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Lightroom, Photoshop and the Creative Cloud Demystified

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Jason Row is a British born travel photographer now living in Ukraine. His images have been licensed to …


Manual focus for the 21st century: live view, electronic viewfinders and focus peaking explained

Even with the most advanced autofocus (AF) system there are times when it just can’t get the subject sharp or when its better to focus manually.With …


How to Ensure You Keep the Rights to Your Photos

It’s been the talk of the internet for the past couple of days: Taylor Swift telling Apple to pay artists for her work, photographers telling Taylor …

Taylor Swift

Here’s Why Instagram Chose to Break the Frame

Instagram cracked the restrictive barriers of its iconic square format yesterday, announcing to the world that it intends to remain the dominant …


Trending: The Art of The Ocean

It’s the middle of summer, so we thought we would take a beach holiday and focus on and the art of the ocean.There’s a new wave in nature …


Do You Know These 10 Selection Tools in Adobe Photoshop?

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Karlo de Leon is a travel and lifestyle photographer. He has a knack for understanding how and why things …

Adobe Photoshop

How Patterns Can Have an Awesome Impact in Your Photography

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Jason Little is a photographer (shooting macros, portraits, candids, and the occasional landscape), …



AstroPad Mini Turns Your iPhone Into a Photo Editing Graphics Tablet

Last month we reported on the AstroPad App for the Apple iPad: a solution that allowed you to turn your consumer tablet into a professional graphics …


The Red List | Inspiration & Study Material From The Best Photographers

I spent the better part of Sunday selfishly whiling away the hours in a Taschen bookstore on Lincoln Rd, a store that has become one of my usual …


A Look Inside The Bag of a Hobby Photographer on a Budget

A Post By: John Davenport

We often get to see inside the bags of professional photographers. You know, the bag that we dream of having ourselves, …


The end of street


If I have to recommend a satisfying technique to a beginner photographer that will enable him or her to obtain good results right from the start, …

Long-exposure Photography

A better way to learning Photoshop, Lightroom and Photography

“I am 100% self-taught in photography, Photoshop, Lightroom, and I have probably learned 90% of what I know from…the folks at KelbyOne.”
- Amy Braswell

Top Photo Locations from Top Travel Photographers

By Viktor Elizarov 10 Comments

Today we have very special post. I asked top travel photographers from all over the world to answer one simple question.

Normal service resumes! Lots of #love and #photography and #travel and stuff!

Timeline Photos

Culinary photography: 190XPRO tripod test - About us, Products

For a long time I took pictures of my dishes with my hand raised. That way I felt free to move where I wanted to take pictures.

But wouldn’t you know, …

Rights & Freedoms

Food Photography Tips - Some Video Tutorials

Food Photography Tips – Some Video Tutorials

A Post By: Darlene Hildebrandt

This weekend is a focus on food photography. Earlier I shared a collection …

Food Photography

The P-26 Peashooter

They sure got the name right with this one! I don’t know if it’s the size, shape or color of this aircraft but the name really does fit this fighter. …


Instagram is no longer just for squares

I’ve been a long time user of Instagram. I love it because I can post pics there and not only share them with in Instagram followers, but also …

Natural Leading Lines

Natural leading lines are a great way to improve your composition and help convey emotion in your photographs. Check out some effective ways these …

Shutter Speed