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Study: Local Advertisers Are Leaving Behind $14 Billion in Co-op Marketing Every Year | Street Fight

On a fundamental level, co-op marketing is a sensible advertising strategy for local businesses. If you’re an SMB on a budget, combining forces with …


How to see all the companies tracking you on Facebook — and block them


Meet Postmodern Jukebox, YouTube Idols

“Really the only good thing about those kinds of competitions is they can introduce talent to America, and there are so many awesome performers such …


Mapsense CEO: The Rise of On-demand, Location-based Apps Is a ‘Huge’ Opportunity | Street Fight

Smartphone users are familiar with consumer-facing map services such as Google Maps, which consistently ranks among the most frequently used apps.


If You're Building A Startup, Build For Mobile

Yesterday I wrote about how Facebook’s desire to out-YouTube YouTube and muscle in on all those ad revenues is placing its chances of becoming the “mobile operating system” of the future in jeopardy.

I quoted from a blog post written by Connie Chan at Andreesen Horowitz showing how WeChat, China and …


Meet Alphabet, The New Conglomerate Absorbing Google That's Run By Larry Page & Sergey Brin

As subsidiary, Google retains divisions of search, ads, Android, YouTube, apps and more. It also gains a new CEO, Sundar Pichai.

Google Launches App to Help ‘Solopreneurs’ Manage Their (Very) Small Businesses | Street Fight, a platform providing scheduling, invoicing, payments and promotions, recently launched a mobile app that helps very small business owners

Small Business

Apple and Google Know What You Want Before You Do

New technology for smartphones will monitor activity and send information before it is requested; locking in loyal users

Apple Inc. and Google Inc. are racing to anticipate the needs of their users.

The technology giants, whose software runs nearly all of the world’s smartphones, are adding features …


6 Strategies for Growing a Business Using App Analytics | Street Fight

Advertisers are spending $20.7 billion to reach consumers through mobile apps this year, and mobile spending as a broader category is expected to

Business Intelligence

The Rise, Fall, and Improbable Comeback Strategy of Groupon

The discount deal site is at a crossroads. Is the already-crowded food delivery space its saving grace?

Last week, news broke that e-commerce deal …


TestIng Your Cross-Channel Crisis Communications System

A number of high-profile crises communications stories made headlines in the weeks since we discussed the need for marketers to have plans in place …

Crisis Communications

59% of Businesses Leverage IoT Data for Digital Marketing

Many businesses already are using IoT data to back up their digital marketing and most of them call it a success.

Some companies are so successful …


After furious users complained, LinkedIn brought back this important tool

(Getty Images/Mandel Ngan)
Earlier this week, LinkedIn changed the way it allowed users to download the contact information for all of their …

In Store Mobile Shopping: 57% Want a Location-Targeted Deal

It’s hardly a secret that many consumers use their phones in stores, even though most of the actual purchases are from the store itself.

Almost three …


Marketers Looking to Improve Mobile Search Advertising ROI

Jeremy Hull
Director, Bought Media

Although marketers continue to boost spending on mobile search advertising, return on investment (ROI) from …

Yahoo Local Bulk Listing Discontinued

A Local Search Forum thread has local SEOs claiming that Yahoo is no longer accepting or offering the local bulk listings services. Instead, these …

How to make money on mobile

Sounds like a great session for a publishers’ conference, doesn’t it? It’s a big topic for local media businesses these days, as mobile web traffic …

A Mid-Year Check-In On 2015 Marketing Predictions

With less than six months until cross-channel marketing predictions for 2016 start arriving, I was curious to look back at the myriad of predictions …

Is Deep Linking The New Digital Marketing Battleground?

With the introduction of deep linking in iOS 9, Apple is taking on Google in mobile search. Columnist Alex Lirtsman takes a look at the new turf war.

In Tests, Yahoo Uses Google to Power Search Results and Ads

In 2008, the Justice Department blocked Yahoo from making a deal with Google to provide the search ads for Yahoo’s web search efforts.

Now, Yahoo and Google are exploring a new relationship in which Yahoo would use Google for some regular search results as well as search ads.

Yahoo confirmed on …

Subway and Disney Partner to Deliver ‘In-store Entertainment’ Kids App | Go-Mash Mobile

We have reported on a few examples of co-branded campaigns in the last few months. The focus being how brands can leverage from one another – whether …

AOL in Deal With Microsoft to Take Over Display Ad Business

When the deal for Verizon to buy AOL was announced last month, executives from both companies said AOL was an appealing acquisition because of its advertising technology. On Monday, AOL showed some of the value in announcing a deal with Microsoft.

Under the agreement, AOL will take over management …

INFOGRAPHIC: How Digital Coupons Are Driving In-Store Conversions | Street Fight

Digital coupons have existed in one form or another for the last couple of decades, but according to a new infographic from SIM Partners, the …

Three Ways To Make Retargeting Really Work for Retailers

Advances in dynamic creative optimization and retargeting have enabled a growing number of retailers to better understand what their customers and …

Apple inventions hint at next-level iOS geofencing features

A pair of Apple patent applications published Thursday point to ongoing research in mobile device location sharing, one being an augmentation of …

Start-Ups Finding the Best Employees Are Actually Employed

When Ron Johnson was pitching his idea for an e-commerce delivery company to venture capitalists last year, one of the sticking points was his vision for how to treat employees.

Mr. Johnson’s company, called Enjoy, sends experts to deliver and set up tech products in homes and offices. But rather …

YP To Spinoff Print Yellow Pages Business, Stay Focused On Digital

Though dividing into two companies, both will share a common sales force. YP-branded local yellow pages will continue to be distributed.

An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Creating Content - Page 2 of 3 | SEJ

“Making the time” is really the most important productivity hack of all, but lots of other folks have some other great tips for making yourself more …

Flipboard Launches Resources, Community for Marketers

Marketers and brand communicators have long used the platform. Now Flipboard is lending them a helping hand.

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