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Try This 7 Day Workout Plan For Steady Weight Loss

Having a weight loss goal in mind can breathe life into your fitness routine. It gives you something to work towards and the motivation to stick the …


This is how to “work smarter not harder”: 3 secrets from research

“Work smarter, not harder.” Sounds good. But how do you actually do that?<p><i>*crickets*</i><p>Well, luckily someone finally took up the challenge of finding a …

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Want to Raise Successful Kids? 7 Things the Most Successful Parents Do, According to Science

From Jeff Bezos to Sara Blakely and Tony Robbins, here's how the world's most successful people raise their kids.<p>The rich aren't like you and me, F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote almost a century ago. One of the ways that's most obvious today is how they choose to raise their kids.<p>Let's assume that the …


5 books that will help you reach your financial goals

This article is reprinted by permission from NerdWallet.<p>If you’ve already forgotten about those New Year’s resolutions, here’s an easy way to check …

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Science Says This Is the Simplest Way to Remember More of What You Read

Hit pause. Reflect on the content. Excel. Repeat.<p>Whether it's Facebook content, Bill Gates' favorite book or the latest critical business report, most of us enjoy reading or have to do quite a bit of it through the day. But in the rush to do everything in less time, you might be missing a crazily …


We've interviewed nearly 50 millionaires about how they invest their money — here are 5 strategies anyone can implement

<i>Each week on a podcast called "Millionaires Unveiled," Clark Sheffield and Jace Mattinson, both certified public accountants, interview a millionaire — someone with a current net worth of over $1 million. They ask them to share their story, investment strategies, and current portfolio …