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Sticky Post<p>Egle Gerulaityte I confess, I thought I’d never write a RTW packing list. Why? Because it’s just…you know, stuff. Facebook Comments<p>Sticky …

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Women ADV Riders WoW Magazine<p>Ladies (and gentlemen!), we’ve got some exciting news! We have launched the very first digital issue of <b>Women ADV Riders</b> …


BY ELISA WIRKALA<p><i>Ubuntu,</i> “the universal bond that connects all of humanity as one,” Heather Ellis writes, and the fundamental quality that makes this …

Skipping School, Stolen Bikes, RTW Dreams www.womenadvriders.com

BY EGLE GERULAITYTE AND KRIS FANT<p>Sometimes a stolen vehicle can be a beautiful gift. For years, Radhika Paul from Pune, India skipped school and …

Women, Military and Moto www.womenadvriders.com

BY KRIS FANT<p>Here’s an interesting statistic: Women make up 15% of the US military and 14% of Motorcycle Riders. What do Women, Military and Moto have …

Ladies on the Loose! Part 4 of the Motorcycle Adventure Travel Guide series

WoW Magazine by WomenADVRiders

Women ADV Riders WoW Magazine is our creme de la creme stories, features, interviews and ADV hacks. Completely ad and sponsored content free, the …

Why Women ADV Riders Magazine? www.womenadvriders.com

BY KRIS FANT<p>Have you ever faced gnarly terrain while unfamiliar riding partners looked at you with question marks in their eyes? Ever been the only …

Going Off Solo: The Green Monster

Dear Lynda,<p>I want to take a month long trip by myself, but my partner is upset he can’t go with me. He’s acting concerned, but I think he’s jealous. …

Women ADV Riders

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Two Rules to Be a Great Pillion

BY: SARA PARLIER<p>There’s not a wealth of information out there about how to be a good passenger on a motorcycle. To be frank, I dislike a lot of it. I …