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More Power For Raspberry Pi USB Ports

Since the Raspberry Pi 2 was released, everyone building RetroPi emulators has been graced with four USB ports. For those of us doing useful stuff …

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Android 5.1 runs on Raspberry Pi 2

RaspAnd is a Linux distribution which makes it possible to run Android 5.1 Lollipop on a Raspberry Pi 2.


The Raspberry Pi is a very popular low …

Raspberry Pi Inside

In an expansive and noisy Oakland workshop, three collaborators create a new product: a hackable camera that users crank to take animated GIFs. More than 5,000 miles away in Sheffield, United Kingdom, a team of developers is working on a sleek new set-top media player based on open technology. In …

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Enabling HYP mode on the Raspberry Pi 2

The newest iteration of the wonderful machine designed by Raspberry Pi Foundation, the Raspberry Pi 2, sports a Broadcom BCM2836 SoC, with four …

Old PC Accessories + Raspberry PI = DoorCam & surveillance Kit

This project has been made with old tech accessories that i don't use and was in a cardboard box stored in my basement flat. Have you got an old …

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Power over Ethernet for Raspberry Pi

I recently purchased a Cisco Catalyst 3560 48 port PoE Switch and soon realized that I didn't need 48 ports. I soon started thinking of ways of using …


In honor of last week's PI Day, Raspberry Pi 2 for .NET Developers

Today's project from Jan Tielens is one that will hopefully help hold us over until Windows 10 is available for Raspberry Pi 2. It gets us up and …

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How I upgraded my garden’s ugly drip system with a sexy OpenSprinkler

After a few hours of work alongside an electrical engineering buddy this week, my home garden drip system became powered by a Raspberry Pi. I can …


Live Twitter Stream Using Raspberry Pi and NodeJS

13 Feb 2015

What's the Purpose?

The main use case was I wanted to see some geofenced Twitter tweets and/or some relevant keyword terms. Getting a …

Raspberry Pi 2 review

What is the Raspberry Pi 2?

The Raspberry Pi 2 is the latest generation of the most famous low-cost circuit board computer. While the Raspberry Pi …

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Raspberry Pi & Arduino are the brains of this automated DIY vertical hydroponic garden

Combining common hardware store parts with readily available micro-controllers yields an automated vertical hydroponic garden system for indoors or


blackarch linux install instructions for raspberry pi

First off download the latest build of the arch image.


Then verify the checksum

└─ $ ▶ sha1sum


Make Raspberry Pi a Multi-User Desktop


I want my daughter to use the Raspberry Pi for her school work and learn programming. I could buy her a Raspberry Pi or I could share my …

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Connecting XBee to Raspberry Pi

Last week I was doing some research on RF communication and controlling devices using RF. So what am I going to control here, I wanted to control the …

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Famous keyboard turned into Raspberry Pi case, working computer

One of the most famous keyboards of all time has been turned into a semi-portable Raspberry Pi.

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Christmas shopping guide

Christmas is coming, and we’re all panicking because we haven’t bought all the presents yet. (My Dad’s difficult.) Waking up at 3am in a cold sweat …

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5 More Raspberry Pi Upgrades To Consider

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Raspberry Pi mini computers tend to attract different types of user, all of whom are interested in making the friendly little computer …

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Raspberry Pi: Top 15 projects to try yourself

11) The Raspberry Pi Tablet

Maker Faire contestant Michael Castor used a Raspberry Pi to make his own tablet.

The wooden frame was designed using …

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Hacklet 24 – Raspberry Pi Projects

Experimenting with embedded Linux used to mean reformatting an old PC, or buying an expensive dev board. In February of 2012, the Raspberry Pi was …

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Raspberry PI Powered Aposematic Jacket Records 360 Degree Video

The Aposematic Jacket is the work of designed Kim Yong Hun and Shin Seung from Shinseungback Kimyonghun, and it certainly takes wearable technology …

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How to Build a Handheld, Raspberry Pi-Powered Game Console

The Raspberry Pi is a great little mini-computer for playing classic video gamesfrom your childhood. But, thanks to its small size, it's also …


ramanPi: an open source 3D-printable Raman spectrometer

The 2014 Hackaday Prize offered fabulous prizes for the best exemplars of an open, clearly documented device involving connected electronics. …

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OpenHAB on Raspberry Pi

This instrucable covers how to download and install openHAB on your Raspberry Pi through the command line. I also go one step further and show you …

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16 Raspberry Pi Model A+ Projects: Perfect Uses for the Slimmer, Cheaper Computer

The newest member of the Raspberry Pi family is here, and it's cheaper and thinner than its predecessors—though it's missing a few ports.

Our friends …

Affordable Bluetooth 4.0 USB Dongle For Raspberry Pi

Execute the commands below:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade
sudo apt-get install bluetooth bluez-utils blueman

Plug-in the nano USB BLE dongle …

The alpha boards are here!

Our alpha boards arrived from the factory earlier today. Dom has been able to boot Linux, and access the SD card and network. We’ll have some demos …

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Do it yourself: Build a remote surveillance app using Bluemix, Cloudant, and Raspberry Pi

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This cloud platform is stocked with free services, runtimes, and infrastructure to help you quickly build and deploy your …