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Pilates Workout for Abs

9 Pilates Moves For A Flatter Stomach<p>Hit the mat and try these exercises for a sculpted waistline<p>Pretty much every move in Pilates targets your core, but if flat abs are your goal then there’s definitely a way to step things up. Case in point: These 9 belly-sculpting exercises from the <i>Women’s</i> …


How To Do A Plank

A plank is one of the simplest, most effective bodyweight exercises out there—if you do it right. Because while you could hold a plank for an hour (figuratively, don’t try that), it’s isn’t worth anything if your form is off. “The plank is a great exercise for strengthening your deep inner core: …

Bodyweight Exercise

5 Different Lunges to Try

5 New Lunges to Try, STAT!<p>Your basic lunges aren’t cutting it anymore<p>Just like you shouldn't eat the same foods at every meal, you shouldn't do the same old lunges every time you work out. Sure, they're convenient and easy, but so is fast food—and you know that doesn't do your body any favors. So …



<b>“</b>这真是一到误打误撞的菜,因为蒸的炖的煮的煲的焖的排骨都已经吃过无数回了,豉汁、香辣、清炖、浓焖也是常常出现。沥干水的时候本来是打算做杭州小排骨的,突然发现都已经是中午一点多两点了,肚子已经是饿的前胸贴后背了,所以就翻箱倒柜的寻找配料。发现柜子里还有藏着的半瓶豆瓣酱,就它了!结果出来,十分满意!<b>”</b><p>辣 …


<b>百科知识:</b>科属分类被子植物亚门、双子叶植物纲、 葫芦目、葫芦科、西瓜属。我国是世界上最大的西瓜产地,但西瓜并非源于中国。西瓜的原生地在非洲,它原是葫芦科的野生植物,后经人工西瓜,顾名思义,是西域传来的瓜。五代以前,既然它已经传入我国东南沿海地区,却又不叫西瓜,而因其性寒解热,称寒瓜。因此,西瓜是从西 …

Amazing Super Mario Bros Bedroom

Epic parents and reddit users carpenter75 gave their daughter’s bedroom an amazing Super Mario Bros makeover including hand-painted bricks and video game sounds.

Yoga: Poses To Tone Your Butt

<b>Warrior III</b> Standing on one straight leg, lean forward with your chest until it is in line with your lifted back leg and parallel to the ground. Extend your upper chest and gaze forward as you flex your back foot, keeping your leg straight and all of your toes pointing down. Stay here or extend …


Lose 10 Pounds

Exercise 1 Dumbbell Squat to Overhead Press<p>Hold weights at your shoulders, elbows bent, feet hip-width apart. Bend your knees and lower until your thighs are nearly parallel to the floor. As you stand, press the weights overhead until your arms are straight. Return to start. That's one rep.<p>Exercise …

Bodyweight Exercise

The Total-Body Weight Room Workout

Exercise 1 Squat to Overhead Press<p>Hold a pair of dumbbells at your shoulders, feet hip-width apart. Push your hips back and lower into a squat, keeping your chest upright and your knees over your toes (a). As you push through your heels to return to standing, press the dumbbells overhead (b). Lower …

Bodyweight Exercise

Arm Exercises To Fight Arm Jiggle | Women's Health

The (15 Minute) Bye-Bye Arm Jiggle Workout<p>Ture Lillegraven<p>Strapless dresses expose your upper back, shoulders, upper chest, and arms. This workout will shape all those places. Do these arm exercises one after another with no rest in between. Repeat the circuit, resting a minute between circuits.


Abs Exercises Better Than Crunches

10 Abs Exercises Better Than Crunches<p>Sayonara, situps! Kick your abs workout into overdrive by trying one of these killer tummy-toning moves.<p>If you still think that doing crunches will score you amazing abs, you're in for a rude awakening. Flattening your belly requires multi-muscle exercises that …



<b>“</b>这款早餐的主食,和大家分享一下。花椒和芝麻炒香,用料理机磨碎。然后加了点盐和油,做成椒香的油。刷在面皮内,然后卷起。饼煎好以后,有螺旋的层次感,而且有花椒和芝麻的香味。<b>”</b><p>椒香葱花饼的做法<p><i>1.</i>原料备用<p><i>2.</i>将高筋面粉、盐、葱花、适量的植物油和冷水混和,先用筷子搅拌成松散状<p><i>3.</i>然后揉成三光的面团,分成均 …