Indian Salads: The lesser-known gems!

Discover the flavorful world of Indian salads, a perfect addition to your healthy diet. These delicious creations are simple to prepare and brimming with nutrients and flavors.

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Indian Salads: The lesser-known gems!
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    Koshimbir (Cucumber Peanut Salad)

    Koshimbir (Cucumber Peanut Salad)

    Kakdi chi koshimbir is an Indian-style spicy cucumber and peanut salad. Kakadi translates to cucumber …

    Salads with a moderen spin

    Some popular recipes with an Indian spin!

    The Street Food Salad!

    Healthy salad meets lip-smacking chaat to create a flavor bomb!

    The Dessert Salad!

    This traditional salad is so delicious and so so easy to make!


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