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A beautiful sunset at the Statue of Liberty. Thanks @dawnrussell10 on Instagram for sharing this photo. #iLoveNYSunsets

Information On East Village Fire Emergency crews remain on scene of the building fire in Manhattan's East Village. - Street Closures: Second Avenue, East 14th Street to East Houston Street closed. First and Third Avenues are subject to closure. - Red Cross Shelter: 121 East 3rd Street, between First Avenue and Avenue A - Those looking for loved ones can call 311 or (212) NEW-YORK outside of New York City. More information from today's press conference here:

On the afternoon of Thursday, March 26th, an explosion occurred in the East Village that affected four buildings along 2nd Avenue. While the investigation into what caused the incident is ongoing, FDNY units remain operating on-scene. FDNY will continue to work with many New York City departments to protect life and property of all those affected. To ensure that all New Yorkers are receiving the best information, the Office of the Mayor created a webpage for this incident:

3/30 CBS2 Monday Morning Weather Headlines

By Mark McIntyre, CBS2 Meteorologist/Weather Producer

Good Monday morning folks! Make sure to dress warmly heading to work or school as temps will be …


New Queens Plaza Skyscraper Gets Help From Historic Clock Tower Next Door

The hands have not moved in decades, and the lights behind them went dark a year ago. But the gargoyles still glower atop the Long Island City clock tower, alongside its castellated turret, copper windows and granite shields.

Fourteen stories is nothing in today’s booming neighborhood, but until …

Clock Tower

Focus Shifts To Cause Of East Village Explosion After 2 Bodies Found

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) – With the recovery of two bodies, focus has shifted to what caused the explosion and fire that leveled three East Village …

East Village

The 5 Best New Things to Stuff in Your Face at Smorgasburg

The edible extravaganza now known as Smorgasburg began back in 2008 as a few modest food stands at a budding hipster antiques fair called the …


First Look at New York's Tallest Tower Outside of Manhattan

Before summer, construction will likely begin on not only the tallest tower in Queens, but in all of New York City outside of Manhattan. The …

New York

By our friend .. Steve Marandola . I took this photo at the 9/11 Memorial. To me, each point of light represents a soul moving onward and the flag represents the resiliency of the American spirit. Many people find the photo comforting and meaningful. I just wanted to share it with all of you.

One World Trade Center will Light It Up Blue on April 2 The Port Authority of NY & NJ will Light It Up Blue on April 2, 2015 in honor of World Autism Awareness Day! The newly-constructed One World Trade Center tower will light its spire blue for everyone with autism. The iconic tower sits in the same spot where the twin towers stood, it is next to the 9/11 memorial museum and memorial fountains in lower Manhattan. Interesting One world Trade Center Facts • The tower is 1,362 feet tall, the height of the original World Trade Center South Tower. • Including observation deck, the tower is 1,368 feet tall, the height of the original WTC North Tower. • Including the observation deck and antenna, the tower is 1,776 feet tall. That is the year the Declaration of Independence was signed.

Firefighters and soldiers unfurl an American flag from the roof of the damaged side of the Pentagon on September 12th, 2001. (Photo credit LUKE FRAZZA/AFP/Getty Images)

A 7 foot steel memorial to the fallen heroes of 9/11 will be unveiled Saturday at the opening of the Niagara Falls Air Show before touring military bases throughout the United States. The stainless steel memorial features the names of every victim of the terrorist attack engraved in the base of the structure, with three steel erections meant to evoke the towers themselves as well as the date of the attack. The structure was created by Steel Crazy Iron Art in Buffalo at the request of Colonel Mark Murphy, Base Commander of Niagara Falls Air Base. It took over 400 hours and 1200 pounds of steel to complete. The Thunder of Niagara Airshow is this weekend and free to the public. The Air Force Thunderbirds headline the event, but there will be several high flyers, aerobatics and classic planes to view Saturday and Sunday. The event will also pay tribute to our fallen heroes and victims of 9/11.

On Thursday, March 26, 2015, the Empire State Building will be lit Turquoise, orange and magenta in honor of the New York Spring Spectacular.

Now that it's the weekend things are really looking up, don't you think? Let us know your #RockCenter plans this weekend!

Spring Cutback mantra: If you trim it, they will grow.

Central Park's 9,000 benches are getting a spring spruce up after a rough winter. Central Park Conservancy's Operations Team is painting new slats, repairing ironwork feet, tightening up nuts and bolts, and rebuilding any benches that need a complete makeover.

Did you know that wisteria vines can live as long as a human, and sometimes longer? This vigorous plant thrives on biannual pruning, once in summer and once at the end of winter, to produce a glorious spring display. On Wednesday, Central Park Conservancy staff members Luis Vanderlinder and William Quansah gave this century-old vine on the Wisteria Pergola above the Naumburg Bandshell its annual winter pruning. Once it blooms, we'll post pictures again so you can see how beautiful it looks! You can see this vine at the Wisteria Pergola: You can find other wisteria vines around Central Park at: - Conservatory Garden - - Pleasant Place - - Rudin Family Playground - Read more about wisteria on our Bloom Guide:

A gorgeous first day of #spring in #TimesSquare.

Times Square NYC

Are you serious, MTA? Here are all your weekend service changes

Hey, hey party people! Guess who's trolling your weekend plans again? You guessed it: the damn MTA. Seriously, our fares just went up for this bad …

Travel (UK)

2 Unaccounted For After East Village Explosion, Fire

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Two people remain unaccounted for after an apparent gas explosion in the East Village that leveled three five-story buildings.

East Village

Fire on UES; Bed-Stuy Residents Protest Ugly Buildings

[Photo Pool/jeffcl612]

· There was another building fire on the Upper East Side this morning [Gothamist]
· A Chinese buyer bought a $30 million condo in …

Upper East Side

Firefighter’s Account of East Village Blast: ‘Oh Man, It’s a Big One’

Firefighter Mike Shepherd, 47, is a third-generation New York City firefighter, following in the path of his grandfather and great-grandfather. When there was an explosion at a building in the East Village on Thursday, he raced to the scene.

This is his account.

“I was having lunch at a restaurant …



'Get Hard,' 'While We're Young' & More | This Week's Movies: Reviews | The New York Times

Get Hard

AMC Clifton Commons 16

AMC Clifton Commons 16, 405 Route 3 Clifton, 07014

Fri27th Mar

• 20:00

Sat28th Mar

• 20:00

Sun29th Mar

• 20:00

AMC Loews …


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Giving back: Some companies say they "give back" (from product sales) to 9/11 related charities and efforts, and some really do. I have experienced this first hand and thought I'd share this little story with you about a cool company called HeavySmokeApparel: #firefighters

The entire bronze sculpture and Texas limestone base sit centered on the North, South, East and West directional indicator known as the “Compass Rose”. A granite facing displays the flights and names of the crew. A stone column rises to support a large globe, as we all know the aviation industry spans the world. The impressive eagles, a national symbol of freedom, represent both airlines, American and United that lost flights that morning. The Captain stands at the highest point, his copilot to his right, as it is on the airplane. The Captain is charged with the responsibility of protecting passengers, fellow crewmembers and the aircraft. The First Officer is alert, his safety manual in hand, pointing to the western horizon, the intended destination of all four flights. Back to back placement of the Flight Attendants to the Cockpit Crew shows the teamwork of all flight crews, especially now….post 9/11. The young girl with her teddy bear represents the traveling public. She is the family on their big vacation, the newlyweds…on honeymoon, the grandmother on her very first flight, the weary businessman and unfortunately now….she is the soldier off to war. The role best known by the general flying public is portrayed by the male flight attendant. He drapes a blanket around the small child. His duties show a commitment to passenger care and service. Indicative of her role as a safety professional, the female Flight Attendant stands in the protected position: her hand held in the International sign for “stop”, shielding her passenger from harm. The 9/11 Flight Crew Memorial is dedicated to the 33 flight crewmembers that were lost and all the crewmembers that courageously continue to be the ever-vigilant professionals of the airline industry. As you return to visit in a quieter moment please remember that this site is sacred ground. Walk quietly, speak softly, pray if you will, cry if you must; but always look to the skies