ledges, hair-raising bridges and lengthy tunnels and offers a gentle ride …

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Koh Phayam: 'Like Thailand's Koh Samui in the 70s' - CNN.com

(CNN)Ten years have passed since I first encountered Koh Phayam.

After seeing it described in a brochure I found lying on a table in a cafe in Bangkok's Khaosan Road as "Like Koh Samui in the '70s," I bought a ticket to go.

And stayed for six months.

This small kangaroo-shaped island on Thailand's …


America's most indulgent food trails

Fully surrender yourself to the many tastes of the country with food trails meant to make you loosen your belt a notch or two. From farm-fresh to comfort-style, these cities and states have lined up the best restaurants, bakeries and markets for sampling delicacies and regional specialties. These …


12 of the world's quirkiest hotels | CNN Travel

Click through the gallery to see the rest of the quirky hotels on the list.

When it comes to travel, most of us usually look for hotels that are conveniently located, affordable and comfortable.

But sometimes, we want something out of the ordinary.

Need inspiration?

These 12 eccentric hotels …


America's Best National Park Road Trips

Nothing gets us more excited for summer than the prospect of an epic road trip: wind whipping through open car windows, highways flanked by stunning …

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10 of the best ancient ruins … that you’ve probably never heard of

Koh Ker, Cambodia

Lost to forest and abandoned for over a thousand years, you’ll find this little-visited site in northern Cambodia. It’s less than two hours’ ride from its more famous cousin, Angkor Wat, and well worth a visit to see more than two dozen temples emerging from the jungle. A highlight …


9 New Places You Must Add To Your Travel Bucket List

While seeing the places you know and are familiar with is all fine and well, sometimes, adventuring into the unknown can be immensely rewarding. The following nine places may be a bit remote, but they're absolute must-sees before age gets the best of you:

Milford Sound, Southland, New Zealand

Milford …

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15 Places You Won't Believe Exist

We're awed by rainbow-colored canyons, lakes, and natural pools; by national parks that inspired the making of Pandora in James Cameron's Avatar.

James Cameron

Guide to Joshua Tree

ou could say that nature is in my blood. Growing up in a family of eight, I learned to appreciate nature by spending family time camping and …


10 of Europe's best national parks … that you've probably never heard of

Gran Paradiso, Italy

It may be one of the oldest protected areas in the Alps, but the wild lakes and mountains of Gran Paradiso national park often get overlooked by tourists, who are more likely to visit northern Italy’s more popular destinations: the lakes of Como, Maggiore and Garda. In the …

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Nepal's year-round trekking route

“Ukaalo, oraalo,” said our guide, Naresh Gurung, describing the three-hour hike we’d just begun toward Three Mountain Lodge in central Nepal. He undulated his hand: “up” and “down”.

I’d been on treks in the Himalayas before and wondered if, in a country where the earth rises to the hypoxia-inducing …

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Most Expensive Hotels

Ever wondered how the other half-percent lives? These hotels spare no expense in delivering the most extraordinary hospitality experiences possible. …


30 inviting island escapes - CNN.com

Must-see islands 30 photos

Hit the water – We asked readers to share their dreamiest island experiences. CNN iReporter Eric Hanscom has the right idea. The patent attorney and his family live in Carlsbad, California, during the school year and spend the rest of their time running Thai-West, a resort …

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Walking to Petra: 7 Pillars of Beauty

Rated among the 15 best treks in the world by National Geographic, one anticipates a great deal in walking across southern Jordan to Petra. Seven reasons why this section of the Abraham Path still exceeds anyone's expectations.

1. Descending Wadi Dana

On the King's Highway towards Dana village there …


Top 10 Island Beaches for Chillin'

There are beaches for partying, beaches for swimming, and beaches for doing absolutely nothing at all. If you’re after the latter, we’ve got you …


World's Best Beach Resorts: Readers' Choice 2014

Private islands in the Caribbean. Mega-resorts on Bali. Readers of Condé Nast Traveler have cast their votes, selecting these 40 beach resorts as …

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5 Awe Inspiring National Parks For Your USA Road Trip

With more than 50 national parks (the largest of which covers an area greater than that of Switzerland) protecting America’s most awe inspiring …

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America's 15 Best Small-Town Festivals | Fodor's

The towns where travellers lose track of time

It was only supposed to be a couple of days; time enough to check out the temple you’d read about, pick up some bargains in the market, and mosey round the town before you head off to the next stop on your travels.

Yet somehow it’s a week later and not only are you still there, but you can’t see …

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Europe's 8 Most Picturesque Towns | Fodor's

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Italy’s Most Beautiful Beaches

Thought Capri was nice? You ain’t seen nothing yet. From Sicily to Liguria, we handpicked 12 of Italy’s most stunning beaches. You’re welcome.


New Zealand in winter

It’s thought New Zealand acquired the Maori name Aotearoa or ‘the land of the long white cloud’ due to the nation’s abiding daylight. Even in winter this moniker rings true, with New Zealand’s colder months heralding sunshine and good times aplenty.

Avoid the queues, peak pricing and the summer …

America's coolest small towns 2015

Ever heard of Grand Marais, Minnesota?

Located on the north shore of Lake Superior along the border of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, Grand Marais is Budget Travel's Coolest Small Town in America for 2015.

Winner of the travel magazine's 10th annual award, Grand Marais typifies the small …

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