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Computer hacking: From teen prank to high-stakes crime -

(CNN)Computer hacking was once the realm of curious teenagers. It's now the arena of government spies, professional thieves and soldiers of fortune.

Today, it's all about the money. That's why Chinese hackers broke into Lockheed Martin and stole the blueprints to the trillion-dollar F-35 fighter …


User Intelligence and Customer Communication


Timely – Scheduling and Time Tracking, Simultaneously

Scheduling and time tracking, simultaneously

The time tracking app to end time tracking.


I do love Timely! It …


Sidekick by HubSpot - The Ultimate Email Advantage

Sidekick is a free service that gives you email superpowers with contact insights, email tracking, and email scheduling.


The Best way to to Manage Your Projects & Team



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Social Media Management Software

• Unified Smart Inbox to streamline engagement.
• Social CRM tools including shared customer records.
• Advanced scheduling tools including …

Business Intelligence

13 Business Apps You Should Be Using

What interesting business apps that you started using in your business recently do you recommend, and why?The Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) is an …


On-Demand Local Services: The End of SMB Advertising as We Know It? | Street Fight

This is the third column in a three-part series on the impact and dynamics of On Demand Local Services. The first two columns are here and here.

On …

How Apple’s iOS 8 changes the game for brands and retailers

February 9, 2015

Greg Weinger is product line manager for mobile engagement at Urban Airship

Marketers may have heard about some of the well-publicized …

Multi Location Businesses Have No Choice But to Go Mobile with Ad Dollars

If you run a company with multiple locations and have yet to utilize location based mobile advertising, your businesses are likely missing out on a …

Mobile Advertising

Location Based Geo-Targeting Boosts Paid Search Ad Performance...Or Does It?



Columnist Wesley Young discusses the importance of truly local data in search marketing …

Beacons & Mobile Payments for the Masses

For mobile commerce technologies to really hit the masses, they need to be deployed where the masses are.

For example, beacons in a store, or even 100 …

Apple may be about to take on Google with its own search engine

Having gone “thermonuclear war” on Google after it discovered that it was following Apple into smartphones, Apple may be about to turn the tables on its Mountain View rivals — by entering the search engine business.

Apple is currently looking to hire an engineering project manager for something …

Marketers Know Even More About Offline Behavior Than You Think | Street Fight

Last year, I wrote a series of essays outlining the growing impact of data on the local technology industry. An explosion of cloud-connected devices, …

6 Tools for Location-Based Lead Generation

Customers are out there, and now hyperlocal technology is making it easier for businesses to find them. Nearly three-quarters of the small and

Social Media

The Uberification of the “1099 Economy”

A new buzzword has emerged in the tech lexicon: “1099 economy.” Referring to the growing ranks of single proprietors and contractors, this trend is …


Groupon Founder's New App Offers Awesome GPS Walking Tours

Freaky fact: The Post Office by my house used to be the Peoples Temple, where cult leader Jim Jones recruited the followers that would ultimately …

Apple testing mysterious camera-equipped vehicles in the Bay Area

A number of minivans with what appears to be camera equipment and a LiDAR sensor mounted to the roof that have appeared around California in recent …

How ‘venture builders’ are changing the startup model


If you haven’t yet heard of venture-builders — also called tech studios, startup factories, or venture production studios — let me introduce them to you: They’re organizations that build companies using their own ideas and resources.

Unlike incubators and accelerators, venture builders don’t …

Analyst Gordon Borrell sees local digital ads soaring in 2015, but not for newspapers

Gordon Borrell, among the best known of digital advertising analysts, was predicting two years ago that the newspaper business would stabilize, with …

Google Is Developing Its Own Uber Competitor

Uber faces an ever-growing cast of adversaries that includes dubious regulators, litigious drivers, hostile members of the press, and some …

Apple Pay's success has rivals scrambling to catch up, could make PayPal an acquisition target

The strong initial success of Apple Pay, combined with the news that eBay will spin off PayPal, has led to expectations that PayPal could be a major …

PayPal And Dunnhumby Put $1.2m Into Pulsate, A Location Marketing Startup

Pulsate, a startup with a platform to deliver content for brands based on a user’s location and preferences, has raised $1.2 million in funding from PayPal and Dunnhumby (the customer science company). The money will be used to expand the platform and service customers.

Menlo Park-based Pulsate is a …


Google Now Becomes “Platform,” Incorporates Third Party Content, Apps

Yesterday Google announced Q4 and full year 2014 results. The company made a boatload of money ($18 billion) but still fell short of Wall Street …


5 Ways Small Companies Can Out-Innovate Big Corporations

Developing innovative ideas is a critical activity for growing companies of all sizes. But leaders of many small companies believe innovation is just for big companies that employ scientists and have large research and development departments. This false belief prevents many leaders from …

Startup funding hit $47B in 2014, surpassing dot-com bubble levels

Venture capital funding for mobile apps helps end 2014 with a big influx of money for startups.

Startups are partying like its 2001.

At least, that's …


U.S. Retakes Helm of Global Economy

The U.S. is back in the driver’s seat of the global economy after 15 years of watching China and emerging markets take the lead.

The world’s biggest …

Finding the ROI in Retail In-Store Analytics | Street Fight

In-store passive data measurement has the power to connect the dots between the consumers, channels, and the various lines of business within a …

Here’s another look at Apple’s own iBeacon

Apple hasn’t yet shown off its own iBeacon hardware officially but now we have an idea of what it looks like, thanks to the FCC. 9to5 Mac found the iBeacon user manual on the FCC site Friday, showing a round beacon device that reminds me of a Nest thermostat. Apple’s iBeacon won’t check your …

Apple (Fruit)

Hispanics Prefer Ads In English, Shopping On Laptop

Several factors drive the online shopping habits of Hispanic consumers, including bilingualism and acculturation. Marketers have to consider the …