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Dear Diary: A Gardener's Journal

Seems like everybody we know is journaling (when did this word become a verb? Discuss) these days.<p>And with back-to-school season underway, we’ve been looking for an excuse to go shopping for supplies (colored pencils!) of our own. Following the lead of the folks at GRDN shop here in Brooklyn who …


A Visit to Somerset: Temperley's Cider Brandy

“There is no better pleasure than to be out-talented by your own family,” says Julian Temperley, the renowned cider brandy maker from Somerset, whose daughter Alice Temperley has added layers of talent to the family name. Her recent collaboration with British department store John Lewis is called …


10 Easy Pieces: Canvas Weekend Bags

Between my husband and me, we own one perfect weekend bag. When we travel, it turns into a tug of war (it’s too small to accommodate both of us). It’s time to get a second perfect weekend bag. Here are ten I’m coveting. Which one would you pick?<p>Above: The Weekend Bag by The Good Flock is made from …


Escape to Alcatraz: Go Directly to Jail to Tour the Gardens

Who knew that for decades San Francisco’s famous Alcatraz prison harbored not only notorious criminals, but also a collection of lush gardens?<p>The Gardens of Alcatraz were planted more than 150 years ago for the benefit of those serving duty, those serving time, and the San Francisco residents who …


Shopper's Diary: That Flower Shop in Shoreditch

London’s “it” florist Hattie Fox recently moved her Shoreditch studio, That Flower Shop, from a nearby former blacksmith’s digs to a street-front shop at the new Ace Hotel. We can see why:<p>Above: Photograph by Mark Leary via Flickr.<p>To see more of the interiors’ signature Pacific Northwest …


The Ultimate Travel Scarf by Las Coleccionistas

I’ve never really mastered the art of tying a simple silk scarf. Do I tie it in a knot? A bow? The perfect twist and tie eludes me, but I have a friend who manages to pull off the look with incredible panache, and I’m convinced that one of these days I’ll be able to wrap my locks into the perfect …


Hardscapes & Furnishings


Luxe Urban Camping: The Hotel Daniel Airstream in Vienna

Kitted out by a professional yacht interior designer, a 1952 Airstream at the Hotel Daniel in Vienna offers luxe minimalism for the urban camper.<p>For more information, go to Hotel Daniel.<p>[[{“type”:”media”,”view_mode”:”media_large”,”fid”:”42764″,”attributes”:{“alt”:””,”class”:”media-image”}}]]<p>Above: …


A Fern of a Different Color: Hardy Blue Fern

Identified: A sturdy houseplant that manages to look delicate. The Hardy Blue Fern (Phlebodium pseudoaureum) got my attention last spring, and I’ve finally found a specimen to bring into my apartment.<p>Above: I first spotted the glaucous plant (that’s bluish-gray-green in botany speak) in the …


A Magical Glasshouse Garden in Pasadena

Rainy days can be the best time to visit a garden, as photographer Laure Joliet reminded us when she and her mother recently visited the collection of more than 3,000 succulents inside the Huntington Botanical Gardens greenhouse in Pasadena. Luckily she took her camera along.<p>We spotted these photos …


5 Favorites: Travel Watercolor Sets

In case your fall travel plans inspire the painter in you, we’ve collected five travel watercolor sets that are just the right size for toting.<p>Do you have a favorite watercolor set? Let us know in the comments.<p>Above: Original Design DIY Pocket Sized Watercolor Paint and Art Journal Travel Set is …


Garden Travel By Boat: Swamp Edition

When Henry David Thoreau wrote, “…if it were proposed to me to dwell in the neighborhood of the most beautiful garden that ever human art contrived, or else of a dismal swamp, I should certainly decide for the swamp,” we can only imagine that he’d been accustomed primarily to the murky swamps of …


Brit Style: Flower Farming on Wheels

You might think of flower farmers as folk who tend to stay put–people who are rooted to a particular plot of land. Not so for everyone. British flower farmers often follow a southwest trajectory for more sun, more rain, a better life. Benjamin Ranyard of Higgledy Garden made that journey in a …


Fall-Blooming Anemones for Autumn Color

I know we’ve officially turned a corner when my morning walk begins with me buttoning up a lightweight jacket. At any moment, leaves will begin to turn and there will be a crunch underfoot. My neighbors will fill their stoops with pumpkins and the neighborhood will be overrun with rotund pots of …


Plants & Seeds

The Romance of the Homemade Candle

In the colonial era, enterprising New Englanders quickly discovered that the wax produced by boiling the prolific gray berries that grew along the coast produced a clean, aromatic flame, and thus the bayberry candle was born. Though it was eventually replaced by mass produced waxes and commercial …

Cape Cod

Green Tomato Chutney, Courtesy of the Women's Institute

Move to the country and make jam: it’s a bit of a cliché but I did it, before realizing that I was useless at making jam. Besides, there are many top quality jars to be had at village fetes. In this season of gluts and gluttony, however, it seems criminal to ignore the heaps of green tomatoes on …


Tried and Tested: How to Make Fresh Flowers Last Longer

We’re not so naive to think cut dahlias will stick around forever, but we’re ready to do what it takes to keep them alive just a little bit longer. What if you dissolve an aspirin in the water? Or drop a copper penny into the bottom of a vase? Can it be that easy?<p>In the interest of science, we …


10 Easy Pieces: Architects' White Exterior Paint Picks

At the risk of stating the obvious, it’s hard to find the best paint color for your house’s exterior. White is a classic, but choose the wrong shade and you’ll end up with a very expensive mistake.<p>We wanted to take the guesswork out of choosing the best white paint for your house, so we asked the …


Shopper's Diary: Daughters by Floral Magic

“My work is actually really messy, disguised by the overall look of controlled chaos,” says florist Josephine Lau, co-owner of Daughters by Floral Magic in Singapore. She forgot to mention that it’s also totally charming.<p>Spotted via Lilreddotfolks, Lau and partner Lucy Siah recently moved their …