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By Todd Merriman | And I, I took the road less traveled by, and that has been the crux of the problem.

25 photos that will inspire you to visit Svalbard

By onSeptember 20, 2016 in Adventures, Destinations, Europe, Get Inspired, Norway, Photography<p>Two weeks ago I was just wrapping up a trip to a place …


21 of the world's most beautiful beachfront hotels

(CNN)From Australia to the Caribbean, there's no shortage of beautiful beachfront hotels around the world to choose from.<p>But some are, quite simply, more beautiful than others.<p>Whether you're after a glitzy, all-inclusive resort or a low-key island hideaway, we've picked 21 of the world's most …


Essential Guide: Bars at the End of the World

People have found ways to live in the most inhospitable places on earth. Nearly immediately after finding a way to survive, they have found a way to …


9 Reasons Why Boulder Is the Coolest City in America

Facing the Front Range, surrounded by expansive, wildflower-dotted fields, Boulder is often called a city within a park, enticing locals and visitors …


The World's Most Spectacular Waterfront Restaurants

At these waterfront restaurants, the views are just as sublime as the cuisine.


Cheap Thrills: 19 Exceptional Off-Season Travel Destinations

The lie that tourism boards want you to believe is that off-peak travel is somehow worse. That you’ll endure endless storms and be stuck sitting …

Horseback Riding

The World's Most Insanely Beautiful Coastlines

When we started this list, we had 50-odd coastlines to choose from across both hemispheres: palm-lined stretches of white-sand beaches, profoundly …

Giant's Causeway

The Hidden Gems That Make Mexico One of the Most Beautiful Countries on Earth

If you've caught a sunset off the coast of Puerto Vallarta, snorkeled in Cozumel, or cruised around the Arch of Los Cabos, then congrats. You have …


The Rugged Beauty of the Amalfi Coast

To state the obvious, Italy's Amalfi Coast is as beautiful as any stretch of coastline in the world, 25 miles of rippling inlets and bays that include the island of Capri and its extraordinary Blue Grotto. Then there is the way the small towns are cut into the hillsides, defying gravity and common …

Amalfi Coast

Inside Ethiopia’s sizzling cauldron

The tribal Afar people have inhabited this arid moonscape for centuries, eking out a living by transporting salt across the brutal desert by camel caravans.<p>It was a searing 43C in the shade, but Dawit, my young Ethiopian guide, told me that I was lucky, as temperatures here in the Danakil can top …


The underwater oasis is “like a walk through Dr. Seuss’s garden.”

President Obama has designated the first marine national monument in the Atlantic Ocean, which will protect 4,913 square miles of underwater terrain off the coast of New England.<p>The newly named Northeast Canyons and Seamounts Marine National Monument is home to underwater canyons and extinct …


The Best Off-Season Fall Travel Destinations

SHARE<p>Montenegro (Hotel Prices & Photos)<p>Often referred to as the most beautiful Balkan country, this magnificent land of fairy-tale landscapes …

Cape Cod

10 of the World's Greatest Ruins

Talk about a throwback: These 10 amazing ruins are thousands of years old, revealing much about lost and ancient cultures.

Indiana Jones

Surfing Siberia

Anything is possible in Russia. You hear it everywhere you go, in any question you ask. But it also means that it is in the realm of possibilities …


Vojvodina vagabonding: slow travel in Serbia’s north

Novi Sad is famous for its energetic EXIT Festival, gregarious groggeries and Danube beach parties. But Serbia’s second city is also the capital of Vojvodina, a rustic region of tranquil nature, mellow villages and a laid-back legacy of big-hearted hospitality. Compact and well-linked by good …


Which Off-the-Grid Getaway Is Right for You?

Globetrotting is an enthralling but exhausting business, especially when visiting iconic cities. There’s pressure not only to catch all the major …

Simple Living

The 50 Most Beautiful Places in Asia

Asia is the largest continent both in terms of sheer size (17,139,445 square miles) and population (more than four billion), which means there's</i> …


8 of the most memorable drives in the West

In national parks throughout the West, rangers and traffic engineers work long hours to nudge travelers out of their cars and onto trails — or at least onto shuttle buses and other less polluting alternatives. But the dramatic roads that the National Park Service carved out in the early 20th …


The Best Lakes in Italy

Italy’s rolling countryside and coastal towns, plates of pasta, and ancient sites are well documented (and well visited). But its more than 1,500 …


Clam Digging in Koh Klang

In this Thai village the fishermen come out when the tide recedes.<p>Two goats, a rooster, and a hen visit me at my hammock. Not a bad way to share a beach.<p>It’s high tide on the Andaman Sea. The water is close, but I’m not looking at it. Instead I swing in the shade of Thailand’s national flower,</i> …


The city that lives a double life

The Buda and the Pest sides not only give Hungary’s capital its name, but also define the varied lifestyles and character on each side.<p>Hungary's capital is a tale of two cities, split by the Danube river. The Buda and the Pest sides not only give the city its name, but also define its different …


Inside Mandalay, David Bowie's Mustique holiday home

<b>The villa:</b> Although this is the house that David Bowie built, it is a property inhabited by two spirits: that of the rock star and of the exuberantly eccentric publisher and poet Felix Dennis , who bought the house from the singer in 1995 , and owned it until his death in 2014 . Set on one of the …


Trading High Risk for High Reward in Kamchatka

An electric bear fence powered by two D-cell batteries probably wasn’t going to do the trick.<p>Kamchatka brown bears are like grizzlies, only bigger. …


High-end hikes step up adventure

<b>(CNN) —</b> While the modern hiker may spend days trekking miles up mountains, over rivers and through the woods, many of today's trekkers opt to skip toting their own packs and setting up camp at day's end.<p>The more fabulous hikes often end with a gourmet meal and a trained massage therapist kneading …


The Most Beautiful National Parks in Canada

Choosing Canada’s most beautiful national parks feels a bit like deciding between the best chocolate or cashmere—the world’s second-biggest country …


10 Luxurious Jungle Lodges

If you think staying in a jungle lodge involves battling with mosquitoes and showering under a trickle of tepid water, think again. Even in the most …

Hot Tubs

18 Trips of a Lifetime: A Peek at Condé Nast Traveler Voyages

The question we're asked most is the simplest: <i>Where should I go?</i> Now, we have 18 answers—and a fast track to make them real.


9 Best Places to Go Hot-Air Ballooning in the World

Revel in 360-degree views of Earth’s most scenic landscapes, hovering high and low on a thrilling hot-air balloon ride. Only the adventurous need …

Hot Air Balloons