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North Dakota

A female computer science major at Stanford: "Floored" by the sexism

<i>The treatment of women in STEM fields, especially in Silicon Valley, has been a subject of ongoing debate. Just last week, the New York Times</i> …

Computer Science
Ice Hockey

What ISIS Really Wants

The Islamic State is no mere collection of psychopaths. It is a religious group with carefully considered beliefs, among them that it is a key agent of the coming apocalypse. Here’s what that means for its strategy—and for how to stop it.<p>What is the Islamic State?<p>Where did it come from, and what …

Los Angeles

American Airlines Announces First Routes For Boeing 787 Aircraft

Aviation geeks around the country have been anxiously waiting for American carriers to adopt the Boeing 787 or “Dreamliner” into their fleets. Domestically, United took delivery of its aircraft first and launched routes from the US to Lagos and Auckland. Since then it’s been flying from Denver to …

American Airlines

Apex is a futuristic machined aluminum wallet

Once mobile payments become common place and retailers get on board with solely digital rewards cards, the need to carry around a physical wallet …

Crowd Funding

Marc Fornes / THEVERYMANY Constructs Self-Supported “Vaulted Willow” with Ultra-Thin Aluminum Shells

The Edmonton Arts Council has commissioned Marc Fornes / THEVERYMANY to construct an “architectural folly” in the Canadian city’s Borden Park. The …

Building Aluminum Guitars: The Open-Source Lobo CNC

Personal 3D printers are definitely here, but for some parts, 3D printed ABS or PLA is not always a viable solution. Many makers need to make parts made out of phenolic, Delrin, wood or aluminum, and need tolerances or finishes not obtainable with most 3D printers. Years ago, before makers were …

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Brick & Timber Loft in San Francisco

Ewerdt Hilgemann.


Samsung Smart TVs forcing ads into video streaming apps

Just days after its TV voice recognition software came under fire for invading privacy, Samsung users are reporting unwanted Pepsi ads appearing while they watch their Smart TVs.<p>Every 10-15 minutes whilst watching content on my Samsung TV I get a Pepsi advertisement showing!<p>A Plex user's complaint …


Love Your Dating App? Hackers May Too.

An IBM review of the 41 most popular mobile dating apps on Android phones finds a lot of vulnerabilities.<p>Valentine’s Day is Saturday, and if you met your significant other by way of a mobile dating app or used it to hunt for a new love, there’s a chance you may have, in the process, exposed some …


Drone carrying meth falls near border

A small aerial drone crashed about two miles from the U.S. border in Mexico carrying several pounds of methamphetamine, Mexican police said Wednesday.<p>…

aubreylstallard:Claire Brewster

Claire Brewster

Ruined Bishop’s Palace. Lincoln, February 2015

Ruined Bishop’s Palace. Lincoln, February 2015.

germanpostwarmodern:Pilgrimage Church “Maria, Königin des Friedens” (1963-68) in Velbert-Neviges, Germany, by Gottfried Böhm

Pilgrimage Church “Maria, Königin des Friedens” (1963-68) in Velbert-Neviges, Germany, by Gottfried Böhm

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