By Gary Mathews | Travel

Californication: La Jolla and a Strawberry ⋆

<i>“Discovered by the Germans in 1904, they named it San Diego, which of course in German means ‘a whale’s vagina’”-Ron Burgundy</i><p>All good things …

La Jolla

Californication: #SanDiegoRocks ⋆

<i>Two unassuming folks just became internet famous!</i><p>Day two of the Dads 2.0 Summit was alive and kicking when I rolled up to the Hyatt-La Jolla …

La Jolla

Californication: I'm Not The Average Dad ⋆

<i>Palm trees never get old compared to naked maple trees in Indiana during the winter months!</i><p>Day three in sunny San Diego, and I’m checking real estate …


Californication: The Coronado Conquistador ⋆

<i>I wonder if they would be willing to let me do a review?</i><p>During 40 plus years breathing on this planet we call earth, I’ve slept and woken up in some …

Kia Motors

Californication: United We Stand ⋆

<i>This turned out to be one long day!</i><p>I survived…. barely! Mr. Skipah recently returned from his sabbatical in sunny (well not so sunny) San Diego fresh …