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The Best Secret Garden in Barcelona

Twenty four years ago, Spanish artist and animator Javier Mariscal discovered an abandoned leather factory on Barcelona’s rundown east side. The cavernous complex had crumbling buildings, a smokestack, and an inauspicious location down the block from the local Hell’s Angels clubhouse. Mariscal, …

Palo Alto

10 Tips for a Simplified Garden, to Grow More With Less

It has been more than three years since I last wrote about My Neighbor Bea, a person who has persuaded her family (including her husband, Scott, her two sons and a tiny dog) to live with less stuff than the average monk–and to produce no garbage. She tried to train me, too, for awhile, and I have …


10 Easy Pieces: Perennials for the Seaside Garden

When I bought my Cape Cod cottage by the bay, I dreamed of an English country-style garden, all lush and wild. And so for years I fertilized and watered, and replanted, and fertilized and watered some more, only to wind up with a few scraggly scraps of green. Which is why one day, I found myself at …


Design Sleuth: A Very Green Garage

When it comes to improvement projects, a first step for many renovators is to try to remove invasive vines, but for Act Romegialli Architects in Italy, the goal was just the opposite.

For the renovation of a dilapidated garage in the Rhaetian Alps, the hope was to cover the structure with as much …

Sustainable Design

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- Begonia blancii, a new species discovered by Patrick Blanc in Palawan in the Philippines : photos, video, …

Wisteria: A Dangerous Beauty (Are You Tempted?)

The charms of wisteria are almost impossible to resist. Lounging languorously over a fence or pergola, she will beckon to you with her heady perfume. Before you know it, her nodding, pendulous blooms have hypnotized you. Soon you are rushing to the nearest garden center, determined to own her, but …


Share Your Recipe to Win a Vertical Garden

To celebrate the arrival of spring and cap off a month of giveaway contests, this week we’re awarding a grand prize from William-Sonoma Agrarian’s spring catalog: a Freestanding Vertical Garden with a value of $400.

With a Freestanding Vertical Garden, you can plant a year round “living wall” of …


Hanging Garden Lamps Green Up Interiors - Urban Gardens

One of my favorite Brooklyn artisan-makers is the collaborative design studio, Autumn Workshop, whose Scrap Ecology lighting we featured a while

Urban Ecology

Urban Vertical Garden Built From Hundreds of Recycled Soda Bottles

As part of an innovative partnership called Home Sweet Home (Lar Doce Lar) between multidisciplinary design firm Rosenbaum and TV producer Luciano …

Urban Ecology

The Greenest House in Venice, California

After the Bricault family remodeled their prewar cottage in Venice, CA and wrapped the house in a living wall of plants five years ago, the neighbors had all kinds of questions about their second-floor vertical garden, including, “Do you get roots coming through the inside walls?”

Which undoubtedly …


Moss Graffiti as Holiday Decor: Williamsburg Edition

Wandering in Brooklyn the other day, I was headed toward Williamsburg when I saw the moss graffiti wall that Mexican artist Hugo Rojas created this year for the DUMBO Arts Fest. I managed to restrain myself (but just barely) from reaching up to rub a velvety hoof:

Photographs by Julie Carlson except …


The Original Vertical Garden: Hotel Raphael in Rome

On a recent trip to Rome, I turned down a quiet street near the Piazza Navona, came face to face with the facade of the Hotel Raphael, and suddenly understood all the fuss about vertical gardens:

Above: Perhaps this was the original DIY vertical garden; 30 years ago the prime minister used to stay …


From Canada, a Chandelier That's Also an Herb Garden

We love the useful design of Toronto-based designer Ryan Taylor’s Babylon Light, a ceiling fixture that’s also a hanging vertical garden:

Above: Made of powder-coated aluminum, the Babylon Light has a planting dish deep enough for herbs; for information and pricing, see Oni Projects.

For more herbs …


DIY Vertical Garden Kit: Just Add Water (and a Wall)

No space is too small for a vertical garden. All you need is a wall and a plan.

For a plan, we recently visited Paxton Gate, the famously quirky store in San Francisco’s Mission District that sells Japanese garden tools and fossilized dinosaur teeth alongside tiny potted succulents and distillation …


Stacking Green House: An Urban Jungle in Vietnam

With his winning entry for the House Category in the 2012 World Architecture Festival, Vietnamese architect Vo Trong Nghia gives us hope that the days of fooling Mother Nature may be over soon; it’s time to harness her genius instead.

In Ho Chi Minh City, where it is not unusual for the power to go …

Urban Ecology

World's Biggest Vertical Garden: One More Reason to Visit Italy

Most tourists snap photos of the Coliseum or the Leaning Tower of Pisa, but let us not overlook what in my opinion is Italy’s most important contribution to 21st architecture–the world’s biggest vertical garden, with 44,000 plants on 13,600 square feet of wall at a shopping mall near Milan. (Plus, …


Joost Bakker's Vertical Gardens

From Australia, eco-designer Joost Bakker offers home gardeners small-scale versions of the massive steel and terracotta vertical gardens that cover the facades of his popup Greenhouse restaurants and his own …


Vertical Garden Kit: The Ideal Ivy

Inspired by today’s post “The Original Vertical Garden via Rome,” we asked a handful of garden professionals to recommend the ideal ivy to use with a DIY vertical garden kit. The hands-down recommendation: English ivy. Considered by some to be a garden pest and by others to be a garden helper, it …


39 Insanely Cool Vertical Gardens

Welcome to the green future. These aren’t your grandmother’s window boxes.

1. Bosco Verticale

This rendering by architect Stefano Boeri features the first urban vertical forest, Bosco Verticale in Milan.

The pair of apartment skyscrapers are built to sustain the equivalent of 2.5 acres of forest …


Alternatives to Ivy: Vertical Growers

Recently we offered a professional’s recommendation of the perfect Ivy plant. Little did we know this benign (OK, maybe “invasive” is more apt) plant would stir up a bee’s hive of controversy. Some readers told us in no uncertain terms what they think of ivy: “a monster,” “kudzu,” and “I will never …


Grow Up

Hanging garden kits from Paxton Gate

Ever since the so-called pole gardener attached planters to parking meters in the Inner Richmond last summer, …

The Easiest Urban Garden?

“Gutter” is not the most beautiful word in the English language (nor does it have the happiest connotations: read “guttersnipe”). But when it comes to gardening, it’s a different story; read on to discover how to transform a gutter into a vertical garden.

Urban pioneers like SF-based Tiffanie …


Vertical Gardens Made With—

How clever! Admired in the garden of the Stable Cafe in San Francisco recently: artful arrangements of painted shutters sprouting succulents.

Lila B. Design, a San Francisco-based floral and garden design firm founded by Baylor Chapman, created this new take on the DIY vertical garden kit. Chapman …


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