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The Importance of Snacking

<i>By Bob,</i><p>Snacking is everyone’s favorite pastime. We eat to live but live to eat as well. With so many food options and the constant bombardment of the …


Why New Zealand?

The source is the answer for clean high quality products. Hidden in the southern most region of the southern hemisphere New Zealand is a sanctuary …


Why We Shouldn’t Rely on Pollen Counts for Manuka Honey

<b>Don’t Be Misled By Marketing Hype: Noted Industry Experts Say “Pollen Counting” Not A Reliable Way To Determine Authenticity Or Effectiveness Of New</b> …

The Hive

Manuka honey is created in the same way all honey is, but what do you know about how a bee colony functions?<p>To start, beehives can hold up to 50,000 …


Propolis… Never ending Benefits

We have talked about propolis before but it has so many active properties that benefit health it is hard to fit it all into one article. Propolis is …

Alternative Medicine

David Noll Discusses the Business of Creating Healthy Lifestyles

In an era so replete with processed and unhealthy foods, it's comforting to know that American consumers can still benefit from a wide array of purely natural products from New Zealand, including Manuka Honey and Pacific Sea Salt (a far healthier salt option than what most of us consume every day). …

New Zealand

The clean, sweet, malt-like flavor of our Rewarewa Honey makes for a delicious and exotic breakfast! #honey #breakfast #NZ #foodie #instagood

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3 Ways You Can Add Manuka Honey, New Zealand's DL Miracle Ingredient, To Your Beauty Routine - Let's Just Zo

My fascination with the New Zealand started way back in 2002 during my all-girls sleepaway camp days. All of the hot male counselors at Camp Mataponi …

Skin Care

We were honored to receive the Employment / Accommodation Award from Santa Barbara Mayor Helene Schneider for commitment and accommodation of an employee with a disability. #autism

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Chewy, gooey, soft and delicious! You'll get hooked after one taste of our Manuka Honey Salted Caramels! #shoppri #newzealand #healthysnacks #snacktime #foodies #manukahoney #seasalt #caramels #saltedcaramels #instayum #tasty #yummy #snackhealthy #sweets #organic

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Best way to Fight Colds and Coughs! (Updated)

There is a reason you love our award winning Lemon & Honey Lozenges and Cough Syrup (2016 Better Nutrition – Best of Supplements Award), and why we …

Alternative Medicine

Greek yogurt, berries, and a healthy drizzle of #ManukaHoney makes for a quick, heart healthy breakfast or midday snack! Get it now at Whole Foods Market

Our Brand New Lip Balm Has Arrived!

The first step in beauty maintenance for the winter is to make sure that your lips are soft, supple, and healthy during the changing cold seasons. …


PRI’s Award Winning Relief For The Common Cold!

<b>An All Natural, Award Winning Relief for the Common Cold Has Arrived!</b><p>Tis’ the season for sore throats! With the seasons changing and the cold weather …

Alternative Medicine

Let's share the <3 with Manuka Honey Chocolates this Holiday Season :)! Available at Vitamin Discount Center.

Is it Worth Spending $30 on a Jar of Honey?

Posted on November 19, 2016 By Kristin @kristinmcgee<p>I am a huge fan of honey, I love to use it as a natural sweetener on my oatmeal or toast, in …

It’s not Blue it’s golden

Blue borage also known as viper’s bugloss, blue thistle and blue devil is a plant with tall spikes of beautiful blue flowers, rough petals and red …


Honey is currently the sweetest trend in food

Honey is the hottest flavor on everybody's lips.<p>From Kourtney Kardashian's "love potion" (32 drops of honey in water) to the rooftop hives on seven San Francisco hotels that both provide restaurants with fresh honey and bees with homes, the sweet stuff is all the rage with food lovers.<p>On Instagram, …


Tropical Chocolate and Honey Fondue

This delicious Tropical Chocolate and Honey Fondue recipe is a fun and easy recipe to enjoy with your friends and family! Why not give it a try with …


Manuka Honey: Medicinal Uses, Benefits, and Side Effects

Alternative Medicine

Rewarewa Honey a rebel of its own

We hear about manuka honey more and more every day but lets not forget about the other honeys that come from the pristine countryside of New Zealand. …

New Zealand

Grilled Chicken Satay with Honey Peanut Sauce

We have this tasty sweet and savory Grilled Chicken Satay with Honey Peanut Sauce everyone will enjoy!<p>Yield: 24 Appetizer Portions or 4-6 Main Dish …

Chicken Recipes

New Zealand Tawari Honey

New Zealand

Honey Strawberry Tea Cooler

Spring is finally here and we have the perfect honey cooler that will make Spring a little Sweeter. Celebrate the start of warmer weather with this …


How do you Manuka?

New Zealand