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California's Venture Capital Appeal Keeps Growing

When venture capitalists invest, they tend to do it in California. Of the $140 billion disbursed by VCs in the U.S. during the past three years, $78.4 billion went to the Golden State, with the vast majority of that going to Silicon Valley (including San Francisco). To be precise, 47 percent of all …

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Google Business Chief: I Wake Up and “Worry About Competition”

In addition to his formal role as head of Google’s business efforts, Philipp Schindler has also been working as a de facto ambassador to his native Europe.

Speaking in Munich on Tuesday, the German-born Googler, who was promoted to head of its $60 billion-plus sales behemoth in August*, offered …


The Web Giants Are Raising The Performance Bar On Everyone

Guest author Mehdi Daoudi is the CEO and cofounder of Catchpoint Systems.

Throughout 2015, tech-industry leaders have made a series of bold moves under the noble guise of preserving Web performance—the speed and reliability of Web pages—for end users. There's no doubt these companies ardently …

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Email scandal widens as Rice, Powell implicated

Details emerged Thursday that Colin Powell …

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Article: Influencers Have Become Measurable Media Channels

TapInfluence has created an influencer marketplace and platform that automates the process of identifying, distributing and measuring influencer …


Twitter Considering 10,000-Character Limit for Tweets

Longer tweets are coming soon to Twitter.

Twitter is building a new feature that will allow users to tweet things longer than the traditional 140-character limit, and the company is targeting a launch date toward the end of Q1, according to multiple sources familiar with the company’s plans. Twitter …


Snapchat is building an ad technology platform

Snapchat is working on a crucial part of its growing digital ad business: an application programming interface (API) that would let partners start …


Fans rally to say goodbye to popular Disney, Universal rides in Orlando

Out with the old, in with the new.

In Orlando, theme park fans are taking one last spin on of some of their favorite rides before they shut down for good to make way to flashier attractions. According to the Orlando Sentinel, some of these rides are so beloved by fans that their closings have turned …

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The Future of Mobile Chatting: Commerce

Facebook, others strive to copy China’s WeChat success in linking messaging apps to shopping, services

In 2011, Chinese Internet giant Tencent Holdings Ltd. launched a smartphone app so people could send each other free text messages. Five years later, WeChat’s hundreds of millions of users in China …